SWOT analysis of Vinamilk Essay

July 25, 2018 Marketing

1. 1. Strength

a. Market portion leader due to good stigmatization
In recent old ages. Vinamilk is the market portion leader of the dairy market in Vietnam. 39 % of dairy merchandise belongs to Vinamilk. From the beginning of operation. the name “Vinamilk” was used and step by measure. they owned a certain topographic point in consumers’ head. Some ground for this success may be publicizing. selling. uninterrupted invention in merchandise to function the client demand every bit good as compete with other opposite numbers. The age of the trade name besides play an of import function in the present consequences. With a long clip of arranging and developing. they can understand precisely what a certain section demand and make a end more effectual. b. Nation-wide distribution web

Extensive distribution and gross revenues web is an indispensable component to success in their operation. allows them to account for the big figure of clients and guarantee the debut of new merchandises and scheme efficaciously marketing across the state. Just count to December 31. 2009. their merchandises appeared through 240 distributers with more than 140. 000 mercantile establishments in all 64 states of the state. c. Diversity of merchandise line and bundle

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They offer dairy merchandises functioning many diverse consumer sections. Merchandises divided into line aimed at a specific mark audience as kids. grownups and aged. Besides. through the proviso of diverse merchandises to client with different packaging sizes. we bring to clients in Vietnam market dairy merchandises can be easy to transport along. 1. 2. Failings

Beside some really strong merchandise line like fresh and powder milk. there are still some weak 1s such as W-fresh soybean milk ; it can non vie with Fami- the older 1. There is something to make with the gustatory sensation and the other with the monetary value. If there is no appropriate solution for these issues. V-fresh soybean milk will shortly be dead like its cousin Vinamilk Coffee.

1. 3. Opportunities
a. Positive tendency of clients towards milk use

The development of economic system leads people take more attention to the wellness of their aged. their kids and themselves. Merchandises from milk non merely supply food but besides add-on factor such as vitamin C good for tegument of immature misss. Ca good for bone of teenage and so on. Besides. dairy can be used in many different ways with different sort of things. B. Increasing mean income per capital

Milk and other merchandises from milk is non merely a tonic. it became a normal drink for all of us with sensible monetary value. In several households. they buy blocks for use in long clip for all the member of household. milk for aged and for pregnant as normal. Day by twenty-four hours. dairy is non sole goods any longer. 1. 4. Menaces

Severe competitory market after the committedness of Vietnam and WTO Involving in WTO is an chance and a menace for all the company in Vietnam. Along with the opportunity to spread out their market into the universe. they besides have to confront with the rival from all other state. Loving foreign merchandise of Vietnamese client is undeniable. Furthermore. imported things are celebrated for utmost consequence despite of truly high monetary value and non so many distributers.


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