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September 30, 2017 Marketing

ICI Dulux pigments is the universes largest maker of pigments and industrial coating.ICI Dulux trade pigments is one of the taking pigment makers in Britain and has approximately 130 mercantile establishments in the UK. With the addition in demand for broken coloring material cosmetic pigments consequence, dulux trade pigments have launched three new merchandises i.e. Duette, sonata, and acrylic scumble glaze in order to run into the demand and client penchants. These freshly launched are targeted at trade clients in the UK. In this instance survey we will be discoursing assorted phases of selling. It consists of three important phases, SWOT analysis, Market Segmentation and Branding.

Undertaking 1:

“ The selling audit is the procedure of taking stock of an administration ‘s internal and external factors. ” The selling audit is a cardinal portion of the selling procedure. The selling audit is a major exercising which ranges over all the internal and external factors. There are figure of tools which can be used such as PEST, Five Forces Analyses and SWOT Analysis. The first two focal points on external environment and SWOT Analysis is used for both internal and external environment. ( Brassington and. Pettitt, 2006a )

SWOT analysis is one of the best tools in marketing audit. It involves both internal and external environment. It is the overall rating of company ‘s strengths, failings, chances and menaces. The strengths and failings are internal factors and chances and menaces are external factors. SWOT Analysis enable a concern to concentrate into those countries that present the greatest chances and those competences in which it is strongest.

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( Pinson, 2001 )


SWOT Analysis of Dulux Trade Paints:

Strength: It is an internally controlled factor. It enhances the public presentation of the company. Some of the strengths are as follows:

It has a strong trade name name and positive repute in the heads of clients so far them it ‘s a great strength of the company

ICI Dulux Trade Paints has good established substructure. It has a broad scope of distribution ( merchandisers and retail merchants ) It has 130 mercantile establishments in the UK, the largest of any trade provider.

It provides vide scope of colorss ( 52 two-tone colourways ) . All merchandises are uniquely water-based.

Failing: It is besides an internally controlled factor. It minimizes the public presentation of the company. Some of the failings are as follows:

The major failing of Dulux Paints is that they do n’t hold their ain distribution channels. They have traders which sell their merchandises in different metropoliss.

The public consciousness about Dulux pigments is non high, chiefly because of deficiency of advertizements and publicities.

Opportunity: It is an externally controlled factor. Some of the chances are as follows:

One of the greatest chances for Dulux Paints is to increase consciousness among the clients sing high quality pigments and freshly launched merchandises. Ads and publicities can play an of import function in accomplishing it.

Menace: It is besides externally controlled factor. Some of the menaces are as follows:

The biggest menace of Dulux Trade Paints is the increased figure of rivals. They are other companies bring forthing the same merchandises ; they have captured the market portion. So it is a great menace for Dulux Trade Paints.

( Kotler. and Keller 2009 )

Undertaking 2:


“ Market cleavage is defined as the procedure of placing different groups of users within a market who could perchance be targeted with separate merchandises or selling programmes. ” It can besides be defined as spliting the market into groups of possible clients with similar demands and purchase behaviour.

“ The thought of spliting market into assorted sections and aiming each section with a distinguishable merchandise is the bosom of marketing theory. ”

( Croft 1994. )

The chief aim of market cleavage is to analyze market to the full, happening chances and to better company ‘s rival place and function the demands of clients. Management must section the market harmonizing to profit sought. In this instance we will use concern to concern cleavage. In B2B cleavage we can concentrate on administration every bit good as on single purchasers within it. B2B market cleavage can affect two phases:

Macro sections: are those in which we have to place subgroups within whole market and

Micro sections: are those in which we have to choose mark sections based on specific purchasing features.

In this instance we will specify few market sections which are most of import in this type of industry and upon which Dulux Trade Paints should see and aim.

Size of administration: The size of an administration is of import in any administration. Equally far as Dulux Trade Paint is concerned it must to the full concentrate on big administration because they consume big per centum of goods as compared to little administrations. Dulux is a trade name name, they ever come up with advanced thoughts and new merchandises like Duette, Sonata and Acrylic Scumble glaze so it will be easier to aim big administrations like existent estate companies, large administrations, hotels, infirmaries etc as big administrations need new merchandises clip to clip in order to be in competition. Dulux has 52 two tone coloring material ways available which they can offer to company. Dulux pigments need to come up with exciting new offers and publicities so as to pull big administrations like free samples, recognition installations, better quality, price reductions etc

Purchase Administrations: It can be defined as those administrations which purchase goods and services either for themselves or for other intents. This is an of import section on which Dulux pigments must work. These may include Contractors, Interior interior decorators, Architectures.

Contractors: A contractor is an single or group of people that constructs or renovates a edifice, route etc. Dulux pigments must aim contractors for supply of pigments required for building intents. It covers a big country of market. As these freshly launched merchandises are really popular so these merchandises must be in demand for contractor besides. Dulux must aim contractors depending upon nature size and type of contractors. They should come up with new strategies, publicities, price reductions and bringing of goods on clip so as to guarantee demand and supply.

Interior Interior designers: They are professionals who decorate and organise the inside of any house, constructing etc. nowadays pigments are of import portion of insides, Dulux paints come up with cosmetic pigments like Duette which is the latest tendency in pigment industry. So they must aim interior interior decorators to utilize their merchandises in their undertakings which will increase the popularity of Duette, sonata and acrylic and helps in making trade name name.

Trade Mercantile establishments: They are of import in any administration. Dulux trade pigments have 130 retail mercantile establishments in the UK known as Dulux interior designer Centres, largest figure of mercantile establishments of any trade provider. These mercantile establishments should be managed decently. Newly launched merchandises such as Duette, Sonata and Acrylic must be available in those mercantile establishments so that they will be easy available as there demand is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Their must be proper contact between company and mercantile establishments, furthermore there must be proper balance between demand and supply. Customers should be provided with proper counsel sing color strategies and good merchandise cognition. If these mercantile establishments are decently targeted and maintained it will be the strength of company and besides a great menace for rivals.

Therefore if all those sections are decently targeted and achieved so the company will make in front of its ends and will be a immense success.

( Brassington and. Pettitt,2006b )

Undertaking 3:

Stigmatization AND Placement

Once mark market cleavage is selected, we have to advance the organizational offerings to its mark markets in a better manner. This procedure is called stigmatization and placement scheme. The administration must hold an offering that differentiates it from the rivals. It should give a clear individuality in the head of the consumers.

Stigmatization: “ A trade name is a name, symbol, design or term, or a combination of them used by makers to place its merchandises from those of rivals. ” Today, a trade name is the consequence of a synaptic procedure in the encephalon. A trade name differentiates a merchandise signifier those of rivals. It can merely be defined as client ‘s perceptual experience about your concern.

( Bed bury and fenichell, 2002 )

Dulux is a market leader in the pigment industry. The consumer is cognizant about the Dulux trade name name It is much easier for Dulux to market its freshly launched merchandises like Duette, sonata and Acrylic. However there are some cardinal rules of branding are as follows:

Flexibility: Dulux trade pigments are flexible with the altering demands and supply. As the demand for broken colorss rise they launched new merchandises in the market. It helped the company in accomplishing good trade name name. The clients are cognizant about the Dulux trade name name

Quality: The qualities of the merchandises are just plenty as these merchandises are manufactured by other makers. This helps in keeping good trade name name and addition in gross revenues.

Merchandise distinction: The merchandises differ in monetary value, quality and design every bit compared to rivals. As Duette comes in 52 two-tone coloring material ways. These merchandises offer all the benefits of traditional glaze.

Consistent: Dulux maintain trade name promise and trade name criterion. These merchandises leave a good consequence on consumers. The client is cognizant about the quality criterions. ( Kumar and Mittal, 2002 )

Placement: “ The act of planing the administration ‘s image and offer so that it occupies a distinguishable topographic point in the mark clients. ” It is about the place a trade name occupies in the heads of consumers. It starts with the choosing of a section in which to vie. ( Adock, Bradfield and Ross, 1995 )

Every merchandise needs a placement scheme so that it gives a clear place about a specific merchandise in the heads of consumers. In this instance there are some schemes which can be targeted.

Positioning Against or Associating with another merchandise: Dulux trade pigments has to place itself as the ultimate solution for accomplishing the luxury expression with great quality. Its chief clients are contractors, big administrations, retail merchants etc. It has to distinguish itself from other pigment companies in order to accomplish good name and high volume of gross revenues.

Benefits/ Needs: Dulux pigments have to supply better benefits to the buyer so that he will lodge to the company ‘s merchandises like immense net income borders price reductions etc.

Quality/Price: They have to supply better quality and low monetary value as compared to their rivals in order to derive orders from big administrations.

Merchandise Features: They have to place it as, the presenting classics. They have to place merchandise characteristics and distinguish it from other merchandises. ( Kotler and Scheff, 1997 )

Therefore if place scheme is constructed on those bases so it will turn out fruitful to the company. It will assist in accomplishing good trade name name and taking the company in front of its rivals.


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