SYM Company Profile Essay

September 21, 2017 General Studies

MITSUKOSHI MOTORS PHILS. . INC. ( MMPI ) was established in 1998. Prior to the entry of MMPI in the bike industry. the market was dominated by Nipponese trade names. It was Mitsukoshi MMPI who pioneered the debut of Chinese Chinese bikes in the Filipino market. In November of 1999. Mitsukoshi began its concern ties with Sanyang Industry Co. Ltd. of Taiwan ( SYM ) . SYM isa family bike trade name in Taiwan where it grewits popularity through its Jet theoretical account.

In November 1999. MMPI began its concern ties with one of Taiwan’s taking bike trade names. Sanyang Industry Co ( SYM ) . MMPI successfully penetrated the Filipino market through the popularity of SYM’s JET and Shark scooter theoretical accounts. As MMPI’s market portion continues to spread out. MMPI made concern ties with the Chongqing LIFAN Industry Group Ltd of China in 2000 in order to run into turning demand. This successful venture further enabled MMPI to function the turning Filipino market demand with a wider merchandise offering.

In 2000 ; to run into the turning demand of bikes in the market. Mitsukoshi tied-up with Chongqing LIFAN Industry group Ltd. of China. This venture allowed MMPI to supply a wider merchandise offering to the Filipino market. MMPI created EUROMOTOR in June 2006 in order to set up a Filipino bike trade name. Popular trade names such as Euro DaanHari 150 and Euro GTX 150 gained a warm response from the local market. In June of 2006. in order to set up a Filipino trade name bike. Mitsukoshi creates EURO MOTOR whereits units are supplied by Lifan and Meido fabrication companies of China.

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Motorcycles units such as Euro DaanHari 150 and Euro GTX 150 gained a warm response from the local market. MMPI is enthusiastic of the enormous potency of bikes and scooters in the Filipino market. MMPI manages more than 400 sole Retail Outlets and Showrooms nationally. As MMPI’s market grows. it is determined to supply for the transit demands of the Filipinos while supplying them with low-cost and quality bikes in the old ages to come.


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