Textile And Clothing Industry

Over the decennaries, fabric and vesture industry has been the beginning of economic growing and created many employments in Mauritius. The fabric industry, one of the chief pillars of the Mauritanian economic system, has been confronting many challenges since the recession. It is critical for the companies in this field to reexamine their schemes so as to keep themselves in the industry

Quality direction can be an utile tool for augmenting organisational efficiency and fight. Numerous surveies have ascertained that houses attain higher degrees of profitableness and organisational public presentation via the successful execution of quality direction.

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Pull offing quality in a proper manner will assist to develop schemes like low cost. Quality can be viewed from different position. Higher quality can be interpreted as betterment in public presentation and characteristics for marketing people. In the production field, quality is fabricating based, that is, quality agencies in conformity to the criterions.

Palmar Limitee, a fabric house needs a competitory border in order to last in this turbulent concern environment. This survey will besides assist to measure what are the strengths and failings of the bing quality direction patterns of the house and what are the remedial actions that can be taken to work out extinguish these failings. A proper application of quality direction rules can guarantee competitory advantages and therefore assist this company to last.

1.2 Company Background

Palmar Limitee ( Knits Division ) is a vertically incorporate knitwork, dyeing and publishing company. It has more than 20 old ages of experience in exporting garments and cloths to Europe. Before being called as Palmar Limitee, it was made up of 3 garments fabricating companies. These 3 companies are as follows: – Tee Sun Ltd, Sweat Sun Ltd and Phoenix Knitting Ltd.

The caput office is situated at Mon- Loisir Industrial Zone and the other two fabrication sites are found at Virginie Central Flacq and Media Building Flacq severally. It has a work force of around 1100 employees dwelling both of local occupants and exiles ( largely from Madagascar and Bangladesh. The company has got the undermentioned accreditation:

WRAP- World Responsible Apparel Production

Since 2006, Palmar Limitee is acknowledged as being a company which is committed to societal conformity within the workplace.

Fair trade

Since 2005, Palmar Limitee is known to be the prime maker in the African Sub Saharan Region of just trade garments holding achieved the acknowledgment in UK as the largest provider of just trade garments in the universe during 2006.

Palmar Limitee strives towards quality and client satisfaction. Emphasis are laid on design and manner, high quality, high value added activity, flexibleness and invention.

The different sections that can be found at Palmar Limitee are marketing, buying, Fabric factory ( knitting, dyeing and fabric coating ) , embroidery and wash. Some of other sections that add value to services are: HR section, IT section, conveyance section, usage section, histories section and care section.

1.3 Background of job

Quality is among the critical success factor for many houses. Improvement in quality or desert free merchandises helps to increase gross revenues and cut down costs. Hence this leads to an addition in efficiency and productiveness besides. The autumn in cost can ensue in economic systems of graduated table.

As a fabrication company, quality is one of the most important elements for Palmar Limitee. This will assist the company to accomplish competitory border. Some of the ground why quality is critical is as follows:

Company Repute

As we have noticed, nowadays the fabric industry does non hold the same importance as it had few decennaries ago. Thus, survival becomes among the purpose of the companies. Quality is one manner to guarantee endurance. By supplying good quality merchandises, the organisation will hold a good image and hence aids in acquiring orders from clients.

Global Deduction

The universe has become a planetary small town. Globalization is impacting about every concern. Quality has become an international issue. It is of import for a company to run into the planetary quality standard so as to be able to vie on the international market. Bad quality will hold a negative consequence on the company ‘s image and will besides impact the state ‘s balance of payments.

Presents, every concern is fighting to last in this environment where there are high competitions. It is really of import to retain bing clients and to pull new 1s. By supplying high quality merchandises, Palmar Limitee can retain the bing clients.

1.4 Problem Statement

The fabric industry, one of the chief pillars in the Mauritanian economic system, has been confronting lag since few old ages. With recession and other crisis, the industry is coming across many jobs. Hence it is a must to be more competitory in order to last despite the economic jobs.

One manner to accomplish the competitory border is to supply the best quality merchandises. This will assist to make good image of the company and will besides assist to increase the profitableness of the company as clients look for quality merchandises. The purpose of this survey is to look into the quality position at Palmar Limitee.

Lack of quality will decidedly hold an consequence on the whole company. This will impact both the clients and the employees besides. It will besides hold an deduction on the cost of the organisation. This might ensue to an addition in the long term costs of the house.

Palmar Limitee does hold some jobs refering quality for illustration the cloth have non been decently dyed as per the demand of the clients. This might be due to machinery jobs or workers ‘ sloppiness. Hence this becomes a cost for the company.

1.5 The Research objectives for this survey are as follows:

To measure the consciousness on quality direction.

To measure the eight quality direction rules.

To measure the extent to which entire quality direction ( TQM ) principles is being applied.

To find the factors impeding quality.

1.6 Research inquiries:

Are the employees aware of quality direction?

To which extent are the eight quality direction rules being applied?

To which extent are TQM rules being applied?

Is there any factor ( s ) impacting quality in the administration?

1.7 Aim of survey:

The intent of this survey is to look into about the quality patterns that are being used at Palmar Limitee ( Mon-Loisir Unit ) . This probe will besides assist to measure the awareness degree of choice direction among the employees.

1.8 Significance of survey:

An appropriate application of quality direction patterns is good to a concern. This can ensue in addition in gross revenues growing, rise in gross revenues border, competitory advantages and so on. Those who will be concerned by this survey are:

The organization-This survey will be utile for Palmar Limitee in the sense that it will make a existent competent operation procedure hence cut downing waste and hence taking to an addition in productiveness. There will be remotion of waste costs and rejection of productiveness to a great extent, hence benefitting in footings of costs.

Employees – It is a known fact that nowadays employees have become the most of import plus of an organisation. They are the cause of a concern ‘ success. By take parting in this survey and hence they will experience that their engagement in the organisation means a batch. This will make a feeling of belonging to the house hence taking to an increased in their committedness towards the company. This will actuate them to work expeditiously.

Customers – The better the quality, the higher the client ‘s satisfaction. The benefits of this survey to clients can be that the betterment in quality might ensue in client trueness. Besides if there are less wastes and insistent plants, the merchandises might be delivered to clients in a lesser clip spread. There will be client trueness and Palmar Limitee will be able to retain its bing clients.

1.9: Phases of the thesis:

Chapter 1: Introduction:

The debut portion will dwell of an overview and the importance of good quality. It will besides incorporate information about the company on which the survey is being carried out. The jobs of the company and the intent of the survey will be discussed briefly. The aims alongside the research inquiries of the survey are given. Furthermore, the benefits of this survey to different stakeholders are besides present in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Literature Reappraisal:

In this chapter, a profound reappraisal will be done refering the topic on which the survey is being carried out, that is on quality direction. The different theory, that is the positions of different writers, will be discussed.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology:

This portion will depict the methods that will be used to roll up data- whether primary beginnings or secondary, qualitative or quantitative methods will be used. Questionnaire will be used as a agency of informations aggregation. The intent of this subdivision is to make up one’s mind the research design that will be used and the stairss that need to be followed in order guarantee a good survey on the capable affair.

Chapter 4: Findingss & A ; Analysis:

The analysis of the information collected will be done in this chapter. The informations obtained from the study will be summarized. They will so be analyzed through the statistical package known as SPSS. The consequences obtained will be interpreted.

Chapter 5: Recommendation

Recommendation will be done whether there are Scopess for betterment or alteration.

Chapter 6: Decision

This will be the last subdivision of the thesis where the research will be concluded. An overview of the research will be provided.

1.10: Decision:

To reason, this first subdivision of my thesis has attempted to give a short narration of the construction of the thesis. A short description of the company, the background of the job, the job statement, the research objectives, the research inquiries, the purpose of the survey and the different stages of the thesis are given. In short, it provides a general thought of what are traveling to be discussed in the undermentioned chapters.



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