Tax Reflection Essay

September 16, 2017 General Studies

Taxs are collected by the authorities from different people. constitutions. organisations. companies and establishments all over the state. Well. some people thought that revenue enhancements are a load to us but revenue enhancements do play an of import function in our economic system. As we all know the authorities is responsible for supplying the people with several services that the people demands. From it. revenue enhancements help in financing the authorities in order to supply good services for the people. The services that the authorities will supply will be for the improvement of our economic system and society.

Teachers normally asked us. “Even though you are still pupils. make you cognize that you’re already paying revenue enhancements? ” Well. yes. even though we’re still pupils. we are already paying revenue enhancements. Just like purchasing something from food market shops or even in a section shop. we are already paying revenue enhancements. Actually. there are 2 types of revenue enhancements – direct revenue enhancement and indirect revenue enhancement. Direct revenue enhancement refers to revenue enhancement that is levied straight on those who finally pay them and can non be passed on to others. And while the Indirect Tax is a revenue enhancement that can be shifted in whole or in portion to person other than the individual straight responsible for payment. So. purchasing something from food market shops or section shops and paying VAT is already considered as an indirect revenue enhancement.

Overall. revenue enhancements are truly of import in our economic system. I realized that each one of us does hold contributed in developing our economic system and that is through our revenue enhancements. But. right now. I feel like the money that we pay ( revenue enhancement ) were non used decently. Purportedly. the authorities should utilize the money for the development and betterment of our really ain society but right now. I can’t experience or feel any betterment at all…

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