Tarantino: narrative structure

January 14, 2017 Film Studies

Since the very beginnings of civilization, art has always been an integral part of. It seems as if humankind has a need to create art, and that art provides something we can't live without. Nobody would argue with the fact that you create art to express yourself, and expressing ourselves is exactly what we can't live without. Hence, art is self- expression. That, however, is the easy part of the definition. After all, there are many other ways in which we can go about expressing ourselves, for example, by singing or dancing.

The thing about art that makes it special when compared to other forms of expression is that a piece of art is an image in which everything the artist has expressed is experienced in one moment as your brain reacts with its own emotional response to the work. If art didn't give us an emotional response, we would have no use for it. First of all, it wouldn't even catch our attention. We would walk right by it and not even care to look at it or think about what it was trying to say. Unless the art had a functional use, it wouldn't be around.

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After all, it wouldn't be happy or sad, calming or frightening, or even in any way interesting. If you did happen to notice it on the wall, you certainly would have no reason to look at it any longer than you would a brick wall. This goes to prove that the emotional response we feel when we look at a piece of art defines what art is really all about. The intensity of the emotional response defines how good the piece of art is. For example, something such as wallpaper may not quite be your idea of a genius work of art, but nonetheless, it is still art.

Wallpaper art is used to merely create subtle emotional responses that create a certain atmosphere. A bright and cheery atmosphere could be created with wallpaper consisting of colourful floral designs, or an atmosphere great for studying and concentrating may be achieved by perhaps using darker, less distracting.   How did Quentin Tarantino's fresh approach to narrative structure in the early. '90's bring about a new individuality in Hollywood.

During this project I intend to look at how Quentin Tarantino enlivened the. Hollywood film industry during the early 90's and what gave him his reputation. for individuality in film-making. I will be focusing on Tarantino's three main. films, 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Jackie Brown', and examining how he. portrays separated scenarios before pulling them together to form a solid story. . The information I gathered from the source www.impossiblefunky.com was. pivotal in finding out about the controversy surrounding Tarantino in terms of. plagiarism of the movie 'City on Fire' and thus enabling me to question the term. originality. I was also able to gather information concerning Tarantino's. obsession with originality and individuality.

The web-site contained interviews. both with Tarantino and actors/actresses who have worked with him, but more. importantly it included a section of scenes deleted from both Jackie Brown and. Pulp Fiction and explanations from Tarantino as to why he deleted them. A. source which was important in my understanding of Tarantino as a person was  which included information on his upbringing, films. which he had been influenced by and his background in terms of ethnicity gave me some critical information from Tarantino himself concerning his. background; this provided me with important information that related closely to. the question concerned.

The books 'Film Art' and 'Narration in the Fiction Film', both by David. Bordwell, and 'An Introduction to Film Studies', by Jill Nelme, gave me. important background material on the Hollywood system in terms of narrative. construction and also facts on the norm of funding. Although these were not. directly related to Tarantino or his films, they were significant in helping me to.


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