Swot Analysis of Marks and Spencer Essay

October 13, 2017 General Studies

Both external and internal issues act upon how the company decides to run. The external issues will. of class remain the same for all the participants in the market. With respect to Marks & A ; Spencer. we can categorize them as follows: ExternalInternal

-Fast altering market and tough trading conditions
-Poor direction
– failure to acknowledge and respond to altering market tendencies
– Consumers’ alteration of gustatory sensation
– Decentralised selling map: inconsistent trade name image
– War in Iraq
– slower economic system

-The versus the Euro – imports/exports
-Increased competition locally and from foreign companies
Marks & A ; Spencer – SWOT Analysis.
What follows is M & A ; S’ SWOT Analysis. It highlights the company’s strong and weak points and countries they can better. Strengths
•Market place
•Provides quality merchandises
•Allows for online shoppingWeaknesses
•Slow to alter
•Lack of newness
•Clothing: does non truly reflect younger women’s gustatory sensation Opportunities
•Keep regenerating their womenswear scope
•Better define mark age group ( presently. it is non clear: older or younger adult females? )
•Stores renovation: supply a more cheerful expression
•Use of good CRM systems that can assist them maintain path of customers’ demands. Menaces
•Loss of market portion as a consequence of intense competition – competition e. g. in the nutrient sector. is progressing with similar merchandises.

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Marks & A ; Spencer have recognised that they haven’t responded rapidly plenty to consumers’ altering demands and penchants. For case. their vesture scope – particularly womenswear – has suffered from deficiency of freshness. It did non stand for the modern woman’s gustatory sensation for a more insouciant expression. Similarly. in the nutrient subdivision. although they have retained their market place. gross revenues were less important – this means that rivals are rapidly catching up ( Interim consequences presentation 2004 ) . Currently. Marks & A ; Spencer are be aftering to shoot the concern with new. fresh thoughts and merchandises. particularly in their vesture section – both women’s and men’s scope. Some of the actions being taken. as outlined in their 2004 Annual Report ( Chairman’s Statement ) . are as follows:

•Improving the direction squad.
•Improving their supply concatenation.
•Divestment of less profitable concerns.
•Stores renovation.
•Plan to do their particular nutrients more available – gap ‘Simply Food’ shops.
•Re-branding of their fiscal offer – introduced the & A ; more recognition and trueness card.
•Centralisation of their selling map.


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