The Bermuda Triangle

Many mysterious phenomenons are still unexplained to this day. One of them, the mystery of the Bermuda triangle is one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century. Many people have tried to explain this mystery, but still today it seems that none of the theories are capable to fully explain the Bermuda triangle mystery. In the following we will explain why it is a mystery and provide you with the two popular theories.

One of the most popular theories is the one that involves Methane Hydrate. Methane is a natural gas, but it freezes at temperatures higher then regular gas. Methane hydrate exists all over the world, both under land and under the ocean, but only at depths below one thousand feet from the sea surface. Subterranean landslides cause the release of methane hydrate gas. When these happen, methane is released and because it is a gas that is lighter then water, it will reach surface. That causes the density of the water to be lowered being able to sink a ship like a rock. Because methane is a highly combustible gas, it could also be responsible for aerial incidents. It is believed that a concentrated amount of methane can ignite the engines of flying aircrafts, causing them to blow in pieces. This theory is not false, but it may not be the main reason for disappearances and accidents. The area of the Bermuda Triangle is not the only place in the world where there are underwater sources of methane. Methane Hydrate has to go through thousands of feet of sediments and thousands of feet of water. Chances for a boat to be at the exact moment the gas reaches the surface are truly small. Such a rare event cannot account for the hundreds of losses, nor explain any aircraft disappearances. Even though chances for boats to sink because of methane hydrate are very slim, the methane theory is still a possibility. .

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Another theory that has been popularized is Magnetic Variation. The North Pole and the Magnetic North, the one that the compass indicates, is not at the same place.



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