The Art of Lying Essay

July 19, 2017 Cultural

Integrity is something people either have or they don’t. Every twenty-four hours person is being put the trial on whether they are traveling to lodge to their ethical motives and the truth. or if they are traveling to undermine into societal force per unit areas and alteration themselves for what the general population wants. Having unity is a strong feature and non a batch of people have it. Arthur Miller. writer of The Crucible. uses the character Abigail to demo how one sacrifices their unity in order to continue themselves in the face of societal force per unit areas. Abigail shows this by faulting others to continue herself. lie more to salvage herself. and succumb to the reverberations of her actions.

When people have intuition of a certain individual. that individual blames others to continue himself of herself. On page 43. Act One Abigail exclaims ; “She made me make it! She made Betty make it! ” . Abigail is faulting Tituba for something she and all the other misss wanted to make. Everyone suspected Abigail of making bad and lying. so to salvage herself she blamed Tituba to the so called “witchcraft” . This creates a Domino consequence because when people get accused of something they did. some will make everything in their power to avoid the effects. And this concatenation of lying continues with the wrongly accused faulting others and so on. Blaming and the act of lying easy acquire out of control and finally take to something unwanted by everyone.

We’ve all done it before at an adolescent age. we’ve lied to cover ourselves and when we get called on it we lie more in an effort to salvage ourselves. And we all know in bend this lone digs the hole that we were already in deeper. On page 117. in Act Three. Abigail finds herself in tribunal in a somewhat different place than she is used to. She is now on the accused side being tried for lying to the tribunal. And of class she tries to go on the prevarication. “Pointing upwards: The wings! Her wings are distributing! Mary. please. don’t. don’t- ! ” When people grow into the wont of lying. they find it difficult to of all time come clean. This leads them to lie even more and in the instance of Abigail in The Crucible the people of the town continues to believe her more and more. It’s a slippery incline that seems to hold no terminal.

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With whatever actions you take. there are ever reverberations. On page 126 Act Four. Abigail has fled and her uncle Parris says ; “Excellency. I think they be aboard a ship. Danforth stands agape. My girl Tells me how she heard them talking of ships last hebdomad. and tonight I discover my – my deedbox is broke into. He presses his fingers against his eyes to maintain back cryings. ” Liing to the full town led Abigail down a route of wrong-doing which kept acquiring steeper and steeper. Abigail bargains from her uncle. and ends up running off from everyone. which is the antonym of what she wanted to make from the start. Here you see the drawn-out effects of what lying causes.

Abigail did non hold any unity. She lied. stole. and ran off when she was under societal force per unit area. She strived for everyone’s blessing. and sought out faulting others to have it. She didn’t attention who got in the manner. and did whatever she could to remain out of problem. Integrity is something she ne’er had because lying had ever been her first resort to get away from problem. Integrity means to adhere to moral or cultural rules and Abigail failed to make this throughout the drama.


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