The Advantage Of Dream Sweetie Nail Polish Marketing Essay

By July 20, 2017 Marketing

Description has introduced the status of the recent nail Polish market and the advantage of Dream Sweetie nali gloss. The differences between other trade names of nail Polish and Dream Sweetie nail gloss are the attractive factors appeal the consumers

Nail gloss originated in 6000BC-3500BC.It ‘s popular at the beginning at the 20 century.Through the market research, market analysis, market scheme, and market mix it can happen that Nail gloss has an long-run bing market.It will be more sensitive to the foreground of Dream Sweetie nail gloss.

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The decision summarised the chief image of the product.It ‘s included the colourss, stuffs and the form of the nail Polish bottle.

The mention shows the web sites, articles and beginnings which mentioned or used


Beauty is adult female ‘s nature.Each miss have a dream that can makes them more shinning and attractive.Dream Sweetie nail gloss is a new sort of new merchandise which can do girls dream became true. Nail gloss is sold in liquid signifier in little bottles and is applied with a bantam coppice. Within a few proceedingss after application, the substance hardens and forms a glistening coating on the fingernail that is both H2O and bit resistant.There are many trade names of nail gloss in the market.Accroding to the research, it can easy establish that many consumers are non satisfied with the nail gloss which they have used.Here are many reasons.First, the colour of the nail gloss they have used is non puring, the colour besides hard to cover. Second, the odor of some trade name of nail gloss is acrid, its caused some consumers allergic.Third, some nail gloss is hard to purge, its dip in the nails, both ugly and injury to nails.The last one is the most seriouse job that there are excessively many bad stuffs such as Acetone and Formaldehyde.It may caused consumers have a concern and sickness, its really bad to wellness.Dream Sweetie nail Polish purpose at bring forthing pure and safty nail gloss, gives the adult female who likes beauty the most smooth attention and service.The pure stuff and aroma affairs makes the consumer far from the damage.Another advantage factor of the Dream Sweetie nail gloss is the colour and efficaciousness, after usage this Polish, nails will be more shinning and attractive when under the sunshine or the neon lamps, because of the radiance stuffs added

Market research

Market research: Market reaearch is the map which links the consumer, client and public to the market through information.The information is used to place and defined the selling chances jobs and actions


Observation: Observation is to watching the behaviour of consumers who bought the nail gloss and entering it.

Qustionnair: The house hire workers to do personnal questionnairs.Find out the height of consumers to the nail gloss of different brands.Collect the contemplation and aviod the error which will go on.

Primary research is new and can be precisely, but it require money, clip and human resources

·Secondary: Secondary research is to surf on the cyberspace happen out the monetary value of each trade name of nail Polish and the monetary value of materials.Obvious the accident caused by nail gloss and the authorities publications.

Secondary research is more inexpensive and quicker to obtain.but the information may non may be outdated

Market analysis

·Market size: There is a tabel show the gross revenues volume of different trade name of nail gloss in 2008














Red Earth









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·Age: The age from 10 to 65 is suited for this sort of nail Polish.Baby or childs will eat the nail polish.So it ‘s non suibabell for them.

·Gender: Dream Sweetie nail Polish mark at misss and women.Because nails are the portion of their beauty.A immense population of adult females use and like nail polish.Man besides can purchase Dream Sweetie Nail Polish as a gift to give their miss friends or married woman.

·Income: The monetary value of Dream Sweetie nail gloss is non excessively high.There are more inside informations mentioned at the portion of market scheme

·Psychology: When the client traveling to purchase the nail smooth the colour, odor and the form of the bottle are the factors affect their purchase behaviours.The colour of this merchandise is colourful, consumer has hundred of picks of different colour and feel of Dream Sweetie nail polish.The odor of flowers and friuits makes the nail gloss more pretty and tempation, each colour of the nail gloss has a different odor, such as the colour of pink has the little odor like strawberry.The form of the bottle is really of import bacause misss ande adult females ever attracted by the cute and beautiful things.The form of the bottle will wish a water-drop, the palpebra of nail gloss can be colourful in different angel.There besides some carving design on the exterior of the bottle.

·Market portion: The popular trade name of nail gloss has been mentioned, there are many little trade name manufacturer produce nail gloss, it ‘s the portion which can non disregard.

·Market growing: There is a trade name of nail gloss called OPI is really popular.Its seems like a sort of speculation.The monetary value of OPI and Dream Sweetie nail gloss are about same, but the Dream Sweetie purpose at to became the momopolist in the nail Polish market.

Market stratege

·Market incursion: Make the market pennetration can give more entreaty it will separate it from the other bond gloss in the market.

Physical: Make the bottle and the form of the bottle more attractive throght the new stuffs and engineering.

Non-physical: Ad is really of import to a house to increase gross revenues volume and net income, it will be reference at market mix

·USP: Dream Sweetie nail Polish spring consumers the feelings of dreamlike.Increase the trade name loyolty can based on the image of this sort of nail polish.The image of Dream Sweetie nail gloss is pure and smooth

Market mix

·Price: The house may put the monetary value intentionally in order to derive more market portion and trade name loyalty.The monetary value of thie merchandise is non really high but can be really low.Because low monetary value ever means low measure and hapless stuffs, adult females ever generous when something truly attract them.Psychological facets of a pricing scheme is really of import such as RMB169 alternatively of RMB170

·Place: Distribution: Each metropolis has several large sections which include the gross revenues of the Dream Sweetie.Sale the Dream Sweetie Nail Polish in the large sections will be good to advertisement and allow people cognize the product.Sale on the cyberspace is besides availabel, but the monetary value must be the same with the large section.It will maintain the value of Dream Sweetie nail gloss and has a long clip advantage

·Promotion: Ad is really of import to a house that will assist the house achieve success.Advertising throght the cyberspace will be more efficient because there is a immense population breaker on the cyberspace everday.Combine and work together with some beauty or adult females magezines, it will be more usefull to do the merchandise go more and more popular.Spend more money on advertisement, the contemplation will be more better.

·Product: At the phase of bring forthing and proving the nail gloss will be more.When in the merchandise in the debut phase, the spend on advertisement will be more.But the sale volume will increase.When the gross revenues quickly increase, the extension scheme is of import


Market analysis can derive the cognition of consumers.So it can forestall nail Polish being promoted to the incorrect perple But the primary research will requires a batch of money and the secondary research will be non really exactly.Market scheme is the carefully evaluated program of the selling activities that can equilibrate the aim, availabel resourses and market opportunity.Its besides can cut down the hazard.


Runing a house and sale the merchandise is non a easy thing.The most efficient method to derive gross revenues volume and net income is to creat some differents from the competitor.The advertisement and distribution are both important.But it will blow a batch of money, equilibrate them should be pay more attention.Always analysis and research the market can makes the sale public presentation more stable.Service is ever important.service is another manner to allow the cosumer have a deep realise of the merchandise.


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