The Arabic Book Of Aunt Saffiya English Literature Essay

September 27, 2017 English Literature

Bahaa Taher is a well-known Egyptian writer who was born in 1935. He was raised and educated in Cairo and started printing books in 1964. ( Page 1 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) He attended the University of Cairo and successfully graduated in literature from the University of Cairo. Bahaa Taher was banned from composing in 1975 and was forced to go forth Egypt ; as a consequence he so traveled in Africa and Asia looking for work as a transcriber. ( Page 4 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) Upon his return in 1991, Bahaa Taher wrote the celebrated novel Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery, translated in 10 linguistic communications including in English by Barbara Romaine in 1996. This was Bahaa Taher ‘s 3rd novel. The fresh took topographic point in Upper Egypt because his parents were originally from Luxor. The novel was set during the 1967 Arab-Israeli. ( Page 10 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) Taher wrote this novel to show his feelings towards the relationship between the Muslims and the Copts. He saw much struggle, and decided to alter that around through the novel. I chose this book after being inspired by Bahaa Taher ‘s address at the School. Although I read this book before, I learned new things from reading it the 2nd clip and I besides saw thing that did n’t came to my attending before. Aunt Saffiya and the monastery written by Bahaa Taher reflects the fusion between Muslims and Christians through the usage of characters of both faiths, traditions, and the subject.

The book shows how both faiths could differ with each other but at the same clip they could maintain really good relation. For illustration in the novel there is a strong relationship between the storyteller ‘s male parent and the priest of the monastery. The novel shows the existent things that happen in Egypt between the two faiths and besides negotiations about how the high category treats the lower category. In his authorship, Bahaa Taher expresses the ways in which he would wish everyone to handle the other faith. He does portray many battles in the novel between the Christians and the Muslims, but at the terminal of the novel the relationship between both faiths became really strong.

Harabi is a male child who wanted to get married Saffiya, a beautiful immature miss, but after many obstructions she married his uncle. When his uncle heard a rumour that Harabi wanted to kill his descendent to acquire avenge the storyteller ‘s male parent hid Harabi in the Monastery with Miqades Beshay. Harmonizing to my research some people thought that the characters were stereotyped, nevertheless, I think that it may hold been a pick by the writer to compose about them this manner to demo traditions. Miqades Beshay was non like the other monastics, he was engaged with the small town and knew everyone and everyone knew him. ( Page 22 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) He besides hated the Israelis for taking over Jerusalem. He was a good husbandman and the 1 in charge of purchasing the monastery ‘s hebdomadal material. ( Page 23 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) He besides was called by some people “ feebleminded ” . The storyteller was the lone male child in his household and he was besides depended on greatly from his male parent. He was in charge of presenting the “ of import ” gifts in Eid including the box of the monastery. ( Page 3 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) The relationship between the storyteller and his male parent was particularly interesting since his male parent brought him along on many of the of import events he had to go to to. Including events that may look complicated events to convey a kid along conveying such as conveying Harbi from the train station to the monastery and meetings with the criminal. ( Page 81 and 96 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) This shows his male parent ‘s trust in him and feels necessary to include him in the occurrences of their household and the small town.

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One of my favourite quotation marks in the book is the portion when Harabi said this to his uncle the rich adult male who ruled of the small town. “ I am your boy and your retainer. If I have done anything incorrect, its your to penalize me. Kill me if you wish. I would non ache the adult male who has been like a male parent to me ” Harabi said this to guarantee him that he could ne’er bewray him for anyone and non even his love Saffiya. Besides Harabi said this to his uncle because his uncle heard rumours from the people of the small town that Harabi wants to kill his descendant as retaliation and that he wants to take Saffiya from him. This quotation mark expresses the relationship between the two categories because besides Harabi was raised in a lower category than his uncle.

The fresh negotiations about a integrity between the monastery and the small town. The monastics particularly the Miqades Beshay assist the villagers in farming advice and the monastery was protecting Harbi. ( Page 23 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) The villagers besides sent gifts to the monastery such as the goryaba in the Eid. Since the storyteller ‘s house was closest to the monastery they were considered neighbours. ( Page 20 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) Besides the monastery send gifts like sweetened day of the months produced by day of the month thenars merely found in the monastery. ( Page 19 “ Aunt Saffiya and the Monastery ” ) . Nowadays, in Egypt a job started lifting between Christians and Muslims when a church in Alexandria got blown up but as many informants say that in Tahreer square both Muslims and Christians were protecting each other.

Through his authorship, Bahaa Taher was really much influential in determining the state ‘s attitude about this issue. The novel was besides made into a film and a T.V series, so the people would profit from watching it if they did non acquire the opportunity to read the novel

To sum up this book tagught me a batch of things and made me relize some things that I ne’er relized. Bahaa Taher was influenced by the problmes that were traveling about at that clip. Those struggles caused bahaa taher to compose aunt saffiyaa and the monastery. Bahaa taher payed attending to the inside informations of the relationships between the two faiths and the inside informations of the narrative doing it a good novel. Published at the clip of much contention and pandemonium in Egypt, it allowed the people to believe of what is traveling on in their county and what they have to make to halt it. I believe he truly influenced a batch of people by this novel and made everyone think twice, and be more careful in their ideas and actions. Several factors influenced him in the authorship of the novel, but most significantly the people and the society in Egypt that allowed him to recognize so much about his civilization. He was altering Cairo, and the people as he became more celebrated and earned their regard as a celebrated Egyptian author.


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