The article that I have selected for this assignment is related to Enterprise Resource Planning

The article that I have selected for this assignment is related to Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is basically a business management process that includes planning, finance, purchase, and human resources. Today the companies use ERP systems for the smooth and effective running of their business.
However, the article that I have selected proposes that there is a great need to alter and renew the software that companies are using. Companies use ERP applications to successfully run their operations and to gain profit, but if such software does not pay attention to the user experience, the company has to incur a huge loss. There is an immense requirement to build ERP systems keeping the user experience in mind.
This article has rightly highlighted the truth that in order to achieve productivity and effectiveness, various improvements regarding the user interface in ERP systems should be made. Using and relying on the old applications is not going to work now as it mostly decreases the production and also increases several safety risks for organizations. Moreover, paying close attention to the user interface and experience makes it less complicated and simpler for the users to complete work tasks. The users also become less bothered in this way and do not look outside the system to finish their tasks.
As new developments are being made in different areas of technology, so it is essential to understand the importance of user experience in ERP. Improvements and updates are required to be made in the ERP system as that would result in an increased output and more user engagement.

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