Tet holiday

May 17, 2018 Health

The more developing our society is, the quicker that people forget the traditional qualities. By the way, there’s still a lot of people who want to remain these traditions. My family is a great example for this. One of my family’s important traditions is that everyone have to reunite annually on Tet holiday. It is also calles Lunar New Year but I prefer call it Tet holiday. This is the most important celebration for every Vietnamese people. Tet holiday often lasts two weeks, from late January to early February.

That’s a wonderful opportunity for family members who live far apart to come back to their home. My family is either. When Tet comes, my happy small family pack clothes and ready for a trip to come back to my countryside to join in a cozy large family. As usual, everyone have their responsibility to join a hand in doing things. Adults cook sticky rice cakes, clean and repaint home, … otherwise kids do easier thing such as cleaning windows and doors, sweeping the floor and decorating home by putting on banners : “Happy new year” and parallel sentences which is written by my grandfather. It is a common belief that cleaning home will get rid of bad fortunes associated with the old year.

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Besides doing each one’s job, we usually tell funny stories and joke each other. I really enjoy these happy moments. This holiday is most expected by children. Parents usually purchase new clothes as well as shoes for their children. However, the kids cannot wear their new clothes until the New Year’Eve comes. The best outfit is always worn on the first day of the year. On that day, adults usually give kids ‘hong pao’ (means red envelopes) which is filled with a little money inside to wish the kids luckiness.

And also, the kids give adults the most sincere and best greeting to welcome a gorgeous new year. On these days, people should be careful before saying anything because bad or unlucky things should be avoided. It is very common to wish to be successful, wealthy, have a good health, long-lived .One more important thing that family members go to the pagoda together. That’s the solemn place that people think what they pray will come true in the New Year.


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