The Benefits of Cross-training in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Essay

October 21, 2017 Health

The proposed survey chiefly aims to place the advantages of cross-training in mental wellness and substance maltreatment for the Mental Health Director to see a cross-training plan execution. In general. cross-training allows employees to larn other duties in add-on to their ain undertakings because they portion cognition and accomplishments. reference each other’s concerns or issues. and maximise their productiveness while executing their primary maps. It is a good agency of holding other human resources to complement or do accommodations for an absentee whenever it is needed.

This low-priced scheme allows organisations to heighten employees’ accomplishments and additions knowledge about another field of expertness alternatively of looking for new appliers that would suit to the work load that is available. Given the advantages of cross-training for the sweetening of the 12 counsellors’ public presentation through larning cognition and accomplishments in both countries of mental wellness and substance maltreatment. the plan will be facilitated by resource talkers and squad leaders from each section for three months which will be conducted an hr before work periods which will be extended to guarantee that their responsibilities will non be affected.

An estimated sum of $ 1000- $ 2500 will be for the trainers’ compensation. learning stuffs. and installations to be used. It is expected that the counsellors would be able to work efficaciously in another filed of specialisation whenever they are needed since they will be taught about different attacks and schemes in reding clients with either any of the jobs. The counsellors will go competitory and flexible for the extra duties. Proposal

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Training workers different accomplishments and supplying them utile information about related maps will assist organisations to keep high degree accomplishments. do employees execute at optimal degrees and master new occupations or accomplishments. and go more productive ( Kolak. 2003 ; Dubois & A ; Rothwell 2004 ) . Therefore. any organisation that wishes to authorise its employees demands to see cross-training chances. The advantages of cross-training have been recognized to better public presentation efficiency of wellness workers and professionals in the health care industry ( Van Hook & A ; Ford. 1998 ; Sacks. Sacks. & A ; Stommel. 2003 ) .

Cross-training is one of the cost-efficient development schemes in bettering public presentation efficiency ( Minter & A ; Thomas. 2000 ; Kolak. 2003 ) . Research Questions 1. What are the advantages of cross-training in both mental wellness and substance maltreatment sections? 2. How does cross-training better the maps of the 12 counsellors in the establishment? 3. How will the cross-training plan be efficaciously implemented? Research Objectives 1. To reexamine literature sing cross-training and its advantages and execution schemes. 2.

To carry on a study through standardised questionnaire to analyze the perceptual experiences and sentiments of wellness attention practicians on the importance and benefits of cross-training. 3. To interview cardinal individuals sing the schemes in implementing cross-training. 4. To explicate recommendations based on the findings and decisions for the public presentation sweetening of the mental wellness and substance maltreatment counsellors. Methodology The survey will use a descriptive research design in look intoing the construct of cross-training and the possible result of implementing such human resource direction scheme.

This attack involves qualitative and quantitative analyses of informations. Survey methods will be used to obtain information from literature. interviews and questionnaire study. Information from literature will beef up the dependability of the existent findings. Mentions Van Hook. M. P. & A ; M. E. Ford ( 1998 ) . The Linkage Model for Delivering Mental Health Services in Rural Communities: Benefits and Challenges. Health and Social Work 23 ( 1 ) . 53+ . Minter. R. L. & A ; E. G. Thomas ( 2000 ) Employee Development through Coaching. Mentoring and Counseling: A Multidimensional Approach.

Review of Business 21 ( 1 ) . 43. Kolak. J. ( 2003 ) . Buildings. “Basic Training: Cross-trained Employees can Solve Skills Shortages. ” Cedar Rapids. Iowa: Stamats Communications. Inc. Sacks. S. J. Y. Sacks. & A ; J. Stommel ( October 2003 ) Modified Therapeutic Community Program for Inmates with Mental Illness and Chemical Abuse Disorders. Correctionss Today 65 ( 6 ) . 90+ . Krueger. N. F. & A ; A. S. Dean ( 2002 ) . An Intentions-Based Model of Entrepreneurial Teams’ Social Cognition. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice. 27 ( 2 ) . 167+ .


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