SWOT analysis of nike incorporated

The overall rating of a company ‘s strengths, failings, chances, and menaces is called SWOT analysis. It involves supervising the external and internal selling environment. ( Kotler, Understanding Marketing Management, 12th Edition: 52 )

Harmonizing to Jobber ( Selling and Gross saless Management, 8th Edition: 73 ) , direction must do a realistic and nonsubjective assessment of internal company strengths and failings in the context of possible external chances and menaces ( SWOT analysis ) . It is of import to recognize that the finding of what constitutes an opportunity/threat, and so the assessment of strengths and failings, must be carried out at the same time.

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Strong Brand Image

Nike relishes a really solid trade name image, which assures the company both great gross revenues and net incomes. It is and has been the largest marketer of athletic footwear and featuring dress on a planetary graduated table. The company lures clients with a selling scheme which centres around a typical logo and an advertisement slogan “ Merely make it ” which is widely popular across the Earth. Through its immense famous person trade name indorsements and strong trade name consciousness runs it has been mounting the top trade names chart over the old ages. Nike ranks 25th in the top planetary trade names list with an estimated trade name of value of about $ 14 billion compared to its rival Adidas rank of 62 ( Interbrand, Best Global Rankings 2010 ) . It presently ranks 124 ( 2010 ) in the luck 500 list ( CNNMoney ) . In add-on to its lead trade name – Nike, the company besides owns other strong trade names such as Umbro, Converse, Hurley, Chuck Taylor, All Star, One Star, Cole Haan and Bragano.

Supplier Diversity

Nike has a strong and broad provider base worldwide, which helps the company in run intoing its clients ‘ demands expeditiously. Nike ‘s belief in “ diverseness drives invention ” has helped in deriving competitory advantage and its well-planned provider diverseness plan has had a major impact in the manner they conduct their concern. Its dress fabrication takes topographic point in the 13 different states and the company ‘s Nike trade name dress is besides manufactured in 34 states by assorted independent contract makers. The company incurs comparatively lesser operational costs as all of its footwear is produced in low cost states such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. During the fiscal twelvemonth 2009, these states manufactured 36 % , 36 % , 22 % and 6 % of entire NIKE trade name footwear, severally ( Annual Report 2009/2010 )

High Growth

The company has been witnessing a strong growing in gross revenues in geographicss such as Asia Pacific and the Americas. Nike ‘s increasing presence and turning client base in these parts have resulted in a strong fiscal public presentation. Net incomes studies of Nike underscore how executives are working overseas to drive net incomes as growing in the universe ‘s biggest economic system slows. Nike ‘s orders for bringing through late November 2009 signalled emerging market demand will stay strong. Orders for Nike trade name athletic footwear and dress from emerging markets rose 30 % in the most recent one-fourth, compared with a twelvemonth earlier. In China, Nike ‘s orders in 2010 rose by 16 % , the company ‘s 2nd major market behind North America, compared with 7 % in North America.


Recent Reverses

Operationss may take a hit due to the company enduring reverses in Russia. Stockmann and Nike agreed to end the franchise and announced the closing of 5 shops in Russia from 2010. Stockmann used to run Nike concatenation consisting seven little shops located in Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, and St Petersburg. As of now, merely two shops in St Petersburg are likely to be transferred to another company. This development is expected to impact its gross revenues in Russia.

Child Labour and Sweat Shops

Nike has been critiqued for traveling out of states like South Korea and Taiwan because of workers demand of higher than poverty degree rewards. The company has relocated mills in hapless on the job conditions in low cost states such as Vietnam, Mexico, China, and Indonesia. Nike has besides been criticized for child labor in some of its mills in states such as Cambodia and Pakistan. Such allegations undermine the company ‘s corporate societal duty and may adversely impact its trade name image.


New Product Launches

Nike ever focuses on new merchandise inventions which helps the company make competitory advantage and construct trade name equity. Invention continues to be a basis of the company ‘s corporate scheme with important attempts focused against consumer demands for merchandises that are convenient and effectual. Recent new merchandises include Zoom Kobe V, lowest-profile and lightest hoops shoe. It besides launched N7 Collection, a choice scope of public presentation footwear. Further in 2009, the company besides introduced Nike LunarGlide+ and Nike+ SportBand. Such new merchandise launches will be good for the company in the close hereafter.

Growth of e-Retail Industry

Rising popularity of on-line shopping may profit Nike. Harmonizing to Internet World Statistics as on March 2009, the cyberspace incursion in the US is about 74.7 % of the entire population and the user growing has been 138.3 % in the period from 2000 through 2008.The Company can increase client base by using the chance to market its presence across the universe through web services. As it is cheaper to keep on-line stores compared physical shops, company can salvage on operational costs. The company already retails through its web site and farther sweetening of its cyberspace service will turn out to be good. With the addition in the cyberspace incursion in the US, the company can further its growing.


Addition in Counterfeit Merchandises

Forgers are profiting from Nike ‘s trade name name, feigning as official Sellerss on the cyberspace and playing on client ‘s assurance in the company. The turning market for forgery wares has been on upsurge across industries and is impacting the gross revenues every bit good as the image of the company ‘s trade names. The bogus wares in the industry are eating into the market portion of the branded merchandises through their low monetary value offerings. Since the clients end up purchasing the counterfeited goods bearing the extra trade name labels, low quality of these forgeries affects the consumer assurance and besides tarnishes the trade name image of the echt company. Thus the company is prone to these challenges and any underperformance of the forgery merchandises can hold a major consequence on the company ‘s lucks

Increase in Wage Ratess

Increasing work force costs may hold an inauspicious consequence on the retail merchants, such as the company. In the US, the authorities increased the minimal pay rate in 2009. Furthermore, many provinces and municipalities in the state have minimum pay rate even higher than $ 7.25 per hr due to higher cost of populating. Such additions in the minimal rewards increase the operating costs of retail merchants and have an inauspicious consequence on their net incomes. It sensible wage. With Nike ‘s employee base of more than 95,000 people, the company is bound to come under force per unit area due to the wage hikings.

Intense Competition

The company could be impacted by the turning competition in the market. With lifting competition, the industry has been witnessing consolidation wherein the smaller entities are being acquired by or merged with major participants. The reaching of private trade names in the industry is besides on the rise. The company besides faces stiff competition from participants such as Adidas Group, PUMA AG Rudolf Dassler Sport, Polo Ralph Lauren, Fila USA, Inc. , Reebok International Ltd. and Callaway Golf Company. Rising competition may besides coerce the company to cut down its monetary values, which may adversely impact its borders.


Nike compete globally with a important figure of athletic and leisure shoe companies, athletic and leisure dress companies, athleticss equipment companies, and big companies holding diversified lines of athletic and leisure places, dress, and equipment, including Adidas, Puma, and others. ( 2010 Annual Report )

With $ 19 billion in gross in 2010 ( 2010 Annual Report ) , Nike is the largest participant in its industry, outpacing number-two Adidas by $ 5 billion at current exchange rates. However, with merely 7 % of the market ( wikiinvest ) , the company has sufficient growing chances. Nike can prolong and exceed the competition by:

Continuing to research and put on emerging markets such as China and India. Given its planetary trade name and matchless merchandise invention capablenesss, Nike can derive important market portion in the emerging markets

Concentrating to turn its nascent trade names such as Converse, Umbro and Hurley. Leveraging Nike ‘s selling and logistics resources, each of these trade names can duplicate their size over the following five to seven old ages

Planing a pricing scheme for the untapped consumers and sections who are non able afford Nike trade names because of trade name ‘s high monetary value

Regenerating and widening contracts of cardinal featuring famous persons such as Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lebron James. The debut of “ Air Jordan ” by associating up with Michael Jordan was one of the mega success narratives till day of the month

Researching and developing a province of art online shop which can market and sell merchandises to its clients. As keeping online shops are cheaper, Nike canaˆ¦aˆ¦

Continuing to put on merchandise development and new engineerings, to supply advantages to clients who buy Nike merchandises. Harmonizing to Companies must concentrate on edifice client advantages. Then they will present high client value and satisfaction, which leads to high repetition purchases and finally to high company profitableness.



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