Sympathising with Shylock Essay

August 15, 2017 General Studies

As the narrative progresses. it becomes of all time easier to sympathize with usurer. Shylock’s life is a difficult one and merely gets worse as he is introduced into the narrative. Shylock is a Jew and as a Jew at that clip he was hated and discriminated against by Christians. ‘You name me misbeliever. cut-throat Canis familiaris. and spit upon my Judaic garberdine. ’ Before Antonio needed to borrow money from Shylock he had insulted him and spat on him out of hatred because Shylock was besides guilty of vigorish. While Shylock is imparting money to Antonio. Shylock’s slaves are already be aftering on go forthing him in favor of working for Bassanio alternatively. We so happen out that non merely that his slaves have left him for a Christian but besides his girl. Jessica. is be aftering on running off with a Christian male child. Lorenzo. Shylocks married woman is dead and Jessica is the lone individual he has left.

Jessica runs off while he is at a dinner full of Christians. In the movie we see Shylock. as the lone Jew. entirely rejected while everyone else is basking themselves. This peculiarly makes you experience regretful for him as the audience know that his girl is running off and taking his wealth with her and he will hold no friends to be supported by when she is gone. When Jessica leaves him he is racked with heartache from his loss and realises that she has taken a batch of his wealth with her. We subsequently learn that Jessica is seen trading a pealing belonging to Shylock’s married woman for a monkey.

Although Shylock has been mistreated he is still hungry for retaliation against Antonio. a Christian. Shylock suggests a lb of Antonio’s flesh as a forfeit and Antonio surprisingly accepts it. Although Jessica is be aftering on go forthing him it was partially his ain mistake. We learnt that he had been locking Jessica in the house and won’t allow her see Christian male childs. When he realises that Jessica has run off and the sum of money she has stolen he seems to care more about the money than the fact that his girl is gone. When he finds out that Jessica had switched his ring for a monkey he says something no male parent should of all time state: ‘I wish my girl was dead at my foot’ .

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When Antonio can non pay back the money on clip he will non accept anything accept a lb of Antonio’s flesh. This is upseting makes you inquire about the saneness of Shylock and is difficult to sympathize with him.

Shylock had been mocked. insulted and judged by Christians all his life so it is non surprising that he hates them. However he makes it clear that he wants retaliation and the audience fright that he could acquire it. Although Shylock’s character is to a great extent sympathised with at the beginning of the narrative. it becomes really difficult to understand his positions at the clip of the test.


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