Teen marriage

December 19, 2017 Religion

There are many reasons for that. Teens’ think getting married at an early age would be the right thing to do. It runs through teens’ minds that by getting pregnant as a teen, they are going to spend the rest of their life with that person. Teens’ are so young and not grown up enough to realize bringing a child in the world is going to make everything worse. Today, married couples with children make up Just 24% of households. (Linda Lyons, Education and Youth Editor) There are many reasons why getting married at an early age is wrong. Teen pregnancy is one of them.

There are many consequences for getting married at an early age due to teen pregnancy. Some consequences teens’ face is financial needs, living arrangements, and Job issues. Teens’ getting pregnant at a very young age is making their marriage even more complicated. The percentage of teens’ who get married because of pregnancy is very low. Most teens’ get divorces within fifteen years of their marriage. (Ashley Booty, 2010) The consequences to this would be reason enough to not get married because of teen pregnancy. In many countries, it is based on your religion to get married at an early age.

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In some cases, your parents’ pick your husband or wife. Almost every country has a legal minimum age for marriage. (en. Wisped. Org/wick/Teen-Marriage, 2010) Some religions they have to have a child by a certain age. Many religions do not believe in divorces. There fore, you have to stay with that person until one or the other dies. Religion is one of the many reasons for getting married at an early age. There are many consequences for getting married due to religions. One of the reasons is that one or the other person doesn’t want to be together but have to because of religion.

Marriage is sacred and you should get married because you love each other, not forced to be together. If you don’t love that person and you’re forced to be with that person, you’re going to be unhappy for the rest of your life. Marriage has often been used as a tool to create allegiances or agreements, rather than a link between two people in love. (en. Wisped. Org/wick/Teen-Marriage, 2010) Getting married because of religion is a reason why people get married at such an early age. Peer pressure is another reason why people get married at an early age.

Peer pressure is when others talk you into doing something, even when you don’t want to. At the age of a teenager, they think they know it all and know what’s best. Peer pressure mainly happens to teens’ because they don’t stand up for themselves and they are easily persuaded into doing things. As peer pressure is on the rise among teenagers it is often a reason for teen marriage. Peer pressure has many consequences when it comes to teen marriage. Peer pressure can lead to many different things, such as, hatred, unhappiness, and suicide.

Teen couples usually have unhappy marriages, which might lead to a divorce. One in three teen marriages ends in divorce by the age of twenty five. (Maries, 2011) Peer pressure makes teens’ think they have no power over their own lives. They also feel shut out by their family and friends. Peer pressure makes people make choices they don’t want to make, so they are going to be unhappy when it comes to marriage. Peer pressure is wrong in so many ways. It’s not a reason why you should get married at a very young age. In conclusion, teens’ get married because of many different reasons.


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