The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay

October 5, 2017 General Studies

Have you of all time heard of the great Mark Twain? Many people have and acknowledge his novels by name ; particularly his most celebrated book called Huckleberry Finn. The great thing about Huck is that it was meant to be a simple book. but ended up deemed a authoritative. The ground for this is that it contains many great American subjects and motives. Many American novels. books and films besides contain these subjects and motives. doing it really easy to compare Huckleberry Finn to Pleasantville. Although really different “stories” . in comparing Huck and Pleasantville have the same motive.

Both the film and the book have the motives of traveling west. Rebel vs. the constitution and Jim Crow/Shaman. This essay will compare these common American motives. The “go west” motive is about the characters running off or get awaying from where they antecedently were ( this doesn’t needfully hold to include a trip West ) . In Huck Finn the river is the tool used to assist Huck and Jim escape from their life. The river helps to take Huck and Jim off from civilisation and reunite them with nature.

The river besides helps to liberate them from “slavery” . Huck being a “slave” to the Widow Douglas and Jim really being Miss Watson’s slave. In Pleasantville a life in coloring material is how the townsfolk are allowed to “go west” . When they are in black and white they have the perfect life. significance that nil can of all time travel incorrect. therefore they can ne’er larn from their errors. When David introduces the idea of believing for themselves to the adolescents of Pleasantville they begin to detect that there are other topographic points in the universe. this begins to alter things from black and white to color.

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Both narratives contain the motive of traveling west. Another motive in these two plants is the Rebel vs. the Establishment motive. In Huck the Rebel would be Huck and one of the constitutions would be the “civilized” people in the book. Huck refuses to believe that people can be so shallow and spiritual. and besides believes that this comes from being “civilized” . The other constitution would the Widow Douglas/Miss. Watson/Aunt Polly figure in Huck’s life. It seems he is ever arising on one of these people who are seeking to educate him.

In Pleasantville David is the Rebel and one of the constitutions is the big population of Pleasantville. David is against the grownups because he can non acquire most of them to believe his manner of thought. The other constitution is the “black and white” thought of the townsfolk. David convinces most of the teen-agers to believe otherwise than they were taught and this turns the town into coloring material. Both of these narratives have the Rebel vs. the constitution motive.

The last motive in these two plants is the Jim Crow/Shaman motive. where one character acts stupid or unusual in “society” and so becomes really intuitive in “nature” . In Huck. Jim is the Crow/Shaman. altering with his milieus. When in society Jim acts like the Crow. and it seems natural. When Jim and Huck go down the river Jim turns into the Shaman. and becomes slightly smarter and intuitive. In Pleasantville Jennifer is the Crow/Shaman. and alterations with the scene. When the film foremost starts she is the Shaman ; at place she fits in and knows precisely what to make.

When she arrives in Pleasantville she becomes the Crow and acts really unusual compared to everyone else. Both narratives contain characters that are both Crow and Shaman. In decision both Huck Finn and Pleasantville contain many similar motives. three of them being the spell West. Rebel vs. constitution and Jim Crow/Shaman motifs. Thus proves that even if the narratives are really different they all contain similar motives. The ground for this is that people who write narratives don’t realize they are seting motives into their work. it comes of course from being American.


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