The Aca Codes of Ethics Essay

July 24, 2017 Cultural

The codification of moralss which reverberated within my head was the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics. ACA goes into more depth about rules that new up and coming counsellors and professional should concentrate on. ACA emphasizes on the cultural context of doing ethical determinations. It is of import that counsellors increase witting ways to use ethical criterions from a position that recognizes and respects diverseness. because we work in a pluralistic universe ( ACA. 2006 ) . Code Similarities

The comparing among the ACA and the AMHCA codification of moralss each provide instruction. supervising. and disposal when making ethical judgements for its components ( ACA. 2005 ; AMHCA. 2010 ) . The codification of moralss for ACA and AMHCA covers a huge array of moral and specialised issues that are customary for the new practicing bookman and practician professionals. For case. Allison did non holding the proper cognition. accomplishments. and abilities ( KSAs ) in cross-cultural guidance. associating to instance analyze 19: “The Case of the Well-meaning Feminist” . The 28 twelvemonth old pupil. Allison. who was reding a 19-year old Latina. named Carmen ; it is evident that she was non knowing about the Latina civilization. Had Allison been decently trained in the Latina civilization. she would hold been cognizant of the of import function played by Carmen’s male parent and the household ( Herlihy & A ; Corey. 2006 ) . Another similarity is the duties of the pupil. its employees. and the relationship of the supervisor ; which are comparable in each codification of moralss and high spots that it is unethical to use any relationships with colleagues ( ACA. 2005 ; AMHCA. 2010 ) . In many installations I have worked in ; it is unethical to prosecute in relationships at work. Relationships in the work topographic point could perchance do strife and struggle among employers and employees. Code Differences

While there is likeness in ACA and AMHCA codifications of moralss there is difference every bit good. The most noticeable difference is how violations refering the codification of moralss are delivered between each association and its systems. The ACA codification of moralss categorizes processs when administrating misdemeanors refering moralss ( ACA. 2005 ) . The AMHCA does non “examine nor intercede ethical grievances” ( AMHCA. 2010. p. 18 ) ; nevertheless. the
organisation may take action refering ranks. harmonizing to licensure and the engagement by other governments ( AMHCA. 2010 ) . There are diverse codifications of moralss that guide the guidance professionals ; supplying counsellors with a figure of rules for ethical patterns. However. there is the possibility that counsellors may hold to use a mixture of these codifications when conveying reding services to clients. Consequently. equilibrating codifications of moralss and integrating the theoretical accounts into certified system is a necessary competency for the ethical practician.

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