The Advantages Of Multinational Economic Groups In Globalization Finance Essay

a ) In the epoch of globalisation, the advantages of transnational economic groups are development tendencies that many transnational companies are seeking to make. Merger is one of the common signifiers of consolidating the companies to go a big transnational economic group. Internal Travel Corporation ( ITC ) is a typical integrating of these transnational groups including 10 big air hose corporations such as Russian International Airways, Air Mexico LKM ( Netherlands ) , Gallic Airlines, North East Airways ( USA ) , Air Italy Intercontinental Airlines ( USA ) , Air Korea Hong Kong and Airlines Air South Africa in which takes advantage of its confederations to better client services and cut down operating cost.

However, what fiscal considerations to be taken into history when make up one’s minding the location of the central office of ITC? This is a inquiry that corporations ever mention to after its amalgamation. Before reply this inquiry, we should mention to what definition of amalgamation is and why the air lines need to amalgamation? Harmonizing to definition of the web page ” Entrepreneuf ” , amalgamation is the combination of one or more corporations, LLCs, or other concern entities into a individual concern entity. This amalgamation is to take to accomplish greater efficiencies of graduated table and productiveness.

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As we know, the house ‘s aims are to maximise the stockholder ‘s wealth. More specifically, the endeavor should endeavor to maximise the return to stockholders, as measured by the amount of capital additions and dividends. Therefore, when make up one’s minding where to turn up the central office of ITC, the fiscal concerns mentioned to will be as follows:

The location of central offices of ITC has to hold low labour costs and rents. The low labour cost and rents can assist ITC to cut down disbursals of input and ticket monetary values, and so increase its fight. In this instance, we can see that Mexico is the most suited state.

Banking system of the location of central offices must be effectual and internationally oriented. It must be a banking system adequate big both size and prestigiousness in over the universe. This can back up transnational corporations such as ITC can be easier and more convenient in entree to of import fiscal markets. Furthermore, this banking system must be internationally oriented. About this facet, American and Hong Kong are the dominant states severally.

The political system must be stable, clear and the authorities has to miss its intervention into the market economic system, particularly minimise nepotism and corruptness in the host state. In the average clip, the authorities must be security for human rights particularly no favoritism. The political stableness can do ITC experience more secure for its long-run concern schemes. So, the state where to turn up the central offices must be just and non nationalise foreign companies such as the instance of Venezuela ‘s nationalisation of 39 foreign houses in 2008 ( youth newspaper dated May 6, 2009 ) . Furthermore, the economic system must be regulated by market and lacked the intervention of the authorities. Harmonizing to the instance survey, Mexico, Russia and Italy are the states with its political system less stable.

The authorities of central offices should be of being of grants and revenue enhancement grants for transnational corporations. This can assist ITC acquire more net income for its stockholders. Harmonizing to Jeff Madura ( 2008 ) , if the net incomes due to the undertakings will someday be remitted to the parent, the MNCs demand to see how the parent ‘s authorities revenue enhancements these net incomes. If the parent ‘s authorities imposes a high revenue enhancement rate on the remitted fund, the undertaking may be executable from the subordinate ‘s point of position, but non from the parent ‘s point of position. Under the scenario, the parent should non see implementing the undertaking, even though it appears executable from the subordinate ‘s position. For this facet, Hong Kong will be a most suited location with most favourable revenue enhancement rates.

Currency of the state where to turn up the central offices must be stable, easy to be exchangeable into another currencies and be plenty strong to implement minutess. When net incomes are remitted to the parent, there are usually converted from the subordinate ‘s local currency to the parent ‘s. The sum received by the parent is hence influenced by the go outing exchange rate. If the subordinate undertaking is assessed from the subordinate ‘s position, the hard currency flows forecasted for the subordinate do non hold to be converted to the parent ‘s currency. Here, we can take the currency of American and France as they are adequate strong to do minutess across subjects. Furthermore, ITC should be located at or near the global celebrated fiscal centres in order to take advantages of planetary fiscal resources available and convenient minutess such as planetary stock exchange, International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) , World Bank, European cardinal bank, Asia Development Bank and taking fiscal establishments and Bankss e.g HSBC Holdings ( U.K ) , Credit Group Agricole ( France ) , Royal Bank of Scotland ( U.K ) , Bank of America ( U.S ) , JP Morgan Chase ( U.S ) , BNP Paribas ( France ) , Santander Central Hispano ( Spain ) , Mizuho Financial Group ( Japan ) , Deutsche Bank ( Germany ) .

The substructure of central offices is extremely developed, efficient and cost effectual. The good headquarter substructure is besides really of import as it will assist central offices save disbursals of fuel and short clip of transit for good substructure. The life quality of central offices ‘ location must be good to pull employees from other states without paying high redisposition premiums.

Besides that, restricted remittals are a really of import factor. See a potency undertaking to be implemented in a state where authorities limitations require that a per centum of the subordinate net incomes remain in the state. Since the parent may ne’er hold entree to these financess, the undertaking is non attractive to the parent, although it may be attractive to the subordinate. One possible solution is to allow the subordinate obtain partial funding for the undertaking within the host state. In this instance, the part of fund non allowed to be sent to the parent can be used to cover the funding costs over clip.

As mentioned above, the most of import factor when make up one’s minding the location of the central office of ITC is the revenue enhancement factor because this factor will straight associate to the intent of house to be maximization of the stockholder ‘s wealth. That includes as follows: Withholding revenue enhancement on involvement, dividend and royalties ; corporate revenue enhancement on net incomes allocated to the exchequer Centre and its capital ; value-added revenue enhancement ; dual revenue enhancement pact understandings etc. Wherever possible, ITC should be located in locations with friendly and tax-efficient concern environments. Due to this revenue enhancement factor, I will take Hong Kong as the central office of ITC as Hong Kong is really famouse for a batch of grounds, including political stableness, economic freedom and revenue enhancement benefits. Furthermore, Hong Kong is one of states has the lowest revenue enhancement rates in over the universe for a developed state, and has an complicated and effectual revenue enhancement system that allows houses to carry on concern without being overpowered by their revenue enhancement liabilities. In Hong Kong, if net incomes that are sourced from the domestic, they are taxed at a low rate of 16.5 % . However, net incomes sourced overseas, besides known as ‘offshore net incomes ‘ , a zero revenue enhancement rate will be taxed, even when remitted back to Hong Kong. Net incomes originated from runing ships in HK are considered as ‘offshore net incomes ‘ and are free from revenue enhancement. Offshore payments for rational belongings use has revenue enhancement rate at 4.95 % , goods sold by HK cargo agents on behalf of non-residents have besides revenue enhancement rate on 0.5 % of gross returns. Besides that, bank sedimentation involvement, involvement income on long-run debt instruments, involvement on Tax Reserve Certificates, capital additions, dividends and are free from revenue enhancement. Besides, Hong Kong marks a dual revenue enhancement understanding with 33 states to alleviate corporations from non holding to pay two revenue enhancements on one set of net incomes. One more of import thing, in Hong Kong, companies besides benefit from zero gross revenues revenue enhancement, zero one-year net worth revenue enhancements and zero value added revenue enhancement.

In decision, to make up one’s mind where to turn up the central office of ITC, fiscal considerations above-mentioned should be taken into history as they are really of import, associating to net incomes or losingss of stockholders even vital for the organisation, ITC. Among them, nevertheless, the factor of revenue enhancement is considered as the most of import factor and that is why I choose Hong Kong for the location of the central office of ITC.

B ) Based on the information given, the cost to amalgamation all the air hoses into one company ( ITC ) will be US $ 700 million. This is a large sum and how we can mobilise the most suited beginnings of financess for ITC? It is a cardinal inquiry for us to decide. To reply this inquiry, we should advert to issues as follows:

We should hold schemes to equilibrate use of equity capital and loans in order to guarantee the leaden mean cost of capital ( WACC ) effectual. However, how shortly we can acquire this fund? We have to hold specific and elaborate programs for this undertaking by fixing full paperss, roll uping information informations, puting up procedure and sequence of amalgamation and mobilisation. Oversing and mornitoring the partial procedure of the undertaking will be to guarantee the planned agenda duly. Besides that, we must hold a batch of experiences and aware of deep knowlege in each facet of engagement at the same clip allocate skilled officers and well-information about the existent state of affairss to take in charge of their responsibilities. Furthermore, we besides need to hold trim steps in the instance of necessity or modify it to be suited with the existent state of affairs in order to mobilise portions and bonds on the duly planned aims.

Diversification of assorted capital resources from many different aims must guarantee stableness of this undertaking. ITC will stay to mobilise capital from the bing stockholders with the proportition of their equity capital or with a different capital degree, but this capital part must be approved in composing by the confederation members in the session to vote on capital addition. Besides, the mobilisation is passed by publishing exchangeable bonds or addition retained net incomes. Furthermore, beginning of capital from possible, new investors is a channel remarkable to see. Stimultanouesly, we should seek beginning of capital from loaning of fiscal establishments such as recognition organisations, investing financess and so forth, or publish bonds and valuable securities, receive warrantes and subsidies from authorities.

In add-on, the beginning of capital can be formed by settlement of assets which ITC is non in demand of usage, non suited, non effectual or non yet used to creat hard currency flows to run into beginning of capital for new schemes.

However, the above-named mobilisation still has certain hazards involved ; it is hard to carry current stockholders to increase capital that market trust into new concern stratergies after amalgamation is non yet certain as many confederation members in the group have bad concern consequences. Yet, this trouble will be explained by analysis of concern consequences on fiscal studies. Given the recent fiscal consequences for each of the confederation members, we can easy cipher the sum combined losingss from the concern consequences of all the group members to be U.S $ -8.2 million wheareas some members have large losingss such as South Africa Air ( 8.3 ) , Air Italy ( 4.2 ) , Russian International Airways ( 4.1 ) , Air Mexico ( 2.3 ) , Gallic Airlines ( 0.3 ) , and the other members have profitable concern consequences such as Air Korea ( 2.7 ) , Hong Kong Airlines ( 2.7 ) , North East Airways ( USA,2.6 ) , LKM ( Netherlands,1.3 ) and Intercontinental Airlines ( USA,1.1 ) .

However, as we know the non-cash costs ( e.g depreciation ) are U.S $ 38.2million, this indicates that the loss of U.S $ 8.2million of all the confederation members after amalgamation is chiefly depreciation costs. The difference is calculated from informations on the non-cash costs, peculiarly depreciation and cumulative consequences of operations of all members to be ( U.S $ 38.2mil minus 8.2mil USD ) U.S $ 30mil.

The planetary fiscal crisis and economic lag is impacting to the recovery of the planetary economic system in which many economic powers with planetary fiscal pudding stones is sing a period of bad concern after an earlier period of development.

It is the economic recession of the taking developed states like USA, Japan and EU that has made export diminution ; the states focal point and direct on development of the domestic market as a manner to decide the current state of affairs for flight from crisis and once more growing. This is likely to increase protection from many states and do the circulation limitation of capital flows in global concern minutess as investors are more cautious in support determinations for new undertakings.

Therefore, the mobilisation of new stockholders to lend capital to the new undertaking will confront many challenges, while the call for funding from the loan capital has faced many troubles during this period. This besides indirectly scarces capital in circulation and affects the cost of capital.

The volatility of the political state of affairs in many states around the universe like the Middle East and North Africa where is considered to be a batch of most petrolium resources ; the political state of affairs at the East Sea in the country of Asia Pacific besides has risen many challenges by territorial differences, natural resources and the demands of some underdeveloped states are in demand of new resources to complement the resoureces exhausted. This contributes to do capital mobilisation more hard.

In the status of capital mobilisation by publishing more stocks to the bing stockholders, exchangeable bonds and increasing maintained net incomes is to guarantee the high concensus of stockholder ‘s meeting about rights, duties and capital controls in conformance with each member. The instance capital mobilisation implemented through loans from the fiscal establishments, publishing bonds and other valuable securities needs to see trust in good conditions if possible or plight the bing assets of all the confederation members. This ensures consensus between the members in conformity with policies and Torahs of host state, and takes advantage of chances which can magnify the bing stockholders ‘ capital and facilitates increased capital turnover that concern is puting. With the current state of affairs we should be flexible in using purchase at modest degree, raising the part proportions of the bing stockholders and possible new stockholders. This will take advantage of somehow idle capital resources at sensible cost and without making a batch of force per unit areas on capital. The stockholders were persuaded with a executable concern undertaking, market portions and net incomes will be to the full developed and efficaciously exploited based on the strength of each member. They will non waver to put with the desire of return on equity ( ROE ) to be assuring much better consequences after the worst period of the planetary economic crisis the universe easy passing. Besides, ITC besides raises loans from fiscal establishments in order to equilibrate fiscal resource and avoid cut downing excessively much control over the capital of bing stockholders, while guaranting concern efficiency through the advantages of the revenue enhancement shield to take full advantages of involvement rate.

Mentioning to the period required to executive, we should carry on this program in a short term within one twelvemonth.

degree Celsius ) After the amalgamation of all the confederation members, here are the possible benefits and cost nest eggs that might accrue as a consequence of the transnational fiscal system and the centralization of ITC ‘s exchequer map.

I ) First, we will advert to the possible benefits and cost nest eggs that might accrue as a consequence of the transnational fiscal system. In order to cognize what are the possible benefits and cost nest eggs the transnational fiscal system, we will mention to the value of the transnational fiscal system and intercompany fund-flow mechanisms ( costs and benefits ) .

First, the value of the transnational fiscal system allows transnational corporations to arbitrage including revenue enhancement arbitrage, fiscal market arbitrage and regulatoty arbitrage. For revenue enhancement arbitrage, it can switch net incomes from units located in high-tax states to those in lower-tax states or from those in a taxpaying place to those with revenue enhancement loss, so MNCs can cut down their revenue enhancement load. For fiscal market arbitrage, it helps to reassign financess among units, so MNCs may be able to besiege exchange controls, earn higher risk-adjusted outputs on extra financess, cut down their risk-adjusted cost of borrowed financess, and tap antecedently unavailable capital beginnings. And, regulative system arbitrage is where subordinate net incomes are a map of authorities ordinances ( e.g. , where a authorities bureau sets allowable monetary values on the house ‘s goods ) or brotherhood force per unit area, instead than the market place, the ability to mask true profitableness by reapportioning net incomes among units may supply the transnational house with a negotiating advantage.

Second, we will mention to intercompany fund-flow mechanisms. Multinational corporations usually use the machanisms of unbundling, transportation pricing, reinvoicing, fees and truenesss, taking and lagging, intercompany and dividends for intercompany fund-flows severally.

MNCs usage unbundling mechanism to interrupt up a entire international transportation of financess between braces of affiliates into separate constituents e.g. , ITC breaks down charges for corporate operating expense by its affiliate. This mechanism includes revenue enhancement factors such as revenue enhancements available on corporate income, personal income ( includes dividends ) , U.S revenue enhancement system revenue enhancement income remitted abroad on corporate income revenue enhancement and Offset which foreign revenue enhancement recognition is given on income already revenue enhancement.

Following, reassign pricing is besides used by MNCs as a tool for intercompany fund-flow with the purpose’of traveling net incomes to a more tax-friendly state. Particularly, utilizations of transportation pricing are to cut down revenue enhancements paid, ad valorem revenue enhancement and to avoid exchange controls.

Besides that, MNCs utilize reinvoicing centres which is set up in low-tax states so that these centres can take rubric to all goods and wage Sellerss or be paid to purchasers all within the MNCs. The benefits of this mechanism are that currency can be easy changed and invoice currency other than local one.

Following, fees and royalties are choosen for intercompany fund-flow as corporation can command their payment sums and host authoritiess are less leery.

Furthermore, the mechanism of taking and lagging is used for intercompany as it is extremely favored by MNCs and its value is dependent on chance cost and there is no demand for formal debt and less opportunity of host authorities intuition.

And, the mechanism of intercompany loans is really utile when nowadayss followerss: recognition rationing, currency controls and differential revenue enhancement rates. These loans comprise of consecutive loans and parallel loans. The sort of consecutive loans is frequently called fronting loans, channed through a bank and loans are collaterized by parent sedimentation. These benefits are to protect against arrogation, reduces revenue enhancements and entree blocked financess. The parallel loan is a procedure in which two companies in assorted states borrow each other ‘s currency for a given clip period and return the other ‘s currency at the adulthood in order to reduceA foreign exchange hazard. The benefits of the loans are to repatriate out of use financess, to avoid rigorous currency controls and to cut down currency hazards.

And eventually, it is the mechanism of dividends. This mechanism is considered as the most of import method of reassigning fund flows to parents of MNCs.

two ) And continously, we will mention to the possible benefits and cost nest eggs that might accrue as a consequence of the centralization of ITC ‘s exchequer map.

Centralization of ITC ‘s exchequer activities will enable all the members of confederation to accomplish higher efficiency, greater transparence and able to entree existent clip information across a huge geographical countries and many entities. One of the chief advantages of the centralisation of ITC ‘s exchequer map is that it can do bringing of procedures automated, mensurable, crystalline, incorporate and efficient. Furthermore, this centralisation allows direction to supervise and develop exchequer activities quickly and expeditiously.

Harmonizing to Dr. Petr Polak and Ivan KlusaA?ek ( 2010 ) , exchequer map direction includes the direction of hard currency, hazard and assets and liabilities. Technology developments and the planetary fiscal markets have made it possible for support and hedge demands to be collected and executed centrally. The benefits of centralisation of hoarded wealth map can be gained by the use of a individual system with the same database underlying it while still keeping more local contact with concern units and the local markets. The centralisation of ITC ‘s exchequer map is a important manner where ITC can fit itself to construct economic systems of graduated table and rationilze costs, particularly when accomplishing new concerns, so increasing return on equity.

Furthermore, this centralisation is the ability to take down the cost of debt, increase investing return, provide expertness to concern units, cut down fiscal hazard and guarantee liquidness across the group. In pattern, the procedure of centralisation of exchequer map has three stages ; foremost, centralisation of foreign exchange and involvement rate hazard direction. Second, centralisation of foreign exchange and involvement rate hazard direction, plus hard currency and liquidness direction and thirdly, full exchequer centralisation, including centralisation of all entrance and surpassing payments.

In the first stage, the exchequer centralisation is the creative activity of one cardinal exchequer section that conducts certain undertakings including involvement rate and foreign currency hazard direction for the group whereas multicurrency Centres and inhouse Bankss are two typical sorts of cardinal exchequer sections. The following stage is the centralisation of hard currency and liquidness direction by creative activity of domestic hard currency pools, cross-border and multicurrency hard currency pools and replacing of bank histories at local domestic Bankss with histories in the planetary ( or pan-European ) bank. The procedure is called hard currency concentration. And the last stage is the full hoarded wealth centralisation associating to the centralised dealing processing that means the centralisation of entrance and surpassing payments. The centralisation of ITC ‘s exchequer map is usually located in a revenue enhancement favourable environment. This environment is an indispensable location that offers MNCs a more good revenue enhancement government in comparision to another location. Furthermore, the centralisation of regional exchequer ( RTC ) is ab initio tax-driven where revenue enhancement on net incomes generated is at a good rate. A regional exchequer cardinal has 4 maps: direction of plus and liability, sale and trading of currency, derived functions merchandises and recognition in fund markets, and fiscal hazard direction. Basically, RTCs provide fiscal direction and dealing services for the whole group, that is, the members of confederation located in assorted parts than the central office.

In short, centralisation of ITC ‘s exchequer map offers the corporation the ability to obtain higher efficiencies, greater transparence and attack to existent clip information across a huge geographic country, multiple clip zones, and many entities.

vitamin D ) As we can see, amalgamation of all the above air hoses into one keeping company ( ITC ) will assist them use advantages of market portions, resoures of capital, trade names available etc. of the members every bit good as exploit potencies as a consequence of amalgamation. However, this amalgamation besides makes a entire loss of U.S $ 8.2 million whereas the non-cash costs ( e.g. depreciation ) are U.S $ 38.2 million. Besides that, we can confirm that entire loss from the fiscal consequences of the group after amalgamation is due to depreciation.

Therefore, Annual projected hard currency flows will be 38.2 – 8.2 = U.S $ 30 million.

If the combined hard currency flows from the confederation will increase 3 times, Present value of estimated one-year hard currency flows will be ( 30/0.14 ) x3 = U.S $ 642.86.

Net present value of proposal will be 642.86 -700 = -U.S $ 57.14 million ( negative ) .

Therefore, to warrant the investing of U.S $ 700 million for amalgamation, one-year hard currency flows would hold to be at least 700/642.86 ten 3 = 3.2 times larger than the present hard currency flows.

Chosing Hong Kong as the central office of ITC will originate an issue about currency exchange between Dollar Hong Kong and Dollar U.S in each of period. Hence, this exchange rate should be stable to guarantee that ITC will non acquire a loss in the procedure of minutess, transportation and reception of money between the members of the confederation. However, the volatility of the planetary economic system, particularly after the current planetary fiscal crisis, the economic fluctuations of each state, of each part make large challenges in the fiscal determinations every bit good as timely determinations in the most good application of the exchange rate step to ITC.


Management and “ Regional Treasury Centres in South East Asia – The Case of Brunei Darussalam ” published in Management – Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, both published in 2009.

94 International Research Journal of Finance and Economics – Issue 56 ( 2010 )



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