Telemedicine For Health Organizations Health And Social Care Essay

Harmonizing to the American Telemedicine Association “ telemedicine is the usage of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to better patients ‘ wellness position. Electronic mails, videoconferencing, transmittal of still images, e-health including patient portals, remote monitoring of critical marks, go oning medical instruction and nursing call centres are all considered portion of telemedicine ” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) This synergistic signifier of medical services has provided health care to persons many stat mis off or proceedingss off in the comfort of their places, physician offices and infirmaries.

Wayss to pass on services

Store-and -forward is a agency of transmittal of medical information to other medical professionals and installations that will supply the receiver pertinent medical history, critical marks, medical records, lab consequences and images. “ Store-and-forward telemedicine systems have the ability to gaining control and shop digital still or traveling images of patients, every bit good as sound and text informations. A store-and-forward system eliminates the demand for the patient and the clinician to be available at the same clip and topographic point. Store-and-forward is hence an asynchronous, no synergistic signifier of telemedicine. It is normally employed as a clinical audience ( as opposed to an office or hospital visit ) ” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) One of the major concerns with shop and forward is whether it is every bit effectual as face to confront medical visits, does it hold comparable results, is it appropriate for appropriate medical direction, is the patient genuinely satisfied with the result and degree of services and is it cost effectual? There are several benefits of store-and-forward engineering. Patients in rural countries are able to be seen by forte doctor stat mis off when there is limited entree to the services in the country. The store-and-forward of medical information is besides being used with exigency response squads to pass on the information to the exigency room staff for an efficient transportation of vital organs and medical position. The shop and forward engineering is said to be the least expensive manner to pass on and the most accurate in existent clip for patients at a distance necessitating medical audience. Another type of shop and forward engineering is videoconferencing engineering. The two manner telecasting allows two physicians in two different countries to pass on to supply intervention, a diagnosing, or telesurgery. There are several healthcare countries that benefit from telemedicine

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Some of the common teleservices

Telemedicine includes several medical subjects that benefit from the services. Servicess like radiology, dermatology, nursing, pharmaceutics, pathology, neurology and psychopathology. The demand for a 2nd sentiment in health care has seen a demand, and the deficit of forte physicians in rural countries increased. The development of telemedicine has benefited the patient in many ways because of engineering.

Teleradiology- is the transmittal of x-ray, CT, MRI, PET, and SPEC images that can be read by radiotherapist in another installation or state. The information is sent via the shop and forward procedure of telemedicine. Large and little infirmaries have began to utilize teleradiolgist to cut down on disbursal and holding entree to immediate diagnosing.

Teledermatology- is the usage of picture conferencing and shop and forward images to supply a audience for an person that requires a skin doctor. There have been concerns with the consistence of this tyoe of visit for patients due to ill-defined images of the tegument and the possibility of non holding that face to confront ocular from the skin doctor to do an equal diagnosing.

Telenurse- the usage of phone, electronic electronic mail, videoconferencing, and computing machines to supply health care services or audience to a patient. Telenusring has continued to turn in the countries of telephone triage for wellness insurance bearers. Telenursing has grown with synergistic patient preparation related to altering wound dressings, insulin administering, self direction of a patient ‘s wellness.


Many of the health care suppliers must follow certain guidelines to have payment for telemedicine. Harmonizing to Medicare “ it ‘s status for payment must include an synergistic sound and picture telecommunications system that is used and must allow real-time communicating between the doctor or practician at the distant site and the donee at the arising site. The medical suppliers that are covered under this fee for payment are services rendered by a doctor, nurse, physician helper, accoucheuse, clinical nurse specializer, or clinical psychologist.

The current list of Medicare telehealth services includes:


Office or other outpatient visits

Individual psychotherapeutics

Pharmacologic direction

Psychiatric diagnostic interview scrutiny

End-Stage Renal Disease ( ESRD ) -related services

Neurobehavioral position scrutiny

For ESRD-related services, at least one face-to-face, “ custodies on ” visit ( non telehealth ) must be furnished each month to analyze the vascular entree site by a doctor, NP, PA, or CNS. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

New Trends in telemedicine

Tendencies observed nationally include:

utilizing telemedicine in correctional installations and place wellness attention scenes, can significantly cut down the clip and costs of patient transit ;

supplying extra services to rural country

associating doctors together more expeditiously

associating infirmaries and schools together to better attention and widespread

The benefits

With a turning population and health care on the rise many public and private medical suppliers have seen a cost decrease with the usage of telemedicine and patients have benefited from the engineering in telemedicine. Insurance suppliers are paying for less infirmary in patient yearss because the patient can be monitored from a distance. The patients are able to pass on with a nurse or doctor at place through phone, picture, or Bluetooth monitoring. Telemedicine allows more freedom to the patient to experience less restricted to place visits, they have entree to some suppliers 24 hours a twenty-four hours and it cuts down on their travel clip to medical visits. The patient ‘s household has besides displayed satisfaction from the usage of telemedicine because it ‘s less strenuous on their travel clip and loss of work yearss. Another benefit of telemedicine provides an outreach to rural countries to be included in clinical test surveies and processs. The suppliers have besides benefited because they are able to have existent clip feedback from other professionals that are able to convey medical information rapidly, decreased travel clip, and continued patient instruction and communicating.

Issues that need to be addressed

Education sing telemedicine and it ‘s usage. There are concerns that many do non cognize that he services exist.

Cost and rating of the services. Will the cost for reimbursement be lower because there is no face to confront contact? How will the affects of engineering addition cost?

Liability and malpractice issues.

Out of province patterns of medical professionals traversing their accredited boundaries. How will they be regulated and which province Torahs and regulations will they be governed under?

Security is ever a concern sing information sent via phone and cyberspace lines. Can medical information be protected decently and the physicians will be held apt for the embezzlement of a patient ‘s medical information. Although there are HIPPA Torahs sing patients privateness harmonizing to ORTCC “ it ‘s much more hard to vouch confidentiality because several persons outside the traditional medical squad. The transmittal process requires proficient staff at both terminals. In little communities, it is possible that the patient knows the nonmedical forces socially, intensifying the sense of loss of privateness. Therefore, the nature of the physician patient relationship alterations dramatically with telemedicine, disputing traditional constructs of privateness and confidentiality ” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )


With engineering doing moving ridges telemedicine has been able to turn through springs and bounds leting those that are limited and restricted to have the medical attending of medical professionals. Doctor has gain quicker entree to other professionals without sitting face to face, digital images, and audio files of pulses and foetal motions. The privateness, protection, reimbursement, malpractice, and regulating Torahs are still a concern but the efficiency of communicating to supply medical attention is needed.



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