SWOT analysis on the company bang and olufsen

August 2, 2017 Music

Bang and Olufsen ( B & A ; O ) is a company based in Denmark and is renowned for the industry of audio merchandises, telephones, and telecasting sets. Its 86 old ages now since it was founded by Peter Band and Svend Olufsen. The company has been among the best makers of electronic contraptions through its continually improved assortment of audio-video merchandises. With these, it has its eyes and concentrate on the manner sensitive clients who seek the trendiest contraptions in the market and of first-class quality. Its selling squad has been active across the Earth advancing the company ‘s legion designs of DVD participants, high tech telecastings, loud talkers, and digital music participants amongst many merchandises, but still Denmark remains as the largest fraction of its market base. Continual inventions and design betterment has bestowed B & A ; O planetary awards as one of the leaders in invention and merchandise development within the industry. In a competitory market, this has hence granted it a place for some of the company ‘s merchandises in the Museum of Modern Art, New York. This places it as a better rival amongst market participants. Good as it may look with most of the company ‘s clients locked in with trueness for quality merchandises, many challenges have stepped in though henceforth drawing down the company ‘s growing rate. This paper will therefore analyze the Strengths, the failings, chances and the menaces that besiege Bang and Olufsen Company.

A house ‘s strengths are the resources and capablenesss that it uses to derive a competitory border ( Laurence. 2009 ) . Bang and Olufsen has maintained its competencies through huge experience, pattern, and continual development. It has gained strength over the old ages because it strives to guarantee that clients ever get the greatest experience of their merchandises. Amongst its strong musculuss is the first-class image and sound public presentations of B & A ; O merchandises, which outplays most of what is in the market. By this, the company ensures that the merchandises have image production that is closest to existent life experience and the sound reproduced every bit genuinely as possible. Another is the user interface and client attention. Bang and Olufsen understands that engineering may be really disputing to its clients. It hence makes merchandises that are user friendly and gives every bit much support to the clients as possible refering merchandise usage. This point of interface has drawn the clients even closer to the company as they feel emotionally cared for unlike most entrants who pursue money entirely and non client satisfaction. Additionally, the design and quality of the merchandises is the nucleus of everything at Bang and Olufsen. The company uses design to state a narrative about its thoughts, its merchandises, and itself ( Bryston & A ; Giete, 2011 ) . The company contracts the most adept merchandise interior decorators and designs merchandises that are non merely aesthetically delighting, but besides efficaciously functional. B & A ; O shows its strength besides in the quality of stuff used for its merchandises. This is dearly-won, but is worth the value of the clients it has stripped off its rivals. Customers are more willing to pay for quality merchandises than defective 1s, which will necessitate even more money to fix.

Band and Oufsen has seen many successes, but it has been unable to make certain degrees because of certain challenges. These failings of the company come in different forms. B & A ; O have managed to bring forth telecastings that offer a genuinely cinematic experience for case, and the company has thrust its thorax that nil beats its ‘BeoVision 10-40 ‘ plasma screen. It is unfortunate though that clients spread word that the plasma engineering used for the TVs ages with clip. The plasma screen easy deteriorates and the crispy colourss become tired and faded after some clip ( Wheeler, 2009 ) . This has had a negative consequence on the merchandise purchase in penchant for other merchandises offered by rivals. Another most of import trait of the B & A ; O merchandises is the monetary value. Customers are really sensitive about the monetary value of a merchandise and are peculiarly acute about the value they get. Many clients agree that Band and Olusfen offers a great quality for their merchandises, but the monetary values lock out many consumers. Most clients hence have no option but to buy an option from the company ‘s rivals who offer lesser monetary values.

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However, the company has chances that can funnel in more net income. These are like a mine of gold within its range. The company has a research and development squad of three 1000 staff that has been on their toes. In association with the planetary selling squad, that has uncovered unmet client demands ; the company has developed a scheme program to tap in these chances. A planetary demand of the audio-video merchandises besides tastes good to the company and disposal plants round the clock to distribute its wings to these markets. In chase of this, the company has been waving for franchise chances to interested parties and advertisement for retail merchant chances to assist in distribution of its merchandises across the universe. New engineering is besides turn overing out continually to the benefit of merchandise interior decorators and makers. The company hence has the chance to follow these in order to optimise its productions.

The concern schemes may be first-class, but still a figure of factors threaten to deprive the company of its profitableness. A major one is competition from other entities. Rivals who produce merchandises of about similar quality but sell at comparatively low monetary values have pushed B & A ; O to the border. These are companies like Sony and apple, which pose an unfavourable shudder in the market for Bang and Olufsen. Most consumers have no option but to waive buying plasma screens merely because they have a B & A ; O cast, and buy the options at one-fourth the monetary value or even less. Price has hence been a detrimental factor on the face of B & A ; O but still the quality of its merchandises stand out.

As a decision, Bang and Olfusen should non necessary prosecute the most promising chances. Alternatively, it could place a perfect-fit of the strengths and chances by usage of the SWOT matrix.


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