Tesco And The Uk Oligopolistic Market Economics Essay

July 8, 2017 July 11th, 2017 Economics

In the UK, supermarkets are the chief topographic points for clients to purchase nutrient and day-to-day articles for usage. The graduated tables of these supermarkets are really large and they besides provide clients with diverse and broad choice goods such as veggies, fruit, meat, letter paper, telecastings and computing machines ( Somucheasier, 2010 ) . Chain supermarkets can be easy found all over the state and large graduated tables of supermarkets besides spread in every metropolis ( Baidu, 2010 ) . Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda are three chief companies in the UK supermarket industry ( Somucheasier, 2010 ) . For illustration, Tesco is the largest retail merchant in UK by both planetary gross revenues and domestic market portion ( Baidu, 2010 ) . At the terminal of 2006, the turnover of Tesco had reached to i??3.83 billion ( Baidu, 2010 ) . Tesco is the 3rd largest planetary retail merchant in the universe which merely behind Wal-Mart and Carrefour ( Baidu, 2010 ) . Oligopoly is one sort of market construction ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:298 ) . There may be a big figure of houses, but most are little and comparatively unimportant, while a little figure of big houses produce most of the end products of the industry ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:298 ) . The supermarket industry in the UK could be described as an oligopoly market because it accords with three cardinal features of an oligopolistic market. First, in an oligopolistic market, there are merely a few major rivals in the market, so they control the supply in the industry ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:322 ) . Second, houses should be mutualist, because houses collaborate to bear down the same monetary value as each other ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:322 ) . Third, there are barriers to entry to the industry, so they can forestall other houses from taking advantage of the unnatural net incomes feature of oligopolies ( Anderton. etal, 2008:322 ) .

Customers can profit from this sort of market construction because of the advantages of oligopolistic market ; nevertheless, they may besides lose their benefits because of the disadvantages of oligopolistic market. This essay will explicate the advantages and disadvantages of an oligopoly construction and the rightness of that construction to the British supermarket industry.


It is widely believed that there are many advantages of oligopolistic market, therefore clients can profit from this sort of market construction, for the undermentioned grounds.

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First, in an oligopolistic market, monetary value is frequently non the most indispensable factor in the competition, which means non-price competition ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:322 ) . For marketing their merchandises efficaciously, houses should believe of their market mix which is known as 4ps ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:323 ) . First, houses should pay close attending to the characteristics of merchandises to do certain their merchandises are run intoing the demands of their clients. Second, the monetary value of merchandises must non merely suit in with the nature of merchandises themselves, but besides fit the manner in which they are being promoted and distributed to clients. Third, publicity should take history of merchandises and aid houses gain new clients or retain existing 1s. Fourth, merchandises need to be available to clients in the right topographic point ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:323 ) .

Second, harmonizing to Anderton et Al ( 2008 ) , many markets are dominated by trade names. A branded good which has a alone preparation and alone design can look 1000s of clients, because a successful branded good can give purchasers the imagined features of the merchandise in their heads ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:323 ) . For

illustration, the Tesco originally specialising in nutrient and drink, but now, it has diversified into countries such as vesture, fiscal services, telecoms, auto insurance and so on, because it can follow consumers ‘ different demands to enlarge its graduated table ( Tescoplc, 2010 ) .

Third, in the oligopoly market, monetary value seems to be stiff. As Anderton et Al ( 2008 ) points out, in the kinked demand curve ( Figure 1 ) , there will be an asymmetrical reaction to a alteration in monetary value by one house. For case, if one house increase its monetary value in order to do much more net income, nevertheless, other houses disregard it, therefore, the house which has addition its monetary value will lose its market portion. On the contrary, if one house decreases its monetary value, other houses will besides cut down its monetary value in order to forestall the eroding of market portion ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:328 ) . Because of the monetary value rigidness, houses would wish to better their net income ; therefore they need to do a development and invention in their services. The key to this procedure is deriving information about their clients and invariably pass oning new merchandises to them.

Figure 1

Therefore, based on these three grounds, clients can profit from oligopolistic market.

However, non all the things come good ; there are besides some disadvantages of oligopoly. First, Anderton et Al ( 2008 ) argues that collusion is really common in oligopoly market. There is a really strong inducement for collusion firms-restrict competition and maximise their ain benefit ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:323 ) .The monetary values charge by oligopolistic houses is ever higher.There will be possible purchasers who would wish to utilize the oligopolistic houses ‘ merchandises but can non afford the net income maximizing monetary value set by oligopolistic houses. Second, there are merely a few rivals in the market ( Anderton. et Al, 2008:322 ) . Therefore, the grades of competition ability are n’t large, which

agencies oligopolistic houses can barely aim diverse clients and supply them with differentiated merchandises. Therefore, clients may lose their benefits from this sort of market construction.


In drumhead, oligopolistic market has both advantages and disadvantages, hence houses should do good usage of the advantages of oligopolistic market to vouch consumers ‘ involvement and avoid its disadvantages. Despite the disadvantages of oligopolistic market, houses can utilize the market mix to merchandise goods efficaciously and take advantage of their trade names to pull 1000s of devoted clients ; furthermore, they can besides do a development and invention in service. However, if the houses in oligopolistic market can avoid their disadvantages, they can make better. They should non ever bear down higher monetary value for clients and mark diverse clients to supply them with differentiated goods. By making these, consumers can profit from this sort of market construction.


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