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By October 17, 2017 Marketing

Marketing Management | | |Royal Macadamia | |Group 4 | Executive summary SWOT/TOWS Analysis Strength-S |Weaknesses-W | |Leading macadamia facility in South Africa |Employs mostly contractors | |Retention of customer loyalty and relationship | | |Production quality – conforming to all EU | | |quality standards | | |60% of the companies’ raw material is sourced | | |from shareholders | | Opportunities-O |SO Strategies |WO Strategies | |Outsource some of the added value at a cheaper |Save on cost, get more revenue on outsource and | | |rate |be a leader | | |New distribution channels | | | |Technological advances | | | |Threats-T |ST Strategies |WT Strategies | |Bond claim of land |Invest in SA Government |Incentivize contractors based on performance | |Competitors |Brand development make macadamia nuts a dominant| | |Price fluctuations |brand | |Decrease in demand for Royal nuts will drop the| | | |supply of nuts | | | |Contractors have little loyalty | | | Business decision for Royal Macadamia • Royal Macadamia mostly export their Nuts into European countries where there is need recognition for them to supply. • Most of its customers are on contractually basis and which makes Royal Macadamia to be secured with clients. • Clients wants have to be satisfied and be accomplished. Royal needs to be market orientated Customers will want a product and specify the type of product they want • European countries will need Royal Macadamia and some other nuts companies to supply the best nut into their companies • Royal Macadamia will have to meet the demand. • Supply the volume requested but first, they need to do a feasibility study if, the proposal given by European countries worth doing business • The countries then select Royal Macadamia to supply and monitor the business process and review the process when necessary Environmental Factor Drought Referencing Mason R, 2011. Marketing Management 4, lecture notes session 4 Durban University of Technology. 27-08-2011


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