Teacher’s Day Essay

By July 25, 2017 General Studies

On the 22nd of October 2012. PSC held its one-year Teacher’s Day. The Supreme Student Council was the ground behind this plan. and in fact. they did a occupation good done. As the MC of the plan. it was a blast to see everyone smiling and it was thankful to cognize that everyone had fun. particularly the instructors. The quadrilateral was literally crowded with pupils who wanted to recognize and pass the twenty-four hours with their darling instructors.

The plan started off with a supplication and a address from the Supreme Student Council’s president. and was topped off with a dance figure from the Grade 6. The instructors were called one by one after. and were given gifts from the SSC and of class. their pupils. They were besides given a opportunity to take exposures with their pupils. Some pupils even presented a vocal figure for the instructors. while the others preferred to give a simple gift.

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First up was the instructors from the pre-school section. we had a difficult clip with the kids since we had to take them up to the phase. but we finally made it through. Next was the instructors from the simple section. the pupils were so sweet. some would merely run up to the phase and embrace their instructors. Last but non the least. the instructors from the high school section. The high school pupils put a batch of attempt into their gifts ; it merely proves how much they love their instructors.

The instructors were besides given a opportunity to showcase their endowments. whether it was at vocalizing or at dancing. It was nice to see. merely for one time. the other side of our instructors. Since it was Teacher’s Day. the instructors were given a interruption from their nerve-racking occupation. and merely enjoyed the show which was prepared by their pupils. The plan ended with a song figure from the Supreme Student Council. Once once more. the plan was a complete success thanks to the cooperation of the pupils. and of class the ground why we made this plan ; the instructors.


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