Teaching Mathematics To Elementary Students Essay Sample

August 14, 2017 Teaching

Mathematicss is possibly the one of the complex topics that requires the pupil concluding to be applied on a big graduated table. As such. the undermentioned conjectural category shows three pupils: pupil A. pupil B and pupil C. Mistakes can be found in the solutions provided by the pupils to the inquiries posed to them. In the worksheet provided for the conjectural category. we would happen mistakes every bit good as accurate replies provided by the pupils. The most common mistakes that we would happen in the conjectural worksheet are the student’s hapless table memorizing. For case. pupil A solves the job ab initio by saying that 9 multiplied by 8 is equal to 71 when 9 multiplied by 8 is 72. We would name this computational mistake made by the pupil. The student’s deficiency of cognition sing the generation tables generates this sort of mistake.

Another mistake that we find in the provided worksheet is the error done by pupil B. While spliting. the pupil has really brought two figures while executing the amount. To clarify on this. it is to state that pupil B has sufficient cognition sing the generation tabular arraies. However. the methodological analysis he or she has used to work out the job is incorrect. 12388 divided by 4 peers 3097 and non 397. This shows that the pupil is still non fluid in work outing the divisional amounts and he or she is confused sing how to work out division jobs based on the five-digit figure. Student B commits the same mistake in the 2nd job that he or she solves which is. 5217 divided by 5. The solution to this divisional amount is 1043. with a balance 2. While the balance stated by the pupil B is right. the quotient. nevertheless. is incorrect.

The 3rd mistake that we can happen in the conjectural worksheet provided to the pupil is what we encounter with pupil C ; an uncomplete solution to the job. While work outing the job. pupil C has seemingly overlooked the last figure presuming 3 as a balance while the solution is non complete in itself. This occurs due to negligence. As per pupil C’s job rating. pupil C returns right way when it comes to work outing the divisional amounts. However. the quotient of the division amount provided is uncomplete and the reply of the balance is non 3. In this instance. both the quotient and the balance are incorrect. 8222 divided by 7 peers 1174 with a balance 4 and non what pupil C has stated ( quotient as 117 with a balance 3 ) .

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In order to verify each mistake made by each pupil. it is indispensable to continue bit-by-bit look intoing the student’s job rating scheme. In order to cognize whether the student’s reply with respects to the job posed for work outing is right or incorrect ( since this is division ) . double-checking is the best method to verify. Another method to look into whether the divisional sum’s quotient and balance are right or incorrect is to multiply the quotient with the dividend and so add the balance to it. This would give the factor. All the mistakes of the pupils can be verified by the methods outlined above.

In order to rectify pupil A’s mistake. pupil A should be fluent in generation tabular arraies and this means thorough memorizing. Student B makes a methodological mistake ; the construct of division should be revised with pupil B so that the error is avoided in the hereafter. Student C should pattern more of divisional amounts as he or she is in the procedure of pretermiting the Numberss. The pupils should be made to verify their replies by the methods outlined above so that they know whether their replies are right or incorrect. Further. by cognizing this. they would be able to revise their replies and see where they have made the mistakes.


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