Tattoos and Hip-Hop Essay

September 22, 2017 Music

Hip-hop music and tattoos are of import to many adolescents of society today because these are signifiers of self look. Although. these signifiers of look. along with any signifier of look. convey positive and negative message because as people. we have positive and negative emotions. Why are these signifiers of look so popular in teens? And why is it largely teens? We should pay close attending to the negative effects of these cultural tendencies because it shapes the the people of today. the hereafter of our society. Hip-Hop music made its introduction in New York in the 60s and 70s. brought over by Jamaican immigrants.

Subsequently. hip-hop frequently sent the positive messages of working difficult. or “hustling” . for money through difficult times in while life in ghettos. Its most likely safe to presume that the Jamaican immigrants who fathered the music likely went through hard conditions sing the clip period and that they are immigrants. So is it a happenstance that the history of hip-hop is filled with messages that come from hurting and labour that arise from sorrow and agony that life has to offer? I think non. Like all music. hip-hop speaks to people. Music soothes the psyche. it understands you. it encourages you.

However. along with good messages. there could be negative 1s that talk about force. sex. drugs. Its difficult to state that instrumentalists these yearss are merely idolized for their music. They may do good music. which is why they are so popular in the first topographic point. But if they send bad messages and do bad actions. are they adored anyhow merely because they music they make sounds good? Is it okay for famous persons to make drugs. commit offenses? Is it okay that teens want to be like them? Tattoos represent rather a figure of things. can keep the greatest sum significance conceivable and one of the most common signifiers of ego look out at that place.

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Peoples could be acquiring tattoos to stand for loved 1s in their lives. people they that have pasted. their passions. faith. the clip in their life they are traveling through in their lives. or possibly their feeling adventuresome and merely desire to acquire a tattoo of something random they like and it looks cool. Whatever it is. there is likely a tattoo of it. someplace out at that place! It is their organic structure. so they can make whatever they want with it. nevertheless. for the people who get tattoos merely for the merriment of it might greatly repent it subsequently. Tattoos are lasting.

You can still acquire them removed. but that is more painful than acquiring one on. Its of import that a tattoo has a significance to you. Trends come and travel. along with the stages of your life. There is a ground why you must be an grownup to acquire a tattoo. or else we would all have tattoos of unicorns and rainbows from when we were eight. When you are an grownup. you are more capable of doing determinations that suit you and that you’ll be okay with for the remainder of your life. My point being. if your traveling to set something on your organic structure for the remainder of your life. it should be of import.

But teens are known to merely make things to experience rebellious and stop up repenting it subsequently. Hip-hop music and tattoos are signifiers of self look. Self look is important for an single grow. particularly in adolescent old ages. where a individual tends to make the most soul searching and turning. We are all alone and unrecorded different lives. We have the demand to pass on. demo our experiences and understand ourselves and the people around us. To make so. we must hold an mercantile establishment for our feelings through out passions of word. music. art. whatever it is.

Tattoos and hip-hop is non merely of import to adolescents. but worlds as a whole. I believe that the ground why ego look is so concentrated in adolescents is because they are traveling through the most confusing old ages. In adolescent old ages. you must understand yourself ; what are your involvements. who are you. what do you desire to make for the remainder of your life? And as I frequently hear. “teenagers are treated like kids but expected to move like adults” . Tattoos and hip-hop are popular and of import because they allow persons to show themselves.

Like everything else in the universe. tattoos and hip-hop has its pros and cons that we should watch out for. And every bit silly as this sounds. it should ever be remembered that adolescents are people excessively. While looking at assorted articles to see different sentiments on hip-hop and tattoos. writers frequently generalised adolescents. We do non all like hip-hop music and we do non all want to acquire tattoos. There are besides older coevalss who support tattoos and listen to hip-hop. In the terminal. it all comes down to penchant. Some people like this. some people do non. Some adolescents like hip-hop and tattoos. some adolescents do non.


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