Tanner chance to do. Gump somehow becomes

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Forest gump
It stars Tom Hanks as intellectually challenged Alabamian man that accomplished more in his life time than most ever get the chance to do. Gump somehow becomes involved in every major event in American history from the 1950’s and the 1980’s. Gump experiences everything from bullying, love, war, making enormous amounts of money. He starts the movie off sitting on a bench at a bus stop telling anyone who would come to wait for their bus, his entire life story and then some. Gump begins his tale with the story of his child hood. He explains everything from wearing brackets on his legs where he mentions the famous quote “Run Forrest run” originated, after meeting Elvis Presley and teaching him how to dance with the hips, then seeing him dancing the same way on tv. As he was chased down by bullies in which Forrest runs through a football practice that just so happened to have the recruiters for the University of Alabama football team watching him interrupt the practice which in return helped Gump get a scholarship to the University.
Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times, feels that the screenplay by Eric Roth had the complexity of modern fiction. He also states that he has never seen a movie like Forrest Gump and that any attempt in describing it would make it seem more conventional than it really is. This statement goes along with what I think in that Forrest Gump is a one of a kind movie that makes anyone want to go out and accomplish something.
Hanks’ portrayal of Gump is one that is award winning. Tom received the best actor award in the 1995 Academy Awards. He was nominated for best actor at the 1995 BAFTAs. Awarded best actor in a motion picture at the 1995 Golden Globe Awards, all in result of Forrest Gump. Roger Ebert thought that Toms may have been the only actor who could have played the role and that his performance is a breathtaking balancing act between sadness and comedy.
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