Tess of the Duber’villes Essay

August 30, 2017 History

Tellurium of the Duber’villes is a fresh written by Thomas Hardy. The chief contrast between the character of Angel and Alec is that in the novel the character of Angel is presented as a supporter while the character of Alec is shown as an adversary. Both the characters have many contrasting characteristics and different personalities. The difference of the personalities is seeable from the visual aspect every bit good. hen Thomas stalwart gives an history of physical visual aspect of Alec he is shown as a adult male with dark-skinned skin color. full lips. curled mustaches and a expression of brutality in his contours while Angel is shown as a adult male who seems like a gentleman. handsome and soft spoken. fixed absent eyes. from his visual aspect he is shown as a adult male who has no attention for stuff wealth.

Besides the visual aspect Alec is a adult male with no ethical motives or values which is evident from the fact that he was portraying. he wasn’t a d’Urbervilles by blood he had taken up Tess’s household name for the ground of aristocracy. In contrast to this Angel was a true gentleman he belonged to spiritual household his male parent was a curate at a church and they were respectable people. The compulsions of both the work forces for Tess was besides really contrasting the emotions of Alec were based on lecherousness while Angel genuinely loved Tess.

Alec was the ground of Tess’s wretchedness and desperation he was the responsible for all her jobs and sorrows while Angel was the exclusive ground of joy and felicity in her life. his mere presence was plenty to soothe her and supply her a sense of security. Another star contrast between the two characters is Alec was the ground of Tess’s development and striping her off societal position and regard while Angel married her and gave her regard and societal position.

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Angel was a adult male of rules and kept his words while Alec was a adult male who like a turn overing rock kept altering his place and his positions which was apparent in the novel when we see him as a convert sermon people and shortly after happening Tess he gets off path and leaves all the sermon and all his spiritual claims. The behaviour and intervention of both the work forces with Tess is besides really contrasting Angel dainties and negotiations to Tess with an component of love by naming her Tessy and dearest and shows concern. while Alec is frequently found teasing her and disturbing her by flirtation.


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