Teen Drinking Speech

November 17, 2017 Law

Too much for Teens? Has it been taken too far? Over the last five years, the number of teens drinking has increased to 37%, mostly teenagers aged from 13 to 17 years. Allison Wonderland from the CRA (Child Rehabilitation agency) claims that “The children who do drink are usually influenced by an older role model, at an early age. ” Underage drinking is dangerous, and has disastrous consequences that have left many families’s suffering the loss of their loved ones.

Jacqueline Whitten is a mother of five living in central Gold Coast. Her oldest son Jonathon was killed by a group of heavily intoxicated binge drinkers, whilst picking up his younger brother from his football training. ”It took me years to get my life back on track, this will be something I will be thinking about every day, and something I will be missing forever. ” Alcohol is just an ordinary drug that is legal in the states of Australia.

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Just like smoking, it is a drug that has been granted legal in most states, though is restricted for persons under 18 years of age. But, teens always have their ways of purchasing these ‘Drugs’. Drinking alcohol underage has a major effect on the brains development, as teenagers brains are still maturing. This causing many chemical that can lead to serious symptoms if mixed with alcohol. It can cause suicide, murder and other horrific acts, if taken under mixed emotions’. Channel Ten has surveyed the two hardest and appalling schools in Australia.

They found out that 2/3 of teens aged 13 to 17 year drink alcohol, and 1 out of 5 of these ‘kids’ drink weekly. Upper Coomera State College and Helensvale High students claim that they aren’t the worst underage drinkers. Kayla Jenkinson from UCSC states that “This is only the beginning” This is obviously going to become a much bigger problem. As you can see, it is extremely important that underage drinking is stopped. Lance Garamond, the head of the SCD (Stop Children drinking) has come up with a solution to stop teen drinking.

He states “If your child is caught or seen drinking, you should get the police involved straight away” (To scare them) “and be under constant supervision by parents, family members, friends, and definitely the police. ” He says that “If they continue and are caught consecutive times for this offence That the police will get deeply involved. ” A message from constable bower states that “Just reminding teenagers that underage drinking is against the law and if you are caught you will suffer serious consequences.


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