The American Dream Then and Now

April 4, 2018 Religion

The American Dream Then and Now Many Americans of today would consider the American Dream to be something materialistic or anything to largely deal with money. Money has become a necessity in American life today. What was freedom, liberty, and justice is now replaced by greed and the curse of never being satisfied. The pursuit of happiness overwhelms the lives of Americans to have whatever they want to make them happy. The American dream has become somewhat distorted and the real American Dream, is what it was back then, freedom.

I have liberty on my quilt because Americans of then dreamed for life and liberty, they hoped to achieve freedom and to be able to live their own lives without any interference such as when the British were in control of the United States during the revolutionary war. To them the American Dream was much more than money it was about hope and the right to free speech and to be able to do what they wanted. The American dream was about freedom of religion from persecution just like the Bill of Rights.

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In the Crucible, people were persecuted for being accused of witches, the American Dream was to be free from persecution and we had court trials to reassure that right. Americans fought for their freedom from a tyrant who was all the way on the other side of the world. Martin Luther King had a dream that there would be equality in the world and that no matter what race everybody would be equal. In god’s eyes everyone was equal and he helped everyone else see from his point of view.

My quilt expresses an American flag to resemble the American Dream and how Americans define the American dream as being materialistic instead of what it really is, freedom. Money is on the quilt because many Americans strive to be wealthy since they believe that is their American Dream. Americans have their right to what their American Dream but the American Dreams of today are disfigured and people don’t strive for anything important. They only strive for something that would benefit themselves. The American dream is what most Americans would define as having a lot of money and being care free.

Americans want to live their lives without any problems and hassles. When the issue of money disappears, a significant amount of weight is lifted off of people’s shoulders and the pressure that they once felt is lightened up. Money is what is needed for almost everything and that is why people find it as a necessity. People don’t say they want money, they say they need it. Money is needed in order to survive, but mass amounts are what people believe is the American Dream and that is just incorrect. There is red, white, and blue on the American flag because it is patriotic.

Since the American dream is about being patriotic and independent from other countries. The people of today are blind to the truths of what is and what should be the American Dream. A dream of ignorance is what the people of today fill their hearts and minds with. The American Dream as set by the great heroes of America like Martin Luther King and George Washington had the right idea. The American Dream should be about Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and Equality for all no matter what race, color, or gender.


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