Teenagers Nowadays Do Not Like to Read Books. Do You Agree?

December 23, 2017 General Studies

Reading is a great educational review for all walks of life. Reading expands the mind’s vocabulary and gives a more positive impact on a person’s life. This of course is a good thing because as a teenager who is growing, it is important for the mind to develop in the best way it could. There is a quote saying that people who read, succeed. In my opinion, teenagers nowadays do not like to read books. There are many factors contributing to this fact. However there is still a small percentage of them who are still the bookworms. But still the majority of them do not like to read books.

Among the factors that cause teenagers to not read books is that they are too tied to school related activities. School activities which are usually mandatory are attended by these students who are teenagers. From school activities like homeworks to extra co-curricular activities, they are held on to it. The ever-piling homeworks is already good enough to cause a student to not to study what more of reading. The co-curricular activities on the other hand are where the student in this case a teenager would like to be away from academics for a while.

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Another playing factor in which I think that teenager do not like to read is because they do not have the exposure from a young age. From a kid being at a young age itself, parents should play their role by picking up a book and reading it. Kids at that age are in a learning process where they learn by copying. So by the parents showing their kids good example, the kid is surely able to build the reading habit from that small age itself. And once the habit is there, it will not die off as the kids grow. Therefore, if the teenagers had a strong foundation in their young age, now they will be reading progressively.

Teenagers also do not like to read because of their own attitude themselves. They think that reading is just a waste of time and it is boring. This is where they go wrong and get themselves involve in more ‘fun’ activities like smoking. They think that at this age they should go out to have fun and enjoy their lives with their friends. This is usually the teens that grow up to be useless people in their lives. Here the community should try to change the perspective of these teenagers. Then only the teenagers would return to the right path.

The advantages of reading should be made clear to them. In a nutshell, reading is a very beneficial program that everyone especially teenagers should dwell in. Reading is able to enhance someone from every aspect in their lives. So teenagers who display healthy reading habits are surely to succeed in their life. All in all, teenagers are not the sole blame for them not reading books. It is never too late to start reading therefore teenagers should begin it as soon as possible. Today they are readers, tomorrow they are leaders.


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