The Apostle Paul In The Bible English Literature Essay

The Apostle Paul is the writer of First Corinthians. 1 Corinthians 13 is known universally as the Love Chapter and Paul ‘s definition of love Begins, “ Love is patient and sort ” .

That so describes Ruth.

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There is another chapter in the Bible that could besides be labeled the “ love chapter ” and it was written by a low Apostle named John who referred to himself, non by his name, but instead as, “ the one Jesus loved ” .

That so describes Ruth.

John writes, “ Beloved ”

That so describes Ruth.

“ Beloved, allow us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God, and knows God. Anyone who does non love does non cognize God, because, God is love. ”

Then there is this other Apostle, he ‘s non so poetic as Paul, or so low as John. But he is honorable. His name is Peter.

One twenty-four hours Peter and Jesus were holding breakfast ; sitting on stones along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, cooking some fish over a small fire. Jesus all of a sudden turns to Peter and asks, “ Peter, do you love Me? ”

You might be surprised to larn that Peter did n’t reply right off. You see Jesus asked him in consequence “ Do you love me with all your bosom? ”

Peter paused and so responded, “ Yes I love you, I love you as a friend. ”

Jesus asked once more, “ Do you love me with all your bosom? ”

Peter responded once more, “ uhm, yes I love you ; I love you as a friend. ”

Jesus continued nudging Peter, but this clip a bit more gently, “ Peter, do you love me as a friend? ”

Love must hold its start-and it is frequently a low beginning. Peter replied that 3rd clip, “ Yes I love you, I love you as a friend. ”

But oh how he wished He could hold said, “ I love You with all my bosom. ”

One of the great privileges of being a curate is to watch your people grow. And so it has been with Ruth.

When she foremost came to us she openly admitted that while she believed in God, she had non been His friend for a piece. They had n’t talked for a piece.

But it was n’t long earlier Ruth had taken attention of that and she could state with Peter, “ Yes I love you God, I love you as a friend. ”

Love came of course to Ruth, but with her renewed love for God we saw that love flourish. She loved and was loved in return-as you have heard-as you good cognize.

[ refer to comments folks have made ]

Ruth became one of our revivalists. She would come up to me with this sly small smile, like a child who merely snuck a cooky out of Grandma ‘s cooky jar. And she would state me some trade she made to acquire Ed to come to church. I remember one time she told me she told her household all she wanted for Mothers ‘ Day was for them to come to church with her.

And it was n’t merely her household, it was childs in Kids Club and their parents, it was VBS – Ohio did she work hard on VBS. And it was particular events, and Food and Fellowship.

As the love of God grew in Ruth, so Ruth grew in love. I ‘m non stating that she had it wholly figured out, but I do cognize a twenty-four hours came-as it did for Peter-when she could state with assurance, “ Yes Lord, I love you with all my bosom. ”

Ed, Josh and John, Jesus, on the Eve of His ain decease sought to soothe His disciples-those closest to Him. I ‘m traveling to utilize a small poetic licence and utilize His words in hopes they will soothe you.

“ Let non your Black Marias be troubled. Believe in God ; believe besides in me. In my Father ‘s house are many suites. If it were non so, would I have told you that I go to fix a topographic point for you? And if I go and prepare a topographic point for RUTH, I will come once more and will take Ruth to myself, that where I am SHE may be besides. ”

So Jesus, the carpenter, has been up in heaven fixing that placeaˆ¦can you imagine it? Probably notaˆ¦

The Apostle Paul writes,

“ aˆ¦no oculus has seen, nor ear heard, nor the bosom of adult male imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him ” –

And now she ‘s walking the aureate streets of Eden with that sly small expression on her face, working on a trade to acquire us all there with her one twenty-four hours.

And nowaˆ¦According to the ageless program,

The organic structure returns to the Earth as it was,

And the spirit to God who gave it.

Of all that is material we say,

“ Earth to Earth,

ashes to ashes,

dust to dust ” ;

But to the spirit we cry:

“ Ruth, you are free,

Free from hurting and illness and sorrow.

Free from all physical disabilities,

Free to woolgather and sing and work and love.

Free to recognize old friends and new

And Jesus Christ,

And to gamble with them everlastingly. ”

Therefore we say,

“ Good-bye, good-bye until tomorrow. ”

[ Thank you – invitation to reception ]


The LORD bless you and maintain you ;

the LORD do his face to reflect upon you and be gracious to you ;

the LORD lift up his visage upon you and give you peace. Amons.

Postlude, Three Times a Lady



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