The Autistic Spectrum Disorder Problem Health And Social Care Essay

Autism is a development upset that described by impaired development in societal interactions, communicating troubles and restricted, insistent and stereotyped forms of behaviour. Autism is one type of Pervasive Development Disorder ( PDD ) . The term PDD refers to a group of conditions that involve holds in the development of many basic accomplishments that is the ability to socialise with others, to pass on and to utilize imaginativeness.

The causes for this job are really still unknown until today because there are a batch of premises been made by scientists and research workers. Some of them said that autism is caused by unnatural degrees of neurotransmitter in the encephalon that affects the map of the encephalon. [ 4 ] There are besides scientists claimed that autism is caused by the defects in the cistrons that codifications for the control of encephalon growing and besides the ordinance of the cells in the encephalon in pass oning with each other. [ 4 ]

So, fundamentally autism can non be cured as the causes of this job can non be identified yet, but we can handle it in order to cut down the symptoms. As for this job, there are really several interventions available to handle it but there must be the best manner in handling it and what would it be?

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Figure 1: Percentage of kids affected by autism

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Figure 2: Happening of autism additions every twelvemonth

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Based on the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, it is stated that most autistic persons responds best to the ABA. ABA is a scientific survey of behaviour and how it is affected by environment. The scientific discipline of behavior analysis focal points on how behavior plants and how learning takes topographic point. Through decennaries of research, field of ABA has developed many techniques for increasing utile behaviours and acquire rid of those that disrupting the acquisition procedure. The job of autism is really consequences from a learning ‘blockage ‘ , which can be overcome by this ABA method where the autistic individual will undergo intensive instruction and larning procedure [ 16 ] .

The environment really provides the right conditions for us to larn linguistic communication, drama and societal accomplishments but as for autistic individual, they learn much less easy from the environment. They have the possible to larn but they need a really structured environment where the conditions are optimized in geting the same accomplishments as normal individual learn of course. So, ABA can assist to put up the structured environment [ 17 ] . The basic rule in ABA is a changeless accent in the usage of positive wagess. This means that specific accomplishments are taught to them by motivating ( assisting them by steering to the desired response ) , determining and in conclusion honor them for a correct or good response [ 8 ] .

The accomplishments are taught by interrupting them into few measure, learn one measure at a clip and accent on every stairss. The procedure was done in the structured state of affairss such as formal state of affairs in the schoolroom and normally in one-to-one meeting. This is to assist in developing basic accomplishments such as looking, listening and copying every bit good as complex accomplishments such as reading, discoursing and taking the position of each others.

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The term that normally used in ABA is Discrete Trial Teaching ( DTT ) . This is a method of learning that consists of the instructor ‘s petition, the autistic ‘s response and the effect to that response that is reward if the response is good or right. Briefly, in DTT autistic is given a stimulation such as set of blocks, a inquiry, a petition and a form. Then, they are expected to give the coveted response [ 17 ] . Autistics frequently face many shortages in larning such as attending, motive and stimulation control [ 9 ] .

Attention job can be overcome because in DTT undertakings are broken down into short, simple tests. The interactions may be in merely few seconds and more clip to believe of the right response. As the kid ‘s attending additions, the interactions continuance may be increased. This will assist the autistic to develop a great attending on a specific affair.

Following, autistic normally less motivated to make something as normal individual might be. This method can be the solution to construct motive in them by honoring public presentation of coveted behaviours and completion of undertakings. The wages normally paired with societal congratulations with a hope that the autistic will be good motivated. Besides that, as for stimulation control, the autistic will merely be rewarded if he/ she give good response comparatively to the stimulation. Finally, the autistic may come to understand that certain response ( the correct and good 1 ) is likely more worth than other response [ 9 ] .

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Graph 1: per centum of chances ( accuracy learning ) on left y-axis and per centum of intervals ( stereotypy ) on right y-axis against figure of Sessionss.

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This graph really show that increased in the per centum of chances ( accuracy learning ) will diminish the per centum of intervals with the autistic [ 11 ] . Time intervals are the clip spread between the first and 2nd lesson. This can be proved from an illustration of Dave and Christie that in baseline the per centum of accurate instruction is reasonably low at 1 % and the per centum of intervals shows high value that is at approximately 40 % but during the station preparation, Christie ‘s addition the per centum of accurate instruction to 100 % and resulting in the lessening of per centum of intervals to 7 % . This means that the continuance of the lessons is reduced.


The U.S General Surgeon states that 30 old ages of research on the ABA attack have shown really positive results when ABA is used as an early intercession tools for autism. [ 10 ] There is besides study demoing that approximately 50 % of autistic kids who were treated by ABA had important addition in IQ, verbal ability and societal operation. As for them that do non possess this great betterment, they still show better betterment than matched kids in a control group. This can be said that it is good to hold something than nil. Furthermore, some autistic kids treated with ABA finally have the opportunity to fall in their normal equals in a category. [ 10 ] This ABA therapy besides helps the households particularly the parents to decrease their force per unit area in fostering their autistic kid. They no longer found that turning an autistic is a load and they enjoy their life usually without detecting that they have autistic kid. Besides that, there is no age bound and no limitation on what the autistic may profit from the ABA plan. Autistics of all disablement degrees may see benefit from the plan and most are able to accomplish normal working [ 20 ] .

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As ABA therapy does non affect any physical intervention such as surgery or taking medical specialties, I suppose that there are no hazards in practising ABA. However, there are few restrictions in practising this therapy which derives from societal and economic system.


There are some contentions sing this ABA intervention. One of them is high clip committedness. This intervention has to be done in a long period or else the autistic would non be fully-recovered. Autistics have to go to about 40 hours of therapy per hebdomad. Some households feel that this is excessively much for a immature kid. Another issue is that ABA emphasizes on address articulation instead than speech map. This means that autistic whose had completed this plan has robot-like address and limited involvement in societal interaction and drama. This deficiency of generalisation by the instructors in which they focus more on the distinct tests compared to assist the autistic to implement the accomplishments learned in the category in the existent universe. As a consequence, some autistics have robot-like address and behavior forms that are straight drawn from the distinct tests. This will give a really bad consequence for the patients to manage unexpected status. Besides, one BSC ( Behavioral Specialist Consultant ) realized that ‘the autistic that completed the early plans merely wanted to speak and play when they were at their small tabular array or in their therapy room ‘ [ 18 ] . Other than that, there are ailments been made that ABA uses the aversive technique ( loud noises or restraints used to deter unsought behaviour of autistic ) that are wholly disapproved by most parties [ 10 ] . This may set a great force per unit area on the kid and impact their emotion.

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Autism gives a great impact on economically-based affair. ‘The high cost of ABA is the primary barrier to this intervention ( Johnson and Hastings, 2002 ) ‘ . This is because the cost for the interventions or for a individual session is rather high and may give fiscal load to the household. The cost is non sensible and low-cost for certain people. This causes non all autistic have the chance to acquire better. There are really two groups of healer. The first 1 is BSC. They charge between $ 80 and $ 250 per hr while paraprofessional fees frequently range from $ 7 to $ 20 per hr. As most therapy required 20-40 hours per hebdomad of one-to-one meeting excepting parent meetings, formal certification and charting, the costs can be really high and typically non covered by insurance.


GFCF ( Gluten-free and Casein-free ) diet

This is an eating program in which milk protein ( casein ) is removed from the diet of autistic by taking all dairy merchandises and all nutrient incorporating casein. Some illustrations are butter, cheese, yoghurt and ice-cream. Many kids with autism have GI troubles which give them a job to digest milk protein decently. There is studied theory province that taking casein leads to high degrees of protein byproducts called casomorphines. These byproducts really could cut down autistic ‘s desire for societal interaction, block hurting messages and increase confusion. So, taking out casein from the diet may cut down the degrees of casomorphines and better the behaviour. In support of this theory casomorphine are injected into animate beings result in the activation of the countries in encephalon that involved in autism. There is besides grounds that barricading at least little sum of casomorphine activity may better the behaviour of the autistic [ 21 ] .

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Gluten-free diet normally accompanied with this casein-free diet. Both of these diets are normally called as riddance diets because peculiar type of nutrient is eliminated from autistic diets. Gluten is really protein found in grains. Any nutrients that contain wheat, barley, rye and oats are eliminated from their diets. The mechanism of gluten diet is somewhat the same with casein where eating nutrient incorporating gluten will increase the protein byproducts called glutemorphines. This protein byproduct has the same consequence as the casomorphines.

However there is a major wellness concern on this riddance diet that is whether the autistic has equal food. Extinguishing this casein and gluten could consequences in deficiency of Ca and Cu. Therefore, all autistic on riddance diets should be under the attention of dietician or doctor. Besides, today there are broad scope of nutrient with gluten-free and casein-free sold and there are besides cook books sing this diet. So, there should be no jobs of practising this GFCF diet. Autistic that follows purely this diet will demo great betterments. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Figure 3: GFCF diet shows the highest per centum

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Picture Exchange Communication System ( PECS )

This is a signifier of augmentative and alternate communicating that uses images alternatively of words to assist autistic in communicating. The aim of PECS is that the pupil will larn to spontaneously originate communicative exchanges. This intervention particularly for autistic with delayed address development. During this learning procedure, the autistic will be given a set of images of his/her favorite nutrients or playthings. When the autistic wants one of the points, he/she will manus the image to the healer. This exchange of image will heighten communicating. Besides that, PECS can besides be really utile in doing remarks about what the autistic heard or see in the environment. For illustration, autistics might see a plane operating expense and manus in the image of aeroplane to their parents. As the autistic Begins to understand the utility of communicating, he/she will get down to develop natural address. The autistic might show the thing he sees by stating “ It is an aeroplane! “ . Besides, PECS helps in bettering societal interaction in autistic. This is because they are expected to near the communicating spouse ( healer ) . The autistic really learns how to do the first move. For an autistic, nearing another individual socially can be rather hard. In this instance, autistics are non expected to talk, so the initial attack can be less baleful [ 24 ] . PECS is really a tool for developing natural communicating.

There are 6 stages affecting PECS. In these stages, the autistic will larn to pass on utilizing complete sentence, learn to convey his/her observations to others and assist in future communicating when parents need to cognize the desires of their kid.

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Language and Communication

Figure 4: Situation in pass oning with autistic

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PECS image

Figure 5: Example of image card used

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Beginning Evaluation

The purpose of the website hypertext transfer protocol: // is to do people to be informed about autism. This website provides information about autism, symptoms, early marks, possible interventions and besides few pictures sing kids with autism. This web site besides allow us to acquire involved with them where me myself fall in this group ( autism speaks ) and I received electronic mails from them sing recent activities of fund elevation and others. However, this website merely gives a brief input about the intervention as its chief intent is to acquire people informed with autism and to promote people to fall in and back up the group.

Another beginning which I found really utile and dependable is from a book titled Childhood Autism ( A clinician ‘s usher to early diagnosing and incorporate intervention ) by Jennifer Hillman, Stephen Snyder and James A. Neubrander. One of the incorporate interventions stated in this book is ABA which I have decided as the best solution for autism. This book besides provides me information about the societal and economic deductions of the intervention. Besides, this book see every bit up-to-date as it is foremost published on 2007. However, this book has drawbacks excessively. It does non supply adequate information of what autism is all about. The book focuses more on the early intercession and the interventions.

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