Terry’s Dilemma

September 26, 2017 Marketing

QUESTION 1. [pic] ANSWER 1. French and Raven were the noted Social Psychologists who introduced their own bases of leadership and power. The main objective of French and Raven to create their own base to determine the communication takes place between the organization and work force. French & Raven introduce five bases of power Coercive, Reward, Legitimate, Referent, and Expert.

While considering the case of Jake and Terry except the power of coercion all the other powers were flowing. Considering the case of Jake he was using the power of legitimate and expert although being not employed with Dutchman he still in contact with people work over there and also guide them with his expertise and experience. He also used his referent power as he referred Terry in his company to work along with him and also mentored and guided Terry professionally.

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While the case of Terry it has been almost 7 years he is working with Dutchman and being worked for so long he has managed to gain the power of an expert which can handle, supervise, guides several tasks of a Dutchman organization and has created its own niche so that people count and consult him for various office responsibilities. QUESTION 2. [pic] ANSWER 2. Yes, if the Terry takes the job of supervisor, his bases of power will shift from Expert powers to coercive and reward powers.

Coercive would be in sense like it would be relatively a new field for him and he has to oblige with the orders of his seniors as he would also not posses experts view and can’t be able to judge any discrepancies in policies and strategies to be mend. From past many years Terry enjoyed attention of people of its staff but if he would shift in marketing it would be a different realm for him so he would be forced at times what he doesn’t want to do. Coercive power is directly related to rewards coercive power would be unhealthy it would create dissatisfaction in Terry and which would affect its reward and incentives.

QUESTION 3. [pic] ANSWER 3. David McClelland very famous theorist of motivation has derived three main theories like firstly, N-ACH, means need for achievement, secondly, N-POW, means need for power and lastly, N-AFFIL, and means need for affiliation. In context to the case of Jake and Terry the theory which need to be conceptualize is N-POW means need of power which says there is always a need for the authority to delegate its subordinates appropriately and the subordinates should initiate and to work on to make their mark.

Same it happened in the case of Jake and Terry, Jake delegated, mentored and guided Terry but it was Terry’s capability which made him to grow and make up his mark within an organization. Though both Jake and Terry posses the power of people upon them because people look upon them with high regards and respect their expertise so it’s like both Jake and Terry posses Instructional Power as it also help them in building the reputation of organization they are involved. QUESTION 4. [pic] ANSWER 4. Terry is being designated into a new field of which he knew very little or none.

But, this position would be beneficial for him the future so to have a hold of a position he would going to hold there are certain workplace or political tactics he should follow to be the good player in his new role. Tactics are-: 1. He should always follow the orders of his seniors and try to understand the reason behind it. 2. Always be in consensus with the team. 3. Expand its network base and try to coalition between team members. 4. Be always the initiator will bring him in good books of his seniors.


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