The African American Ethnic Group Sociology Essay

Who are African Americans? We frequently consider Africans as black individuals as this is our perceptual experience and them being Americans would be that they reside at that place. Africans Americans are seen as black people who have residency in the United States of America. We frequently term the name as Afro Americans or Negros. A history on this cultural groups tells us that these persons were first African Slaves bought into America and were sold from Dutch vass at Jamestown, Virginia in the twelvemonth 1619. At the is clip the figure began with merely 20 slaves. From this twelvemonth until the twelvemonth 1776 it increased steadily to a figure of 300,000. They were being imported quickly. However by the 1800 ‘s they accounted for about 4 million slaves. This epoch of bondage continued until there was a civil war in the 1863 ‘s which abolished bondage in America. It all began in 1862 when two Acts of the Apostless were passed by Congress which secured and supported African Americans, nevertheless it is in September 1862 that registration began when there was Emancipation Proclamation. The inequality between Whites and black were great as white work forces saw black work forces as the lesser. During 1863 many wars took topographic point between African Americans and Whites. However they eventually emerged and during 1864 to 1865 took portion in every in largely every major run. In January of 1864 General Patrick Cleburne and other Confederate officers in the Tennessee ground forces used African American slaves as black military personnels in which he offered them freedom in the event that they fought and survived. From this clip forth African Americans comprised of 10 % in the brotherhood Army. However they survived the bondage epoch and began an constitution for themselves. The constructed schools, civil associations and folds for themselves. Blacks have made important advancement and emerged up until this twenty-four hours both politically and economically.


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African Americans have created a welcoming and comforting topographic point where they congregate. It was established foremost when slaves were freed from all this labour and adversity. This occurred in the seventeenth century. During this clip they were allowed to make their manner of Christianity and worship. They so spread out organizing assorted churches which suited their beliefs which was the African cultural and religious tradition. A study carried out indicated that African are distributed amongst four denominations. They included, Baptist, Methodist, Church of God and Roman Catholics. You will besides happen among them are a few Islam, besides 15-30 % of them bought to America were Muslims but finally converted during the epoch to Christianity. Islam was foremost started by Malcolm X. Within the African American ethnic group there are non many Hebrews.


When it comes to the political background of African Americans they have emerged a long manner from bondage. They have become successful in this country up to today. This cultural group is more involved in the political relations of the United States than that of their ain. It has been said that they have the highest degree of congressional representation. They out figure any minority group in the United States. Majority of them ballot for Democrats during elections. However the African Americans who were protagonists of Abraham Lincoln the Republican was because he assisted in allowing freedoms to African Slaves. Up to today an African American in the United States is a president. Barrack Obama was selected president in the twelvemonth 2009 and is the forty-fourth president to run the United States but the first Black adult male.

Attitudes to Sex and Marriage

African American believe in a monogamous relationship where they signify the matrimony between one adult male and adult female. They do non believe in sex before matrimony, nevertheless most than ? ‘s of them pattern but are non punished for it. Their chief issue is homosexuality where they judge and attach a stigma to these persons. Homosexuality is the brotherhood between two work forces or two adult females. They prohibit the brotherhood and does non let these individuals to be wedded in a church in the presence of God. Amongst all ethnics groups this group is the most critical and less supportive or this type of relationship. Since this cultural group is really spiritual a homosexual behaviour is morally incorrect.

Child Rearing and Parental Roles

Child rise uping among African Americans is more viewed on the construct or race and category. However surveies conducted have shown that more than 30-35 million Africans have kids younger than the age of 18. ( Anderson 1991, Nobles 1985, Staples and Johnson 1983 ) . However besides this the chief focal point of the household are the kids. Surveies have besides been conducted and consequences showed that parents of African Americans endorse subject and faith but non to the full independency of kids.


From the epoch in the 1600 ‘s up until today African Americans have advanced greatly. Although you find that they are still a small less fortunate when it comes to white and Asiatic in instruction, nevertheless they do outnumber other minorities in instruction. When it comes to gender, you find that more African American adult females complete college than work forces. Besides adult females more advanced themselves to educationally. Blacken American Colleges are still in being today. These colleges were set up during the yearss of segregation between the inkinesss and white and are still in consequence today but African Americans are permitted the option of go toing other colleges with Whites. The U. S nose count of study has given statistics on Black American indicant that approximately 89 % of them within the age scope of 25- 29 completed high school although this figure is less than white or Asiatics they still outnumber the Hispanics. However in Chicago A private black school has been set up for low income households. This gives Black Americans an equal chance to hold entree to quality instruction.


African Americans during the clip of bondage were employed on plantations as slaves where they had cells. After freedom was granted to them in 1863 they established themselves and began to work freely in the United States. However up until this twenty-four hours they are still one of the worst paid cultural groups in America. The double labour market still has an consequence on this cultural group. African Americans are faced with segregation in the workplace and deficiency of upward mobility since they are stuck in low paying occupations which allows small promotion. The occupations in which are performed are called bluish neckband occupations. These occupations are defined as individuals in the on the job category and execute manual labour. African Americans are faced with inequality and bias when it comes to employment.


Research shows that out of the many minority groups African Americans are faced with the most wellness issues. They are struck with many diseases and early decease. African Americans typically the adult female are amongst those who are less likely to have quality wellness attention. Even in cases where they do have it opportunities are they are excessively late for intervention. This is most prevailing in instances such as malignant neoplastic disease, diabetes etc. Survey carried out showed that in the twelvemonth 2005 African American work forces were 2.4 times likely to decease from prostatic malignant neoplastic disease and the adult females with tummy malignant neoplastic disease. Other prevailing diseases were bosom diseases, HIV/Aids, Stroke etc. All these were as a consequence of the position quo of these people gaining small income and non being able to afford a standardised wellness attention.

Cultural Influences in the United States

Though this cultural group was forced out from the Caribbean into America as slaves go forthing in the American life style they were still able to entirely maintain their tradition and continue their life style. The household lives of Africans brought to the American settlements as slaves retained some of the same qualities peculiarly the matriarchal focal point ( Franklin and Moss 1988 ) . They continued their traditional extended household and maintain all ties. However since the Americans they were slaves influenced by Americans you still find that there is some American civilization rooted in some households but despite they are still able to pattern the civilization of their sires.


This paper has showed you facts on the African American Ethnic group and how their lives are shaped. Though this folk of people came to America through bondage, emancipation has gotten them freedom but nevertheless, they are still a people of many disadvantages, confronting inequality when it comes to wellness attention, and unemployment.In instances of instruction and political relations they are traveling up the societal ladder and acquiring a sense of equality with the other cultural groups such as the Hispanics or white Americans.

In my ain sphere I myself is an African but non one who resides in the United States. I am from the Caribbean and we do non hold many White American Cultures there but nevertheless you do happen we have rather a batch of Indian civilizations. Like the African Americans I can associate to the in many ways. For case in instruction we have private schools but those who attend are the affluent 1s. Even the universities we have a expensive and you find and we struggle to go to. For illustration one of our colleges offering First grades, Monroe College and it is an American Based college. We besides uphold the same sex and household functions as we believe in no sex before matrimony and monogamous household relationship.



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