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First and first, I would wish to thank to our lovely and good-humored academic authorship lector, Mr. Ahmed. We have learnt many things from him these two months. His responsible and patient instruction helps us to better our English accomplishment measure by measure. It is his direction and way help us to finish the assignment.

I truly want to demo my gratitude to my group members. It is impossible to complete the research without their attempts and squad plants. We faced many troubles during working in the research, and solved them together. They frequently helped me acquire out of problems when I was wholly blind with anxiousness and annoyance. They are non merely first-class members but besides good friends of mine.

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To our friendly interviewees, I want to appreciate their positive and helpful cooperation, which provide us the existent information in our research.

Traditionally, adult females have the immediate duties that take attention of the house, hubby, and kids, while they do non ever have the rights to be educated or work outside gaining their ain wage. In add-on, adult females normally stay at place to make the endless domestic jobs such as cook repasts, clean the house, do the wash, and caring kids. As the society is developing, the manner of life is altering ; cookery, which is one of the most of import domestic jobs is non the lone thing of life for them any longer because working exterior of which lead to the monolithic alterations of their functions in society. At the same clip, the perceptual experience that adult female should be a homemaker has already been overthrown by most of the people. However, cooking has become an indispensable tradition in the long human history river. Nowadays cooking at place is still indispensable for working adult females even though they earn salary, which straight improve their ability to afford holding a repast in eating house. On the other manus, traditional female, who are non career adult females, besides think that cooking at place or holding homemade repast is mandatory. Therefore, in Malaysia, no affair in metropolis or in small town, it is normally considered that cooking at place is better than eating outside for homemade repast has a batch of benefits for the whole household. As a effect, the factors which contribute to the attitude of Malay married adult females towards homemade meal readying or cookery by and large, consist of four major parts: monetary value of nutrient, healthy diet, engaging amah, and household relationship.

First of wholly, the high monetary value of nutrient in some eating houses is a critical factor for Malay married adult females cooking at place ; even though eating exterior is considered salvage their clip from purchasing natural stuffs, cookery, and rinsing table wares. Harmonizing to the conducted research, 60 per centum of adult females do non eat outdoors often because of the high monetary value. Most of the Malay married adult females keep the sentiment that eating outside costs more for paying service, revenue enhancement, and treating charge. In the metropolis, the degree of ingestion is higher than small town, there are more urban adult females than rural adult females prefer eating exterior for traveling shopping and playing with friends on weekends. However, the bulk of urban people are non really flush, at the same clip, high frequent out dining is regarded as a epicurean behaviour. On the other manus, holding a big household costs a batch if the members eat outside together which contributes to the most influential ground for adult females who live in the small town cookery at place. Additionally, with the development of Malaysia, the monetary value of nutrient is increasing due to “ economic growing in some big developing states is taking to alterations in diet and increased demand for nutrient harvests ” ( FAO, IFAD, and WFP, 2008: para7 ) . Because of the more it demands for nutrient, the higher monetary value it will be.

Second, Malay married adult females prefer cooking at place for eating a healthy diet, which is safer and more alimentary, to maintaining the whole household ‘s fittingness and forestalling some diseases that believe to impact their wellness. Some of the adult females, who do non like cooking at place, take to take cutoffs which may take to common diseases and imbalance nutrition. Based on the conducted research, 35 per centum of the adult females think cooking at place insure a healthy diet for the household. When speaking about nutrient safety, the adult females who cook at place uncertainty that some eating houses do non care about whether the nutrient they provide is fresh and clean or non. Harmonizing to Kari Farmer ( 2009: para3 ) , who has worked in many eating houses, claims “ people eating off of your home base before it goes out and those cats who go to the bathroom but do n’t rinse their custodies before they dish up your nutrient. ” Obviously, some dishes in eating house are certain to do people believe twice earlier eating. At the same clip, “ people who chiefly eat out or eat pre-processed nutrients are at higher hazard of undertaking infective diseases ” ( Daniel Martin, 2009: para2 ) . In add-on, the nutrition of the nutrient is besides indispensable for holding a healthy organic structure. For eating homemade cookery, adult females non merely keep their ain organic structure ‘s fittingness, but besides give the whole household, particularly the kids, an all-round nutrition. For illustration, a Malay married adult female said that even though she was tired after the whole twenty-four hours work, she would wish to cook at place for giving her kids a more alimentary diet, in order to profit the development of the kids. On the other manus, a Malay traditional adult female from small town besides thought that cooking a alimentary diet everyday could assist her kids to hold a sound growing. Consequently, “ nil is healthier than eating your ain homemade cookery ” ( Daniel Martin, 2009: para2 ) . A healthy diet is what Malay married adult females truly want to give their household by their ain custodies.

Third, engaging amahs, which is helpful for covering with domestic jobs, is another ground to reply why Malay working adult females prefer cooking at place to eating outside. “ Maid ” , based on the definition of Longman, Dictionary of Contemporary English ( 2005 ) , “ is a female retainer, particularly in a big house or hotel. ” In fact, engaging amahs is particularly prevailing among households which so need the aid of a retainer or the households which are rich plenty to engage a amah. 25 per centum of the adult females claim that they eat at place because the amahs they hired will fix the repast for them. On the other manus, some of the rural people hire a amah merely because they have a large household to keep. With the aid of the amahs, domestic jobs, particularly cooking, have become a simple occupation for Malay married adult females. In that state of affairs, the lone clip they cook for their household is during weekend because during that period they have adequate clip and energy to cook. Furthermore cookery is decidedly the responsibility of hostess when there is an event or a party which is related to the tradition of Malaysian. In short, engaging amah is an indispensable factor that Malay married adult females cooking at place.

Finally, there is another ground for Malay married adult females cooking at place of which it is believed as the best medium to authorise their household relationship ; besides, as a mark of practising love between one and another. Family relationship is ever considered as a really of import factor for people, particularly for adult females. “ Family relationships are of import to our emotional wellness and our societal success ” ( Catherine A. Salmon and Todd K. Shackelford, 2007: 3 ) . Based on the conducted research, there are 60 per centum of Malay traditional married adult females who live in small town regard household relationship as a important ground for cooking at place in the day-to-day life, but merely 20 per centum for adult females who live in metropolis consider about household relationship. Even though monetary value is the most of import cause which lead Malay traditional married adult females cooking at place, they still take the consequence which improve household relationship through cookery at place into history. They realize that cooking at place is an efficient manner to pass on with their household, particularly kids. Because cookery is a procedure that needs cooperation of household members, people who live in one household work together and assist each other. Through this sort of teamwork, household members are able to construct up their belief and household love. In brief, cookery clip is a fantastic clip for bettering household relationship.

In decision, Malay married adult females cooking at place is caused by the four major grounds as followed: it is cheaper to eat at place, eating at place is safer, cleaner and more alimentary, they hire a amah to assist them cooking, and cooking at place promote their household relationship. No affair how developmental the society has been, cooking at place is ever considered by most of Malay married adult females that can non be replaced by eating outside.


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