Target Organizational Functions of Managment

October 16, 2017 Marketing

Organization Functions of Management The Target Corporation Management 330 8 September 2011 Target’s Organizing Function of Management Target’s organization is an essential part of the business structure in the United States. “Target’s mission is to be the preferred shopping destination for customers Online and In-Store by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and an exceptional guest experience by consistently fulfilling their Expect More – Pay Less ® brand promise.

To support their mission, Target is guided by their commitments of great value, the community, diversity and the environment” (Target. com). As a company, Target has several undertakings, which include tasks, responsibilities, marketing and services that they provide to its customer base. In line with these missions, tasks, and responsibilities, Target follows specific business rules and business plans to ensure its’ company’s long range and short range strategies are effective and are on track with the evolving and ever changing sales market.

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These strategies are then used in the execution of new projects; Target’s organizing function of management is established through its internal organizational structure. Target believes that in order to become the number one provider or supplier of manufactured goods it needs to focus on labor divisions, internal coordination, control of tasks and assets, and flow of information within the company. In addition, Target’s strategic plan involves having the necessary resources available in order to carry out its short range business plan.

Company leadership believes that creating structure, setting up and keeping good business practices while supplying the resources needed to accomplish their set goals will guarantee success in today’s competitive business arena. In relation to other super convenience stores, such as Wal-Mart and Kmart, the organizing function of Knowledge is important for it enables each of these super convenience stores to assess their resources within its daily consumer base inventory fluctuation. The company that has the best knowledge of its resources ultimately sets the competitive edge between each super convenience store.

Using effective and efficient organization practices, Target effectively plans and implements their business projects while at the same time managing a continuous commitment to customer service and diversity within their employee’s base structure. With that said, effective, accurate and efficient management techniques and organizational resources must be planned and implemented to ensure company success. There are several resources to evaluate when studying a company’s’ strategic business plan such as human resources, technology, monetary assets, physical assets, and knowledge.

Target’s human resource department can be defined as the brain power of Target that is responsible for recruiting talented team members who strive for excellence; developing tools that help their team members maximize their contributions to the company; obtaining the title holder of a culture where people are valued and rewarded for hard work and sound results; building the company’s brand through their strategies and the way work is done on daily basis whether in the store or in corporate; and drive change and influence results every day (Target. om). These goals and responsibilities are delivered by this department because knowledge, skills, and motivations of the employees are what lead them to succeed. This subdivision within Target’s management is accountable for properly training Target’s employees both in skill and knowledge. Training programs are implemented by the human resource department within each Target store which keeps the employees new and old up to date on what is required to know in order to ensure a quality sense of customer service.

Technology plays a very important and very large role in Target’s organization of management. With the ever fast-changing and constant development of science, technology, and electronics, Target has a main focus on utilizing what is there, implementing what will be, and helping with the development of producing new technology in the future. Target’s immense website, Target. com, offers a wide variety merchandise of which most is available in their stores but is sold on-line so that it is convenient to Target’s respected and sought after customers.

In order to have this website available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Target had to plan and implement an Information Technology department. This subdivision of Target also runs the computer side of the entire company. “These talented individuals, who work in the technology section of Target’s management, take their place on the front lines as Target’s technology problem solvers. They assist Target’s team members with technical issues, driving results and keeping their business running smoothly” (Target. com).

Another important organization resource is the monetary assets which are “any asset such as cash, accounts receivable, or a note receivable where the amount is a fixed, stated amount” (accountingcoach. com). In Target’s case, this is referring to Target’s Brand which is the target symbol. This is what separates target from all the other super stores out there such as Kmart or Wal-Mart. The Target Brand symbol represents Target as a company and customers shop at Target because they know that supplies of any kind with this brand on them represents quality.

Target then reaps the benefit of having quality products available to their customers because it keeps them coming back for more and more products. With the use of monetary assets, customers can be assured of proper, efficient, and effective products to be available in each and every Target store or even on-line. In this way, Target, as an organization, can have a smooth operation, implement new projects of selling and advertizing their brand symbol, facilitate effective communication with employees and customers, and provide excellent customer service to every one of their well respected customers.

The physical assets, “or the items of economic commercial or exchange value that has a tangible or material existence” of Target, is every product it makes available to the public. (Investopedia. com) this also includes the cash, inventory, and properties owned by Target. “Target’s team of product coordinators and sourcing specialists help Target deliver high-quality, trend-right merchandise to their stores at a great value” (Target. com). They work with a wide range of buyers in offices around the world to turn ideas into great merchandise. Target’s knowledge base is by far, the most important factor of its organizing management.

Target, as a company, must stay up with the times of technology and fashion as well as always trying to maintain only happy customers. In order to do this, employees must be trained effectively as well as efficiently so that Target can be represented by these employees in the most positive way. Everyone has to be able to work as a team when working for Target. Their main goal is to make sure their customers have the best shopping experience every time they walk into one of the Target stores. The perception of management encompasses a lot of other concepts and issues.

It is applicable to many aspects of society, such as business and marketing. These functions of management include goal setting, planning, organizing, communicating, and staffing the right people. These functions affect the processes of Target as an organization in many ways too. The way these functions work together is why Target is as large as it is now. It is based upon the foundation of management with a teamwork attitude. Without this Target would now exist. References http://www. accountingcoach. com/terms/M/monetary-asset. html http://www. investopedia. com/terms/p/physicalasset. asp http://www. target. com/


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