Attack on Las Vegas Arashdeep Bawa Communication Essentials

February 3, 2019 Communication

Term for Attack on Las Vegas
Arashdeep Bawa
Communication Essentials – COMM1006
Professor Donna Mae Matheson
Sunday, October 8 2017.

There has been lot of complications and conflicts in many aspects after the Las Vegas mass shooting during Ariana Grande music concert. As president of United States trump stated this shooting as terrorism there have been oppositions against his usage of term as terrorism and using terrorism or terrorist attack as term for this horrific event. This speech by Trump reflects his lack of feelings and perspective.

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Las Vegas shooting isn’t terrorism; it doesn’t even stand with definition of terrorism by Oxfords chancellor and Irish political scientist. Even FBI recognizes terrorism differently than this. There is no proof of Las Vegas shooting being political, it was a direct mass killing with victim and suspect being in same category. America have developed a mindset to just see everything bad as terrorism without looking into what it actually is.

Just because people are terrorized doesn’t mean it is terrorism. It is a pure genocide. And calling it with wrong term is going to connect it in a very wrong way and also we won’t be able to realize the actual issue that took place. Its about facing the reality instead of just calling it terrorism.

According to my understanding of this article, author is right to oppose president and other following usage of the word “terrorism” for this attack in Las Vegas. Neither the definition of terrorism matches with the event as it wasn’t political conflict, nor was the killer any different from victims. It was simply a mass shooting or maybe a genocide led by a state of mind of a murderer without any motive related to any creed. It’s very important to not mislead the public and present the reality of the situation and event as it is in the eyes of the world. Thus, I support the author and the article.

Gessen, M. (October 3, 2017). Why We Should Resist Calling the Las Vegas Shooting “Terrorism”. The New Yorker. Retrieved from


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