The Anglo Boer War History Essay

What were the Boars contending for in the Anglo-Boer war. The first Anglo-Boer War was fought between the Boers of Transvaal and the British. The Boers were contending for their independency. They were tired of the British ever seeking to command them. The British merely wanted to hold more power in South Africa and did n’t anticipate the Afrikaners to contend back. This war affected all of South Africa physically, economically, and philosophically.

There were several causes to the First Anglo-Boer War. For illustration, the enlargement of the British Empire made a batch of the Boers fell uneasy about their standing in their ain state. A major cause and the most of import cause that sent the Boers over the border was when the British colonial secretary, Lord Carnovan, proposed the Confederation of the South African States of 1875 ( Banard ) . This alliance gave Brittan a batch of control of the Transvaal State and the Boers were non okay with it. The Boers were non okay with the all the power the British had in the state because they felt like they had been in South Africa their whole lives, and no 1 should be able to merely come at that place and take everything off from them. The ground the British put this act in after diamonds were found, and this made the Boers think that the British were seeking to steal what would be their money. The Boers had ever tried to be peaceable and non fight with the British and it worked for a long clip. That is why the British kept taking more and more cause they thought that they could n’t be stopped. How much longer could the Boers put up with and non respond back? Until this point the Boers had adopted a policy of inactive opposition ( Pretorius ) . When the British made it clear that they were traveling to implement the new alliance, the Boers could no longer sit at that place softly, so they took action. The Boers turned to build up opposition on December 16, 1880 ( Pretorius ) .

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The British Military tactics were more traditional so the Boers. When the Boars declared war on the British the British looked at the Afrikaners like a gag. The British assumed they that Boers would non cognize what they were making, but the British were unpleasantly surprised. The British Army officers were from the professional center categories. The British Army was manner more prepared than the Boers, they had better arms, more nutrient supplies, and they were manner more experient. The British merely recruited work forces organize the poorest subdivisions of society. This proved that they thought the Boers would be easy to get the better of. The British soldiers wore traditional uniforms dark bluish pants, white button up shirts with broad ruddy sashes, and black boots ( Banard ) . The British uniforms really put them at a disadvantage to the Afrikaners, because the British uniforms made them really easy spotted. Because of this the British had to contend the Afrikaners at medium to hanker scopes which meant that there shootings were less effectual than the Boers. The Boers contending techniques were much different.

The Boers were much more prepared that the British idea they would be. Since the Boers were husbandmans they were really ready to hand when it came to guns and they could sit Equus caballuss good which would come to be a large advantage over the British. The Boars tactics relied on velocity, concentration, onslaught, and they ever had to be ready to retreat in instance something unexpected happens like being outnumbered by the British Army ( Pretorius ) . The full white male population between the ages of 16 and 60 had to be ready to acquire drafted into the war at any minute in clip. The Boers did n’t have on uniforms, so this put them at a large advantage to the British because the British soldiers could state the ordinary townsfolk from the Boer soldiers ( Pretorius ) . The Boers had some particular soldiers called burgesss. The burgesss had to be prepared with a Equus caballus, ammo, and nutrient to last them at least eight yearss. Twelve burgesss formed a ranger ( Banard ) . These soldiers were like a particular squad ‘s force they left camp a batch to travel on independent missions. The Boers alone manner of contending helped them in the conflicts and besiegings during the war.

There were many conflicts and besiegings during the war, but the most of import 1 was the conflict that took topographic point at Rustenburg on December 27, 1880. A batch of British people died, but non from existent conflict they died from human natural causes. Most of the people died from deficiency of nutrient and H2O, and diseases. Because the war was non traveling the manner the British had planned they wanted to do a armistice with the Boers. If there was traveling to be a armistice the Boers wanted it to be on their footings. The British signed the Boers footings of armistice on March 30, 1881 ( Banard ) . After the armistice was signed, but non all the soldiers knew it yet, so they continued contending in Natal. The Boers separated the whole population into two military cantonments. The soldiers took all the nutrient in the town and stored it into those two military cantonments. They did n’t desire anybody to hold entree to anything so that ‘s why they locked it all up. They did n’t care if anyone survived or non. While they were in the military cantonments they did n’t take attention of the people decently and that was merely in humane, but the Boers did n’t believe they were making anything incorrect they were merely seeking to win back their independency. There were really few Afrikaners stationed in the country, so the British made a program and tried to deliver all of the people out of the cantonments ( Stevens 36 ) . When the remainder of the soldiers got at that place the Boers had merely received intelligence of the pact. They were hesitant at first to let go of the staying citizens, because they were non certain if that was what they were suppose to make. When they foremost received the intelligence they thought the British were seeking to gull them, so that they could acquire the people out of the cantonments. While in the cantonment many people died while they were still in the two cantonments. There were more than merely work forces in these two cantonments. That is why it is remembered as such an of import besieging. The manner the British and the Boers fought in this war was in humane taking adult female and kids into these concentration cantonments. When the Boers heard of the peace the Boer authorities took office once more in March of 1880 ( Barnard ) .

After the war and the peace pact there were still a batch of jobs between the British and the Boers. The Boers felt that the pact was unjust. The Pretoria Convention took topographic point on August 31, 1881. Transvaal was declared an independent democracy, but the British still had control over trade with other provinces and they were in control of segregation. The Boers did n’t hold with a batch of these policies. They did n’t hold with the policies because they felt like the British were merely seeking to stop the war. The Boers felt like they were still non acquiring what they genuinely deserved. The Boer president went back to London to do a new peace pact. In 1884 at the London Convention the Transvaal changed their name to the South African Republic. The western boundary lines were besides extended, but the British still had control over who the South African Republic traded with. This kept to taking to a batch of tenseness between the British and the Boars. The Boers were tired of the British and how they kept interfering that it finally led to the 2nd Anglo-Boar War in 1899 ( Pretorius ) .

The Anglo-Boer War was all about the Afrikaners of Transvaal contending for their independency, since the British was ever seeking to command them. If the British would n’t hold been in South Africa interfering with the Afrikaners, than a whole batch of lives would hold been saved. The British should n’t hold thought that they could merely force everyone around in South Africa. It took a long clip but the Boers eventually stood up for themselves and contend for what they believed in. The war in the terminal was a good thing for the Afrikaners because they won their independency, but it is still a sad thing when you think about how many lives were lost.



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