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February 9, 2019 Human Resources

The Army as a Profession of Arms
Pamela Tillman
Human Resources Advanced Leaders Course Phase 1
26 August 2018
What it means to be a Profession
To truly understand your role as a military professional, you must first understand what people mean when they talk about a profession. A profession is a calling, a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of behaving, and a way of growing. It’s not just a job or lifestyle, it’s a way of life. The Army is a profession. What it means to be a profession is a career for someone who wants to be a part of a society, who becomes competent in their chosen sector through training, maintaining their skills through professional development courses, and commits to striving for excellence ethically, morally, and physically. Earning the trust of the public and your fellow subordinates through ethics means having a good heart, motivation, and self-control. Effectiveness in all you do for others and yourself is the key to the work of professionals.
The HR Sergeant’s Role in the Army Profession
The Human Resources Sergeant’s Role in the Army Profession is an important role as they are responsible for personnel and administrative support, process personnel pay actions, educational and benefits assistance, maintain all unit rosters and reports to ensure mission readiness for the unit as a whole. The Human Resources Sergeant takes on the responsibility for the enlisted and officers in their unit to ensure they are free of distractions and worries. By doing so, they proudly provide support that affects Soldiers’ overall readiness and well-being and assist them in the development of their careers. To be an Army professional, you must have attributes of good character, leadership skills, integrity, dedication, trust, and respect. All leaders must embrace the challenge of balancing multiple responsibilities at once within their profession in order to accomplish any mission and that is what Human Resources Sergeants do on a daily basis. The Role of the Human Resources Sergeant is also learning how to and maintaining balance of the profession’s leaders. It takes more than just knowing how to work one function when the army needs are changing daily. Human Resources Sergeants maintain balance by having the highest level of standards and discipline to enhance and reinforce the overall strength of the Army by building it and making it strong.
In conclusion, a profession must have a well-defined set of standards. Being a part of a profession means you are dedicated and loyal to performing your duties to help others become highly trained and qualified in their careers. A profession is more than a way of life than it is your everyday job. It is something that you take the time to be passionate about to accomplish a common goal for the military as a whole. Human Resources Sergeants adapt and handle stressful situations all the time, however they do not let that get in the way of their passion to balance their level of responsibility and earn trust from their peers and subordinates.


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