The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay Essay

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a book full of contention and argument. Some will hold that this is a authoritative excessively fundamental for anyone to read. with its bad grammar and know aparting texts. But others believe that this book. which is rich with sarcasm and sarcasm. is a book that everybody should read. True. it is about impossible to hold on Twain’s satirical manner and techniques ; but one time you read underneath the surface of his words this is a book you’ll agree is an all clip American classic.

This book and the statement about whether it should be used in schools to learn has been traveling on for a piece. Many people believe that pupils should non be forced to read something they feel makes them experience inferior to anyone else. But to the people reading the book. they need to recognize that to understand the book you can’t merely read off the surface. Twain’s books aren’t merely about the words on paper. It’s about how a male child comes to realization about how helter-skelter society is. Twain portrays Huck as a immature guiltless male child who doesn’t understand the grownup universe. This is non. as many people would believe. ignorance.

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This is satire against society and instruction to demo the sort of instruction that kids were acquiring. Twain’s sarcasm against society and instruction throughout the book helps acquire his message across to the reader about what things were similar. and what a male child like Huck went through. Agreed. the grammar in the book does do the narrative difficult to understand. but that is what makes the book what it is. The know aparting texts in the book give the book the significance Twain tries to acquire across to his readers. The “n-word” was the operative term that was used to specify a black individual back in those yearss.

It seems as if American society is so caught up with racial struggles. they don’t seek to see understanding the book. If the book had to be rewritten with right grammar and spelling. and the “n-word” replaced with a different word. it is really dubious that the book would still be a authoritative. The people who refuse to read and understand the book do non look understand that. The book has solid messages that uncover the mistreatment of human existences based on the colour of their tegument. It shows Huck’s position about Jim alteration. as they become fast friends.

“If childs can read the Bible about colza. slaying. incest etc. so why can’t they read this book? ” ( Born to Trouble picture ) This point is proven in the picture that we watched. Twain’s plants are non every bit bad as the vulgar messages being presented in the Bible. so if pupils shouldn’t read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn so why should they read the Bible? Sometimes. pupils aren’t mature plenty to manage the significance of the book. Sometimes. they have to larn about the schemes that Twain utilizations to understand what messages Twain is seeking to acquire across when utilizing his satirical manner of authorship.

If they understood his manners. they’d be able to read about how Huck considers Jim as a friend. and about a fatherlike figure. Huck doesn’t think extremely of himself when compared to Jim. Alternatively. he thinks of themselves as equal. He does non give into the manner society casts kids’ heads to be like everyone else’s. In a manner. the people who speak up about this issue are being side-blinded. High school pupils use the “n-word” as if it is portion of their normal mundane vocabulary. but non many people speak up about that.

It’s really reasonably amusing that they don’t say anything about that. but when it comes to necessitate reading. if they see the word in the book. they speak up. There are films out today that have that word being used. but you don’t see many protestors about those films. Granted. the people utilizing the word are most of the clip. black. but that doesn’t make the word any less meaningful. They make it seem like it is all right for inkinesss themselves to utilize the “n-word” . but when it comes to other people stating it. it’s an abuse. How is it any different?

If inkinesss use the word. that merely makes it okay for Whites. Asians or Hispanics to state it. The childs put intending to the word. and that’s what hurts. It’s non the word itself ; it’s the manner the word is used. If the word had a different significance. I’m pretty certain Twain’s book would non be a topic of contention as it is. Jane Smiley believes that Uncle Tom’s Cabin is better than The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. by stating that it’s “the power of superb analysis married to great wisdom of feeling” significance that non merely does the book have great analysis. that inside informations the mundane life of a slave. but it besides gives off a feeling of true significance to the book.

She says that Stowe gets underneath the surface of what the slaves being described in Uncle Tom’s Cabin ( and merely in that clip period in general ) have experienced. She thinks of Uncle Tom’s Cabin as a calamity that has “no whitewash. no secrets. but evil. agony. imaginativeness. endurance and salvation – merely like life. ” stating that Uncle Tom’s Cabin is comparable to life with so much more item than The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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Smiley regards Stowe on her usage of duologue. stating that Mark Twain could hold taken a page out of Stowe’s book. and utilize duologue the same manner Stowe did. She does non believe that Mark Twain did a good occupation on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because she said wholly he had to make to do the book so great was do the chief character of the book ( Huck Finn ) realize that his buddy ( Jim ) is human. and it becomes a authoritative. She argues that Twain does non travel deeper into item about the history and what the slaves were truly experiencing in those times.

Agreed. Smiley does do a point. stating the duologue of the book could be better. but like stated earlier. the duologue reflects the manner things were back so. It reflects how people talked and how people interacted with each other and it adds a kind of of import plus to the whole reading experience of the book. Without it. it would merely look like another modern book non rather worthy of the attending of all Americans. But when Smiley criticizes the Twain’s book. stating that Stowe’s book is a batch better. you have to inquire why.

Twain’s book is merely every bit good as Uncle Tom’s Cabin minus the whole duologue issue. and if anything. could be better because of the duologue. In the Born to Disturb picture. a pupil said “I shouldn’t be forced to read something that makes me experience inferior to anyone. ” But when you truly think about it. what about history books? Those books talk about how slaves were treated and how long it took for everyone to acquire equal rights. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is like a history book. but in a different signifier.

But it’s easier to understand from Twain’s book because you can really conceive of the narrative as you read. With history books. it’s merely cold difficult facts. The same pupil thinks that she is passing 9 months in school being “demeaned and disrespected” and feels that she should be able to hold an instruction free of favoritism. But how is the book disrespecting her? She lets the book affect her the manner it does. and that is what truly brings out her choler. Not understanding the book can take her to believing she is being demeaned and disrespected.

In the book. Huck ne’er truly makes himself look any higher than Jim. Huck is able to reasoning with Jim. demoing how close of friends they are. and apologizes to him someplace in the book. With this grounds. it’s difficult to believe that this book is being racialist. Huck’s position on Jim alterations throughout the book as their friendly relationship gets stronger and in the terminal. alternatively of seeing him merely as a comrade. Huck sees him about like a best friend. or even a male parent figure. because of the fact that they look out for each other throughout their escapades. “It was a close topographic point.

I took it up. and held it in my manus. I was a-trembling. because I’d got to make up one’s mind. everlastingly. betwixt two things. and I knowed it. I studied a minute. kind of keeping my breath. and so says to myself: ? All right so. I’ll go to hell’ ? and tore it up. It was atrocious ideas and atrocious words. but they was said. And I let them remain said ; and ne’er thought no more about reforming. “ ( pg 263-264. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ) You can see the alteration of bosom stopping point to the terminal of the book when Huck plans on turning Jim in. But alternatively. he takes the missive that he has written. and cryings it up.

He realizes how much Jim means to him. He decides that it’s non him that’s incorrect for being friends with Jim. Alternatively. it is society that’s incorrect for know aparting against inkinesss. When Huck looks at all his picks. he comes to the decision that. yeah. he might travel to hell. But if traveling to hell meant that he can experience good about himself. so snake pit yeah. might every bit good. There’s no usage traveling to heaven if you’re non happy about the determinations you make in life. It’s these kinds of determinations that Huck makes throughout the book that truly brings out the true inexperienced person minded child that lies inside of him.

It’s difficult to understand all that when you’re so caught up with racial and political issues. that you are non even able to seek to bask the book as a whole alternatively of the contention it’s come to be. Mark Twain is non a racialist adult male. His background is besides of import to understanding the book. He lived in a slave trading town. but he didn’t know bondage was bad. But after larning more and more about bondage. he started to oppose it. In face. his household. including in-laws. all opposed bondage. In the book. he does non assail the black. or even the hapless people. He attacks the rich and powerful. instruction and society.

So if Mark Twain opposed bondage so strongly. why would he compose a racialist book? Many of us do take pride in our race and heritage. so it’s apprehensible why there would be people who are offended by the words that the book has. That is respectable. but when a great book like this comes along. sometimes. you merely have to set all feelings of being offended aside to understand that the book isn’t about racism. It’s about what society is genuinely making to pervert our heads. Twain uses Huck as a chief character to demo that even immature kids are marks for this corruptness.

Childs like to believe what they are first told. so it’s difficult to alter their heads about something when it’s already so set on one thought already. but this book uncovers many truths about society. Whether it was from that clip. or now. the book still makes sense ( that is. if you know how to read it ) . Books are ne’er black or white. They ne’er have concrete thoughts. They’re ever subjective and filled with many different colourss. The manner you read a book can impact your position on everything else wholly. Like one of the professors said in the Born to Disturb picture. “Great literature transforms the audience.

“You don’t start reading a book with a certain position and stop the book with the same position. After reading a book like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. you don’t look at like the same manner of all time once more. Huck shows that it is possible to get the better of that kind of alteration. This book uncovers many truths about society. Whether it was from that clip. or now. the book still makes sense ( that is. if you know how to read it ) . Books are ne’er black or white. They ne’er have concrete thoughts. They’re ever subjective and filled with many different colourss. The manner you read a book can impact your position on everything else wholly.

Like one of the professors said in the Born to Disturb picture. “Great literature transforms the audience. ” You don’t get down reading a book with a certain position and stop the book with the same position. After reading a book like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. you don’t look at life the same manner of all time once more. Works Cited Born to problem Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Dir. Jill Janows. PBS Video. 2000. videocassette. Smiley. Jane. “Say It Ain’t So. Huck. ” Critism. 61-67 Twain. Mark. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. New York: Dell Publishing Co. . Inc. 1960.



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