Taming of the Shrew & Ten Things I Hate About You

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Taming of the Shrew & Ten Things I Hate About You Several hundred years separate ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ and 10 Things I Hate About You, are women represented any differently in today’s society? (M) Hello there, and welcome to S. A. S. otherwise known as the Shakespeare Appreciation Society. My name’s Mandella and we’re here live at Hathaway’s Theatre.

Today we’re going to look at the differences between good ol’ will’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’ and its movie adaptation ’10 Things I Hate About You’ and to help us understand the difference between the portrayal of woman in Shakespeare’s time and now, we’ve invited Julia Stiles to come and have a chat. Yes, ladies and gentleman, our very own Katarina Stratford from the movie ’10 Things I Hate About You. ’ Welcome Julia, it’s so nice to have you in the theatre with us today! (J) Thanks so much for having me! I love your show and I’m so glad to be here. (M) Well, that’s nice of you to say.

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Now, onto business – Julia, you play Kat in the movie; what is it like to act like that – I mean, she’s not your stereotypical girl is she? And she doesn’t let Patrick walk all over her. How different is it to play someone like that in comparison to a character like Bianca? (J) It’s certainly a breath of fresh air, to be able to play someone who is rebellious and stubborn, she’s not sorry for who she is and she doesn’t try to be. Kat is more aligned with the audience in this way, she can see how ridiculous the other girls will act in order to get the boys attention, she knows how far she herself went to get Joey’s.

I don’t believe Kat was absolutely removed from that, she still behaves like a typical teenage girl when she becomes interested in Patrick, at least subtly – her clothes become less ‘rambo’-esque and she suddenly turns from this isolated, sullen, non-conformist teenager in to someonewho wants to go to prom, who wants to have a boyfriend and ultimately, at the end of the movie we see her crying – something that the ‘Old’ Kat wouldn’t have done; show her weaknesses or reveal anything that would be seen as a ‘girly’ characteristic. Taming of the Shrew:

Cliques/Groups: – High school hierarchy of Padua High. – Even though the AV Geeks have somewhere to fit in (illustrating that everyone has some group that they belong to) Kat doesn’t have a group. – Having all the little groups with their idiosyncrasies creates humour e. g. the white Rastafarians, who are white but speak with Jamaican accents. – Some males represented in the film, like Joey Donner behave and treat women as their own object, only using them for their own possession and to gain popularity and status “Money I’ve got, this I’ll do for fun. – Joey views Bianca as compliant and as a ‘trophy’ – the prize. – When Cameron sees Bianca, he quotes Lucentio in taming of the shrew “I burn, I pine, I perish. ” This emphasises the superficial value placed on love. – “I like my skechers but I LOVE my prada handbag” is a symbol of Bianca’s superficiality, her floral dress is both a symbol of purity, youth and femininity but also of provocative meanings because of the cut of the dress.

Kat’s Speech: – We see her transforming from her more sullen, isolated, non-conformist, emotionally restrictive, stubborn teenager to a more feminine side of her – expresses more feelings emotionally wise, she reveals her feelings, in the beginning through anger in the speech – starts crying (emotional release). – Expressing these true feelings, emotional release – crying. – Represents how Patrick has ‘broken’ her, like in the taming of the shrew. Links with Kate’s last speech in taming of the shrew, shows her transformation that Petruchio has tamed her like Kat has been ‘tamed’ by Patrick –> made her get in touch with her feelings, impacted on her. – A turning point for Kat, – Close up shots of her and Patrick – 2 main characters – identifying their emotions. – Dramatic finish by running out of the room. – Close up on Patrick – look on his face – absorbing what she was saying, looked guilty. The Party: – Bianca’s wearing a red dress, shows that she wants to get noticed but the pearl necklace is a symbol of purity. Kat doesn’t care in the beginning, but after she has drunk a bit she gets in to it. Her costume is casual and ‘rambo’-esque, everyone else is dressed. – Everyone at the party has a motive, Joey and Bianca to get with each other. Beginning – Camera pans across a pristine neighbourhood suggesting affluence. – Music is calm and relaxing – Bianca “sunshine all around me, makes me happy, like I should be” – Sudden change in music – heavy rock = Kat – The bell Jar – Feminine Book – Sylvia Plath’s seen as Kat’s role model. – “Sometimes being a woman is an act of courage Kat’s clothes also demonstrate her non conformist’s attitudes towards the world around her. Highly unfeminine light – “Make anyone cry today? ”.. “Hello precious” – Kisses dad in the cheek (innocent) – Director convey message that Bianca is the ideal woman in a way as compared to her sister. – Facial expression – convey feelings of excitement and joy – I got in. “Isn’t Sarah Lawrence on the other side of the country” “thus the basis of its appeal” Kat reinforces the idea that she wants it be independent like her feminine role models.

In this scene it becomes evident to us that Kat and Bianca’s father is very protective – father and daughter relationship – Theme – Father – enforces the rule of “no dating till you graduate” – Low angle shot is used to portray the father as significant and more powerful than Bianca and Kat – objects to the idea of dating. – The concept of marriage has been appropriated into the idea of dating as the film focuses on younger generation. Modern culture girls feel they are put into the pressure of having a boyfriend and dating. – Bianca. “Planet loser” Planet look at me look at me – Shows how Kat is against conforming – Father cleverly enforces rule of “you can date… when Kat does” as Kat doesn’t date – Smug ‘I’ve had a win’. – “Unwashed miscreants” – Teenage Boys – Someone who looks for trouble. – Shake – Bianca seems to be the favoured daughter of her father and the image of the ideal women. Both family homes are set in an affluent area of town and the control of the family patriarch – 10 – Father is more protective – TS – Father is more about the money and dowry, and status of the area they live in. Sporting Metaphor: Kat and father connect = more freedom no longer in control of their lives, just a spectator – Zoom on face = intimacy – Music – calm and letting go of daughter – Father/daughter relationship – Contrast TS – marriage gave you status – did not marry = spinster – “Bianca still lets me play a few things you’ve had me on the bench for years” – Baptista – Petruchio – may have all these things; wealth and family reputation; but you must have her love. Father is reconnecting with daughter showing his love by letting her go. – TS – He will only let Katherina go, if he only has her love.

He won’t let her go freely. Paintball scene: – Lyrics chorus “I’m surprised that you’ve never been told before.. that you’re lovely and you’re perfect and somebody wants you” Patrick’s feelings – Fascinating new thing – Song Title – “I want you to love me” – Represents Patrick’s feelings – Both wearing white – purity of their relationship and mutual feeling towards each other – No dialogue – Showing their relationship growing. – After they had a good day she questions his motifs “what’s in it for you” contrast against the two moods in that day. Camera Angles – Given a wide shot of many people later that on Kat and Patrick are present. – Paintball hitting Kat – Strong relationship – Hits us in the face. Because it is a romantic comedy, it’s just the two of them. She is squealing like a girl – Out of character. – Angles focusing on them and everyone is gone – Shown the development – Contrast to the mewling rampalian wretch – Shows her transformation Scene where Michael introduces Cameron to the groups of the school: •Each has a specific name They have their own little clique where they feel comfortable •“Basic beautiful people” – Popular •You can’t talk to them unless they talk to you first •Audio and Visual geeks -Even if you are not popular, you still have a clique with, you fit their expectations, you belong somewhere -MBA – Ivy Leagues -Shows the high school hierarchy of Padua High -If you don’t fit those expectations there will always be a group that you fit the expectation off. •There is a group for everyone, except for her = Total isolate •Having all the little groups with their idiosyncrasy creates humour – E. g. he white Rastafarians who are white but speak Jamaican •Joy Donner – they treat woman as their own object – like a possession to gain their status and popularity “money I’ve got this I’ll do for fun” •Compliant – DO whatever he says – Bianca “Because I’m just so fantastic” •Joey – Views Bianca as a trophy a prize – she’ll do anything to be with me •When Cameron sees Bianca “I Burn I pine I Perish” Superficial characteristics of love, based on appearance •See a distinct division in the different groups – clothes they wear depends on their status •Softness innocence and purity in the dress Bianca ways but also gives a different meaning of being provocative and getting attention •Bogey’s House (The Group) -Eating Brea -It’s opulent -Crystal ornaments -Cigars -There were no females in the group -Grown up too fast as older men -Too good for the teenagers -Different Class -Group of all stuffy men doing business deals – Represent Kat’s Speech We see her transforming from a isolated solid non-conformist emotionally restrictive stubborn teenager, to a more feminine side of her – Express more feelings, emotional wise, for the first time we see her reveal her feelings, in the beginning through anger, the speech – she reveals herself through her crying •Her release of emotions – Sign of emotional release •Expressing these true feelings, deep feelings. •A turning point for Kat •Close up shots on her and Patrick – 2 main characters – Identify their emotions. •Dramatic finish by running out of the room •Emphasises her breakthrough of Patrick “taming” her •Transformation •Links with Katherina’s speech in TS •Speaks on how women should follow and obey the ways of men, that it is their expectations. Patrick has “Tamed” or more shown her a different side, be in touch of feelings again. Had an impact on her •Close of up of Patrick – Look on his face; – Taking it in, he looked guilty, regret, taken back, he hadn’t seen that side of her either. It’s his fault. Focused on the two of them. Everyone knows what has happened. •Being true to herself •Patrick’s face = more remorseful Pre party Scene: -Music starts = party begins -Contrast to the room where they are all classical and peaceful -Focused on the legs – stampede – like animals = Crash the party -Music upbeat and very techno – Chaotic – Juxtaposed and contrasted to the lounge room scene – Bogey’s and his friends = Woollen Vests = very civilised Bianca at the party: Red dress and pearls = Bianca wants to be noticed, no longer “pure” showing herself off with the red dress, however with the white pearls – she can still be pure = can’t get any. Giving mixed messages -Doesn’t care for the party – Kat -Her costume is more Rambo and casual -Restricted until she gets drunk -Everyone in the party has a ulterior motive – Joey = To get Bianca -Bianca = To Be with Joey -Cameron – To talk to Bianca -The only two who don’t have a motif at the party are Kat and Patrick -Michael is on the prowl -Animalistic image – They are on the prowl /hunt for something -Chastity – Very superficial – Wants Joey as well ; Two faced opportunist backstabber compliant “I can come” “I don’t have to be home”


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