Taipei Modern Building Icon Engineering Essay

September 21, 2017 Engineering

In Tai Wan, Taipei 101, which is one of the landmark skyscrapers, is a celebrated scenic topographic point. It is opened officially on New Year ‘s Eve in Taipei at 2004 before it is one of the towers to be served as a modern icon. It is besides designed to bear typhoons and temblors, utilizing a tuned mass damped to go stable and safe on the construction. Hence, this tower is attracted many tourers sing in at that place as it has a multi-level shopping promenade near this tower, an observation topographic point at 91st floor to look around the whole Taipei and the two fastest lifts with a high velocity public presentation, maintaining comfy and safety drive in at that place.

Information of Taipei 101

For the tower of Taipei 101, it has an award at 2004 for highest architectural construction which is 508m tall but now it becomes the 2nd tallest edifice as the 828m tall of Buri Khalifa in Dubai. It is contained 101 floors above land including 1st to 6th floor for shopping promenade, 7th to 87th floor for office zones, 35th to 36th and 59th to 60th floor for sky anteroom, 88th to 91st floor for observation decks and 91st to 101st floor for the others every bit good as 5 floors underground for cellar auto parking. For the lifts, there are wholly 111 lifts including 77 single-deck lifts and 34 double-deck lifts. And the two fastest lifts, which are normally to go on the top deck, have 1600kg for 24 individual managing capacity at the velocity 1010m per minute and record 37 second from 5th to 89th floor.

In this tower, there are some perpendicular transit system which reference in elaborate shown as follows.

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Sky Lobby

To the higher degree of the edifice, look like Taipei 101, it must hold sky anterooms in at that place. It is the floor at the in-between degree where people stop at the sky anteroom to alter from an lift to the other lift to make the higher degree of each floor. To see planing the sky anteroom, it is the factors to salvage the lift shaft of infinite and cut down the figure of chief floor lifts. Besides it can cut down the lift stops for each figure of floors to cut down the confusion of chief floor of lift anteroom and increase the floor infinite. Hence, it becomes popular to the designed sky anteroom on the skyscrapers.

Double-deck lift

Double-deck lift is besides installed in Taipei 101. It designs two lifts connected together to let riders on the two back-to-back floors to utilize the lift synchronously, and increase the rider capacity of an lift shaft at the same clip. On the one manus, when the upper lift Michigans at one degree but it is non opened its door as the lower lift is served the riders to travel in or non. It will confound to some of the infrequent riders and besides others riders at the peak hr. On the other manus, the double-deck lift is normally used in skyscrapers significantly to let much efficient usage of infinite required to the limited floor country.

Machine Room-less lift system

The two fastest lifts are designed on the Taipei 101. To do an ultrahigh velocity public presentation and safety drive for riders, these type of lifts must be required a smaller size of lasting magnet synchronal motor ( PMSM ) and a smaller machine room. To work out this job, this machine room-less lift system is required to utilize. The benefits are that no machine room is installed so it saves some infinite for productive utilizations, cut down energy ingestion to acquire a higher efficiency operation and pays a lower building costs on this tower. However, the installing for utilizing this system is really compact.

Consequence of disusing particular systems

These three particular systems, which are sky anteroom, double-deck lift and machine room-less lift system, are used in Taipei 101. If conventional lift systems were used in this tower alternatively of these three particular systems, the lift systems has have many impacts on this tower.

First, the figure of conventional lifts additions as the lower handling capacity compared with double-deck lift, they occupy more edifice nucleus infinite for put ining these lifts, and the figure of clear directional marks besides increases because riders will hold confusion on how to travel to the finish floor degree.

Second, it is impossible to hold sky anterooms in the skyscraper as the engineering of lift system do non make the certain status which travel straight from the land to the higher degree.

Finally, the figure of installed machine suites rise because of utilizing the conventional lifts. In the interim, they need a really big machine room to house the big motor to cut down the usage of floor degree infinite. Subsequently the lift is traveled slower that the journey times of the lift go higher. Therefore, the installing cost and care cost are become larger.


Following on these particular systems, they have some advantages after combined together. Besides the sky anteroom must be on the skyscraper as sing some factors for salvaging some infinites and lift redundant. After that, the double-deck lifts are used to manage in the big human flow to transport more riders. And the last one, the machine room-less system, is one of the greatest deigns on the lift system that it provides a smaller journey clip to allow passenger travel for the shorter clip to make at the top of the tower. For these grounds, these perpendicular transit systems provide a good service for all people. That ‘s why the particular systems are really of import to be built in Taipei101.


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