Taking a closer read at Haroun and the Sea of Stories Essay Sample

August 3, 2017 Communication

1. Identify & A ; explain 5 symbols found in text.

Although Haroun and the sea of narratives is a children’s literature. symbols which overlap as originals are used to do this novel incorporate a deeper significance and be merely as gratifying for grownups.

Weather in this narrative symbolizes the current feeling or emotion of the characters. Dull. glooming yearss frequently occurred when the character is depressed: “this sudden mist positively stank of unhappiness and gloom” ( 47 ) . This symbol is clearly apparent when Haroun traveled to Moody land. “the Sun would reflect all dark is there were adequate joyful people around. and it would travel on reflecting until the eternal sunlight got on their nervousnesss ; so an cranky dark would fall a dark full of murmurs and discontent. in which the air felt excessively thick to breathe” ( 47 ) .

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The image of the sundown symbolizes a hope for a happy stoping. where the Sun sets seems to stand for a Eden: “…a view of the Valley of K with its aureate Fieldss and silver mountains…– a position spread out like a charming rug. ” ( 34 ) . When you see the sundown. “no adult male can be sad who looks upon that sight” . ( 34 )

The Ocean of the Streams of Story symbolizes the human encephalon. this is where the “streams” and “currents” of thoughts flow and originate. We don’t merely utilize our encephalon to hive away informations. but we create and execute new thoughts by utilizing this compiled information: “unlike a library of books. the Ocean of the Streams of Story was much more than a storage room of narrations. It was non dead but alive” ( 72 )

The narrative H2O that is contained in the Ocean symbolizes inspiration and our imaginativeness. Everybody needs inspiration. “for narratives with that Extra Ingredient…even the best narrators need the Story Waters. ” ( 58 ) . nevertheless if you’d like to do a great narrative. you would necessitate to devour narrative H2O. or have a greater imaginativeness.

The character Princess Batcheat’s name is the equivalent of “chit chat” or speaking. and in this novel. she symbolizes the freedom of address. Rushdie shows this by holding the Chups kidnap her. or taking away the freedom of “chit-chat” . This is farther shown when it was mentioned that the Cultmaster wanted to run up her lips together to halt her vocalizing ; once more he shows how address is prohibited.

2. Explain 3 mentions in the novel to specific political events or figures

As this novel is allegorical. Rushdie made indirect mentions to several historical events and figures. The intent of Chattergy’s wall was non mentioned. nevertheless in history. walls are by and large used to maintain enemies out such as the Great Wall of China. Chattergy’s wall seemed to portion features as the Berlin Wall that was foremost built in Germany in 1961 ; it was used to divide East and West Germany. The first Berlin Wall was non really strong. and had to be rebuilt twice ; Chattergy’s wall in Haroun was besides easy damaged as Rashid reported: “I came to Chattergy’s Wall. the Wall of Force ; and sirs. it is in bad fix. There are any holes. and motion through it is easy achieved. ” ( 102 ) .

The narrative besides referred to the past spiritual leader and dictator of Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini. A fatwa was placed upon Rushdie’s caput because his book. The Demonic Verses was against Islam. the Prophet and the Koran. Rushdie felt as if his freedom of address was being taken off. so he used the character Khattam Shud. the Cultmaster in Haroun to stand for Ayatollah: “He is the Arch-Enemy of all Stories. even of Language itself. He is the Prince of Silence and the Foe of Speech” ( 79 ) . Rushdie showed his resistance to the Ayatollah by utilizing hyperboles as it would appeal to kids more: “in the old yearss the Cultmaster. Khattam-Shud. preached hatred merely towards narratives and illusions and dreams: but now he has become more terrible. and opposes Speech for any ground at all. ” ( 101 ) .

Today in most states. certain media elements such as nakedness. force. etc. are frequently censored for most of the clip. good intents. However in some states that are run by a communist authorities. censoring can be at an extreme where information that may interfere with political issues is wholly prohibited. An illustration is the June 9th. 1985 pupil presentation at Tian An Men square in China. The authorities attempted to halt the media from exposing this event to the populace ; they besides attempted to pass over out any written records of this afterwards. This is similar to how certain Chupwalas in Haroun stitched their oral cavities. or vowed to stay soundless under the orders of Khattam Shud who tried to halt the relay of information in his “kingdom” so to talk.

3. Detail 3 cases in the text where the power of narrative is alluded to. Explain

The power of narrative is frequently referred to in this novel. For illustration. on page 72. “the narratives were held here in unstable signifier. they retained the ability to alter. to go new versions of themselves. to fall in up with other narratives and so become yet other stories…It was non dead but alive. ” This means that there are many fluctuations to one thought or one narrative. Old narratives combined with imaginativeness can be made into new pieces of work. “no narrative comes from nowhere ; new narratives are born from old–it is the new combinations that make them new. ” ( 86 ) There is an eternal possibility and no restrictions on what the narrative is approximately because new 1s can ever be made.

Whether it’s the escapade or the flight from world that narratives provide. or that fact that it takes your head off from tenseness. some people. and personally I believe that narratives have the ability to alleviate emphasis. The power of narrative is implied in Haroun: “you can offer [ Story Water ] to a immature chap who’s experiencing blue. so that the thaumaturgy of the narrative can reconstruct his liquors. ” ( 72 ) Rushdie mentions how narratives can raise people’s tempers by possibly learning ethical motives or supply inspiration.

The Cultmaster said: “inside of all time individual narrative. inside every Stream in the Ocean. there lies a universe. a story-world. that I can non Govern at all. ” ( 161 ) . The power of narrative is clearly apparent here because even the powerful evil swayer of the Chupwalas can non command the story-world merely because everyone’s story-world is different and alone because everyone’s imaginativeness and perceptual experience varies. A narrative can hold a 1000 “faces” as a consequence of who reads it.

5. Haroun can be viewed as biographical. Explain with 3 textual illustrations

Rushdie experienced writers’ block after composing the novel The Satanic Verses which is similar to how Rashid lost his ability to state narratives at the beginning. Haroun’s 11 proceedingss of concentration can besides be compared to Rushdie’s writers’ block. Both Haroun and Rashid overcame this obstruction at the terminal ; Rashid re-subscribed to story-water therefore his inspiration returned. while Haroun broke through the 11 proceedingss while he was seeking to salvage the Ocean.

Rushdie had attempted to make advance and demo the importance of freedom of address in The Demonic Poetries but was condemned for making so. This novel was a 2nd effort to demo readers. particularly to immature readers the importance of free address. “what is the point of giving individuals Freedom of Speech. if you so say they must non use same? And is non the Power of Speech the greatest Power of all? Then certainly it must be exercising to the full? ” ( 119 ) .

In Haroun. Rushdie incorporated his character in assorted characters. In Prince Bolo. Rushdie explained why he had to travel into concealment by demoing his demand and desire to get away the fatwa that was endangering him. and so cover with the larger issue. censoring afterwards. When faced with the determination. Bolo first exclaims “To war. to war! For Batcheat. merely Batcheat! ” ( 105 ) and so subsequently adds “Yes. yes…The Ocean besides ; of course. ofcourse. really well” ( 105 ) : his first ideas are for himself and his ain state of affairs ; he’d instead salvage his hereafter foremost and so believe about the Ocean. the larger issue.

6. Identify & A ; explain 2 originals in the novel. Associate them either to the bible. mythology. or classical literature

An original is a theoretical account where other similar things are patterned or repeated. For illustration. in Aladdin. the genie Acts of the Apostless as a usher that helps Aladdin brand determinations ; there are many other illustrations in faery narratives and mythology every bit good. Similarly. Iff the Water Genie. and Butt which takes on the visual aspect of Hoopoe. a bird Acts of the Apostless as ushers or “sidekicks” for Haroun ; “in the old stories the Hoopoe is the bird that leads all other birds through many unsafe topographic points to their ultimate goal” ( 64 ) . The Water Genie frequently gives Haroun advice every bit good: “Hold your Equus caballuss. cool down. don’t blow your top. maintain your hair on…” ( 68 ) and “Wait on. forbearance is a virtuousness. where’s the fire? ” these remarks are said so that Haroun maintains his reason and composure.

Another archetypical character is the guilt ridden figure in hunt of forgiveness ; in this instance it is Haroun. He had said something to Rashid that he wishes he could take back. “My mistake once more. I started all this off. what’s the usage of narratives that aren’t even true. I asked that inquiry and it broke my male parents bosom. So it’s up to me to set things right. Something has to be done. ” ( 27 ) . However. since he can non. he decides to take affairs onto his ain custodies and hunt for his father’s inspiration. This guilt increases as events unfold. “if we crash now. if we’re smashed into spots or fried like murphy french friess in a combustion wreck. it will be my mistake this clip. excessively. ” ( 37 ) . this caused Haroun to be even more determined to happen the Walrus.

7. Haroun can be categorized as genre: Fantasy. Using 5 CONVENTIONS of phantasy. turn out the cogency of the aforesaid statement

The genre phantasy has distinguishable features including. a pursuit. the usage of thaumaturgy or supernatural powers. a clear sense of good poetries evil. common characters ( i. e. Damsel in hurt. the scoundrel. the hero. the usher ) . and the evocation in another universe. The quest in Haroun is the journey to seek the Walrus and return Rashid’s inspiration for storytelling. The usage of supernatural powers is apparent in the characters Iff and Butt every bit good as others in the narrative. Iff was the Water Genie who delivers story-water utilizing a “Process excessively complicated to explain” . and Butt could pass on with others utilizing his telekinetic powers. Good poetries evil is shown as writer uses contrasting descriptive linguistic communication to exemplify the Gups and Chups: “The Land of Gup is bathed in Endless Sunshine. while over in Chip it’s ever the center of the night” ( 80 ) other comparings between the two lands include: warm vs. cold. chatty vs. silence. etc.

The significance of common characters is that in a fantasy narrative. there are frequently originals which follow a certain similar form. Most “typical” phantasies have a demoiselle in hurt in which the hero. guided by their “sidekicks” by and large tries to salvage from the scoundrel. The suggestion of another universe is besides a mark that Haroun is a fantasy novel. Many things in this universe seem instead hard-to-believe and impossible to be existent. and it seems like it’s more of a dream ; nevertheless. it is supposed to be a universe that matches ours so that it allows us to see our universe more clearly. It is apparent in Haroun because it is really Rushdie’s exclusive intent in composing the fresh – to demo people the right of free address. and the many corruptnesss that exists within the society.

4. / 8. Explain 2 allusions found in the novel. Discuss how they added to the significance of the narrative.

Censoring has been around for a really long clip. and Rushdie has made this a perennial subject in this novel. As mentioned. the Cultmaster represents the Ayatollah where he tries to kill him for composing The Satanic Verses. The novel besides shows his defeat and choler in the character of Haroun. “So we’re captives already…Some hero I turned out to be” ( 142 ) . This seems to reflect a similar defeat as Rushdie seems to be such a little force in the big battle against censoring.

An allusion is besides made as he shows how silly he thinks conflict or wars -not merely in the narrative. but in existent life every bit good. are by doing merriment of the uniforms that the Guppees and the Chapwalas are in. “Really. this is get downing to look like a war between clowns. ” ( 179 ) . There are so many cases in history where neither sides of the conflict know what they’re genuinely contending for ; they are merely taking orders from their leaders: “neither ground forces will even be able to see decently during the fight” ( 180 ) . Rushdie seems to connote that both ground forcess are blindly contending each other and it’s about like a gag to him as he makes many wordplaies and witty comments about this conflict.

The writer frequently refers to the narratives of 1001 Arabian Nights. For illustration. some rubrics of the Pages’ uniforms include rubrics from Arabian Nights – “Bolo and the fantastic Lamp” . “Bolo and the Forty thieves” etc. The Water Genie besides seems to follow some thoughts from Arabian Nights because jinnis frequently exist in those narratives. The significance is here. 1001 means “infinity” in Arabic so when Haroun “looked into the H2O and saw that it was made up of a thousand thousand 1000 and one different currents…” ( 72 ) It shows that there are more than 1001 different currents intending there are more than an infinite figure of different narratives in the Ocean merely because there is no bound to the creative activity of narratives. New narratives of different fluctuations can ever be made from old narratives – this is the power of narrative.

The ground forces of “Pages” can be compared to the “army” of cards under the control of Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Haroun returns from his escapade. and to his surprise it all happened in a dream. This is similar to Alice where she awakes at the terminal of the book and finds out that her escapades in wonderland have besides taken topographic point in a dream. This adds intending to the narrative because Rushdie can make a brilliant make-belief universe for the enjoyment of kids. and explains to his boy the ground for his going ; while at the same clip fuzz certain political messages utilizing fables that add a deeper significance of which are directed to older readers.


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