The Amazing brain Essay

By October 8, 2017 General Studies

The narrative is about one Doctor with name Vicente how die by malignant neoplastic disease. he was a fantastic and intelligent Doctor he invented so many things for illustration one of them was a machine to pass on with the encephalons. and when he die his co-workers put his encephalon in a comfy topographic point and communicate with it by this machine. And they have fiscal assistance from the authorities to endorse the Doctor to life and cognize all the programs the Doctor Vicente had were.

This essay start with this inquiry: What failure caused Dr. Vicente’s plans to be finally unsuccessful? The associates operated a organic structure to obtain the face of Doctor and they did it successfully. I think that the Doctor despite that his face was the same. he knows that was non his organic structure. possibly for this ground he declined to talk because he did non desire that organic structure. Because we knew Doctor was invited to contemplate his face in a mirror and they leave him entirely. When they back found a piece of Institute letter paper with the word:

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Impossible! This was one of the obstructions. But for me the most of import obstruction was the fact that the organic structure could non talk for this ground the encephalon can’t explain all the things it though. And for this ground the co-workers surrendered to this event. But we know that ever ask the encephalon about the corpses they wanted to utilize for organ transplant. this show that the encephalon had the ability to believe and make up one’s mind. And this was another job because they were under the orders of the encephalon.

Possibly if they had non surrendered. they could hold an chance to learn him to talk or actuate him to make it. I conclude that the Doctor did non desire to portion their thoughts or programs or possibly he merely wants remainder in peace. Because the jobs that I present could hold been avoided or tried to work out. But the other scientists were being manipulated the encephalon of the Doctor to being person who he was non and I think this is what started all the jobs since the beginning. Because cipher can be something or person he or she is non.


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