Sylvia Gregorio Case Srtudy

March 21, 2017 Physics

Time Context June, 1984 I. View Point Joint efforts of Dr. Mariano Lacdao and the Human Resource Department Head II. Central Problem Job Dissatisfaction of Sylvia Gregorio Sylvia Gregorio is an Analyst at the Center for Energy Research and Development since March 1982. It is a division of the Philippine Energy Company tasked with the Research and Development activities on renewable energy resources. The division was divided into three departments: the Non Conventional Fuels Department (NFD), the Conventional Fuel Department (CFD), and the Program Management and Evaluation Department (PMED).

Sylvia was assigned at the Solar Section of the NFD which conducts studies on solar thermal conversion systems, photo voltaic system applications, and solar energy storage employing various media. Employees in the Center had a tendency to take their work not so seriously. If they belong to one section or holding office in the same group, they formed cliques and had some tendency to form exclusive group. Employees at the Solar Section on the other hand were mostly male who were engineers or Math / Physics major. Sylvia prepares budget and handles purchasing activities for the section.

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She is also the project leader for the solar thermal conversion systems project. Despite the fact that she is one of the best qualified staff at the Center and being paid higher salaries than others in the same position, she wants to quit from her job at the Center and go back to teaching due to her various personal reasons. III. Objective a. Must Objective To be able to convince Sylvia Gregorio to stay with the company as soon as possible. b. Want Objectives 1. To be able to establish good rapport between Joe Silva, Sylvia Gregorio and the rest of the employees in the Solar Section. . To be able to settle fair pay inequalities among employees. 3. To be able to keep private details such as salary, retrenchment plans, training program plans, etc. within the top management only. IV. Areas of Consideration a. Strengths 1. Sylvia Gregorio had been an NDSB scholar in college and she joined the UE Faculty right after graduation. 2. She joined the UP Physics Department Head and held the rank of Assistant Professor and had been teaching physics for 8 years prior to joining the company. . Her husband is an Assistant Manager in MERALCO and earning enough money to support the family luxuriously. 4. She is one of the best qualified staff and being paid higher than others in the same position. b. Weaknesses 1. For Sylvia, working at the center is kind of boring. 2. Sylvia never had the opportunities to attend training programs abroad because the management and training section get to know the opportunities first and they grab it even if it’s not their line of work. 3.

Complaints from Joe and other staffs were heard regarding Sylvia’s inefficiency, consistent disappearance from the office during office hours, and that she is receiving the highest salary among other employees in the same division. 4. Nobody in the Solar Section seems to recognize Sylvia’s abilities and skills just because she can’t join them in installation work. 5. For Sylvia, Joe Sylva s not an effective boss. 6. Sylvia felt dissatisfied because the result of research works is long term. 7. Sylvia doesn’t like the feeling that the superiors were not getting enough respect from their subordinates. . For their kind of set-up, Sylvia might not have the chance to get promoted. c. Opportunities 1. There’s a need of Physics teachers in UP and Sylvia love to go back. 2. Sylvia can pursue her Ph. D. if she leaves the company. 3. Sylvia could also have more time for her kids. d. Threats 1. Sylvia’s salary is getting higher and higher. Tony, her Husband is becoming insecure because of her present work status and her increasing salary. 2. Sylvia wants to pursue her Ph. D. but Dr. Lacdao wouldn’t approve her study leave. V. Alternative Courses of Action I.

The management will provide career growth opportunities for Sylvia Gregorio. Advantages 1. Sylvia can attend to various seminar and trainings which will help her to be satisfied, and excited in her job. 2. Sylvia’s continuous learning can help her in doing her job more effectively and efficiently. 3. Sylvia’s absenteeism will be minimized once she became satisfied with the kind of work she had. Disadvantages 1. Other employees might be insecure with what the company is giving Sylvia. They may also ask the management for other career growth opportunities like that of Sylvia. . Career growth opportunities that the company will offer may incur high cost. II. The company will conduct team building activities for its employees. Advantages 1. Employees will be bonded and cliques will be minimized. 2. Team work and coordination among employees will be established. 3. If the team building activity will have a positive result, superiors will earn higher respect from their subordinates. Disadvantages 1. Team building activities may incur high cost to the company. 2. Time for work will be sacrificed for the time spent in the said activity.

III. The management will allow Sylvia and the rest of its qualified employees to have a flexible work time. Advantages 1. Absenteeism due to health issues and routine appointments will be minimized or totally eliminated. Sylvia’s frequent disappearance during office hours will also be eliminated. 2. Job Satisfaction of employees will be increased. For Sylvia, she can continue her Ph. D. since she can schedule it after her time of work. She can also be a part time professor in the University on or before her working schedule. . Increased morale, loyalty, productivity, engagement, health and wealth being of employees will be established. Disadvantages 1. The longer work hours can put a physical and emotional stress to employees. 2. Employees may also be ineffective in their job since aside from their office works, they were also doing other things before or after office hours. Like Sylvia, if she is under a flexible time, she will teach at the University and at the same time continue her Ph. D. on or before working hours. 3.

Flexible work arrangements are not appropriate for all employees and some employees may not understand this. 4. Overhead cost for the company will increase. VI. Recommended Solution Alternative Course of Action III – The management will allow Sylvia and the rest of its qualified employees to have a flexible work time. VII. Plan of Action 1. Dr. Lacdao will review workplace needs, possibilities for and impact for scheduling and later on consult with the Human Resource Department Head for the implementation of the scheduled flexible work time not just for Sylvia but also for other staffs.

In assessing the schedule, he shall consider the potential improvement of business / department needs when assessing flexible schedule proposal for the employees. 2. He shall ask for assistance from the Human Resource Department Head. 3. The Human Resource Department Head will clarify all the expectations of the employer to Sylvia and the rest of qualified employees before implementing the work scheduled. Any concerns of Sylvia and other employees will be discussed to the Human Resource Department and Dr.

Lacdao. 4. Once the plan is accepted by Sylvia and other qualified employees, the Human Resource Department shall consider adopting the new schedule as a pilot arrangement with a timeline and communicate this to other staffs in the department and appropriate administrators and time keepers. 5. Both Dr. Lacdao and the Human Resource Department Head will evaluate the arrangement periodically, have regular discussion with Sylvia and other qualified employees, and monitor the success and challenges of the plan.


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