Technology Something that we use every day

Something that we use every day, we love it and it love us, just in a click you can see world. This thing let the life easier, faster and less time than past, because now you can communicate with anyone who use the internet. So, do you know it, it is the technology, which helps us every second, moment, hour, and day.

Every day I wake up using the mobile alarm. Any things in the world it has negatives and positives. Also for technology. Firstly, I will talk about the pros. Technology made the life easier than the past, now you can contact each other in just a click (send?). Technology has effected the people, because you can learn from the internet. You do not need to ask to get the answer, you can search on the internet and you can find more than a million of results. Search tools I think it is a better thing in an internet.

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However, technology has also cons, as if the people who try to hack something else that they do not like. Alternatively, the people who used the technology to publish the rumors about their country, governments and people. This will reflected to them and to the community. Because they will reflect to their country and their families.

At the end of this article, I would like to say to you “the technology is an extremely good. Because you can reach the world just in a second. The internet is the best way to communicate” Fast, easy, simple and less time.

By the student: Hasan Mohamed
To The Teacher: Ahmed Mohamed Abdullfatah



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