the alamo

January 16, 2017 Construction

Have you ever been to the Texas Alamo? It is one of the historical sights of Texas. The Alamo has interesting historical facts about it.

The Alamo was originally named Mision San Antonio de Valero. It served as a shelter and home to missionaries and the Indian converts. The construction began in the year of 1724. The Alamo was an important role during the Texas Revolution. It was in many wars and it was used as a shelter. The reason that the Texans were fighting here was because they wanted to receive their independents from Mexico. So they fought for it and won.

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Now the Alamo is reserved as a monument for many tourists to come and observe. It is a representation of heroism and bravery today. Many Texans are really proud of it. You should come see it too.

Moses Austin was an interesting man. He was born in Durham, Connecticut on October 5, 1761. He wanted to bring three-hundred families from the United States to come live in Texas. The Spaniards did no accept his idea and would not let them come here. He had invested his profits from the mine in a bank. He also invested it in businesses. In 1819 a financial horror came across the United States. Since banks had given out too much currency to citizens buying land, so the people were afraid that they might lose their money, so they took their savings out. The banks had no money because they lost a lot of business due to that. Bank of St. Louis was one of the banks Moses helped found so he lost his money in a spilt second. Austin later set up a formally requested paper, a petition, because he wanted to bring settlers to Texas. The petition did not succeed. He met a man named Hedrik. He told him about his plan and his plan was accepted. Since it was cold, damp, and windy, Moses caught a horrifying cold called pneumonia. This is a dreadful disease. Before Moses Austin passed away, he told his twenty-seven year old son, Stephan Moses, to make his dream come true by establishing the colony he always dreamed of.


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