Tanglewood Case Study

November 24, 2017 General Studies

Tangoed Stores is an institution that focuses on providing core values and employee participation. In order to provide an effective organization at all levels, an institution needs to look at all levels and provide adequate analysis on labor requirements/acquisition, available positions, and be able to project requirements and future position availabilities.

Additionally, what is more important is ensuring hat an employee or future employee is matched to the Job they are qualified for. According to He-man Ill, Judge, Icemaker-Mueller (2012), “Staffing strategy requires making key decisions about the acquisition, deployment, and retention of the organization’s workforce” (up. 25). From that statement alone, we can conclude the significance of ensuring that as we staff our employees, we look at implementing that thought. When looking at the different staffing levels and staffing quality, Tangoed Stores is wanting a specific workforce.

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As the external consultant some of the staff strategies I would start with at the staffing level is to look for External/ Internal Hiring. As an institution that looks to develop its employees, it would be beneficial for Tangoed Stores to hire from within. As stated by He-man Ill et al. (2012), “Will allow employees to use the internal labor marker as a springboard for launching long-tern careers within the organizations” (up. 27). This will promote more employee participation, along with create a positive environment.

Hire or Retain loud be the next strategy I would look to implement. When you seek to promote growth from within the company, you are wanting to obviously retain your quality employees. With the Hire or Retain strategy, you of course want to do the analysis to ensure that the cost/benefit ratio is in favor of the company. Lastly, I would recommend the company look at its Short or Long-Term Focus. When promoting participation and a positive environment, as an organization need to make sure the goals/focus of the company does not impede on the growth and sustainability of your employees.

In looking ahead you are envisioning the entire organization and its needs, additionally mitigating any shortages, decreased skill sets and so forth. After reviewing and recommending the staffing levels, I would turn to staffing quality with a goal of recommending the type of strategy that would be most beneficial to the I would recommend, two types of staffing quality to Tangoed organization. Stores; Specific or General Soaks and Exceptional or Acceptable Work Force. As stated previously, an organization wanting to promote an environment of core values ND a positive environment, you are looking at your employees first and foremost.

Matching a specific person with a specific skill set to a specific Job, ensures that you have a quality employee working in that skill set. It gives them a focus on a skill set they are comfortable with and also allows for quality work. The only thing you would have to look at in this situation is a stagnant employee. Staying in one Job for too long does not give the employee an opportunity to grow and develop, there needs to be a fine median when it comes to specific and general Soaks.

With exceptional or acceptable workforce strategy, you are looking at either a high powered team that will deliver phenomenal performance or a team that will deliver average results. To truly enhance your organization, you of course would want to shoot for the best the only recommendation I would suggest is to have a mixture of both the brightest and acceptable. This allows for your employees to work together and in turn, turning your acceptable employees to better employees. Therefore you increase your organization at half the cost.


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